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Pedophilia Pandemic! Putin-Trump, The Peds, The Redigrits & Their Takedown of The Maryland Judiciary

By John Liccione | July 22, 2022

Every Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Compromised Multiple Howard County Judges: Compromised Multiple Anne Arundel County Judges:  Compromised Head of MD Attorney Grievance Commission: Compromised Head of MD Judicial Ethics Commission: Compromised Multiple MD Court of Special Appeals Judges: Compromised MD Court of Appeals:  1 Judge Compromised US Government sources are confirming and corroborating our…

CRISPR Gene-Enhanced Ukrainian Soldiers Captured by Russia Will Die Without Continued Treatment if Not Returned

By John Liccione | July 19, 2022

Russia Twists Gene Therapy Immunity Enhancements into Ridiculous Propaganda Narrative About Biological Weapons Labs Russi Leaks CEO Demands Immediate POW Swap to Save The CRISPR Soldiers Some Ukrainian soldiers who volunteered to participate in a CRISPR Enhancement program which provides strengthened immune system defense through gene therapy against various weaponized viral agents that an enemy…

“Putin is a Ped” Video: Russi Leaks CEO’s Fiery July 13th Speech at Russian Embassy DC | Outs Putin as Pedophile, Child Rapist, Demands Removal by Russian Military

By John Liccione | July 18, 2022

I staged a one man protest at the Russian embassy in DC yesterday afternoon where I delivered the following message directly into the ears, eyes, and brains of the Russian embassy staff: Putin is a Ped…Release my family…Defect…Or you’re complict…Free my step-daughter Arielle! Here are the highlights: I filmed it all with a GoPro video…

Redigrits Exposed as ET’s Helping Putin and The List

By John Liccione | July 17, 2022

Redigrit Exposed as ET Helping Putin and The List Pedophile Sex Trafficking Ring Carry Out Ops on US Soil Judges and Politicians Targeted for Compromise, Capture Redigrit Tapes are First Recording of Conversations Between Extra Terrestrial and Humans: Intercepted and Captured by Russi Leaks Yes, Russi Leaks is going there. We’re calling it at 2:00PM…

The List of the Compromised: The First 66

By John Liccione | July 15, 2022

Russi Leaks Publishes The List of the Compromised: Reveals The First 66 of the Many Compromised by Putin and The List Pedophile and Child Sex Trafficking Ring Russi Leaks has obtained through NATO intelligence sources a Russian list of those who have been compromised by Vladimir Putin, Boris Sododari, Nazi Doctor Hans Kristoff, and The…

FUMIGATION! NSA, White House: Indications of Compromise

By John Liccione | July 14, 2022

NSA Launches Illegal Espionage Campaign Against Russi Leaks CEO at NSA Marriott, Sends Agents into Hotel Overnight on July 8th. NSA Operatives Drove Straight from Hotel Through NSA Security Gates After Russia Hacks Cash-Bought Verizon Cell Phone Just Activated With Pre-Paid Card not Attached to Name NSA Mole Turns over Liccione Verizon Cellphone Info Over…

Save the Redhead, Save the World!

By John Liccione | July 5, 2022

Russi Leaks Founder’s Step-Daughter Kidnapped by Putin’s Rasputin Boris Sudodari: Sudodari Implicates Donald Trump in Plot My step-daughter Arielle Goron-Futcher has been kidnapped by Putin’s operative Boris Sudodari and his associate, the German Nazi doctor Hans Kristoff. She, along with her mother, my ex-wife Moea Goron-Futcher, are being held somewhere in the Washington DC region,…

Russian Z Soldier, French Operative Target Russi Leaks Founder From Adjoining Room in French-Owned DC Hotel

By John Liccione | July 3, 2022

The Takedown of Team Fishnet Zero – Part 1 This morning at 12:15 AM I checked into the Architect Hotel in DC in my on-going effort to stay a step ahead of Putin’s operatives who have been hitting me with their Tesser directed energy weapons. They’ve been firing it at my head and bones.  I’ve…

Obama Assassination Plot

By John Liccione | July 2, 2022

Plot Underway to Assassinate Barack Obama and his Family at White House With Ricin Using Mind-Controlled Operatives, Discussion of Possible Terrorist Attack in DC using Fissile Nuclear Material – Possible Link to Russian Oligarch/Putin & Nuclear Transportation Company The ricin is to be smuggled into the White House by my 21-year-old step-daughter Arielle Goron-Futcher who…

Putin Attacks Russi Leaks in Washington DC from Space With Tesser Directed Energy Weapon: Operative Implicates Donald Trump

By John Liccione | June 30, 2022

Vladimir Putin has initiated an undeclared covert electro-magnetic and X-ray war against Russi Leaks and its founder John Liccione in Washington DC and is personally directing his forces tactically in the field to execute sustained directed energy weapon attacks from space, air, and land using at least two directed energy weapons, one called “The Tesser”…

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