Putin-Puppets Gone Wild!

Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Lauren Boebert, Others Go Wild Spreading Suspicious Strain of “Ukraine Fatigue Syndrome” in the US Congress

Art by Ukrainian Artist Max Murashko

Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna Supports Assault Rifles – Just Not for Ukraine, While “Bearing” Arms…and Midriff

To My Fellow Floridians:

Our congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna just got back from Poland where as part of a Congressional delegation she met with members of Ukraine’s parliament. What did she do next? She trashed President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian Parliament. Then she’s carried Putin’s laundered propaganda back with her on the plane. Now she’s pitching Putin’s Ukraine agenda in Congress and all over US media outlets. Further, she’s falsely alleging that her constituents don’t really care about Ukraine.

Au Contraire, Luna Bare! I’m your constituent. I care, and so do 95% of the Pinellas County residents I’ve spoken with on this subject. Ukraine has overwhelming support in Pinellas County. I challenge you to publish your constituent surveys, statistics, and your incoming constituent emails on Ukraine support. To quote Luna’s email to the NY Times reporter Robert Draper where she spouted her disingenuous special kind of “faux indignation:”

Luna: “I just got back from meeting with the Ukrainian Parliament in Poland, where they demanded F-35s and thought it was an obligation for every American to pay $10 a month to fund their war,” Representative Anna Paulina Luna, a conservative Republican freshman from Florida, wrote in a heated email to this reporter three days later. Ukrainians are not asking for the more advanced and expensive F-35s, but regardless, Ms. Luna said the United States’ role in the conflict could “potentially start WWIII.” “Ukraine ranked low on her constituents’ concerns,” she added, vowing to “brief her colleagues about the encounter.

Read the full just-published NY Times article on her Poland trip and her subsequent actions here.

Wow! Just….Wow! I call her bullshit.

Luna Regurgitates Putin’s World War Threats While Forgetting Nazi Fascist History

I’ll point out to our readers that if President Roosevelt had taken the same position as Luna in WWII, Great Britain, under bombardment from Hitler’s V-2 rockets and Luftwaffe, would have fallen to Hitler, just like our other-best-ally France had already fallen. Had the United States not supplied arms to the British before entering the war…not to mention to the French…and even to Stalin and the USSR, the swastika would be flying over London, and Moscow. Remember “The Lend Lend-Lease Act of 1941” Luna?

Rachael Maddow’s Ultra Podcast on the Congressmen Tried for Nazi Seditious Conspiracy Plot in 1944 – A Historical Perspective on Sedition, Fascism, World War

Luna, you’re starting to quack just like Charles Lindberg and the Nazi-compromised congressmen did (as shown in the photo above) in the early ’40s before and during WWII. Lindberg and those compromised congressman pushed Hitler’s Nazi agenda into the US Congress. Some of those traitors (and I don’t use that term lightly) were literally tried for sedition. That seditious conspiracy trial would fail. But not so our Jan 6th sedition trials this year. America law enforcement and the people didn’t have cellphone cameras, Facebook, and facial recognition tech back in the day, so proving sedition was a heavy lift in 1944.

For a deep dive on the 1944 Nazi sedition plot in Congress and the trial, read The Rolling Stone’s article published on October 3, 2022 which summed up Rachael Maddow’s Ultra Podcast covering that trial. Or, just listen to her Ultra Podcast itself here. To quote from that Rolling Stone article on Ultra:

FOR A HISTORICAL podcast, Rachel Maddow’s new project could hardly be more timely. As the seditious conspiracy trial seeking to hold the Oath Keepers accountable for their role in the Jan. 6 insurrection ramps up in Washington, D.C., Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra explores a World War II-era prosecution known as the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. The prosecution exposed a Nazi-backed plot that connected sitting members of Congress — many of them tied to the original, nativist America First movement — and militias and street thugs who wanted to overthrow the republic and install a fascist, authoritarian regime.

Paula Luna Co-Sponsors Matt Gaetz’s “Ukraine Fatigue Resolution with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Others (HR-113)

Congresswoman Luna’s Stolen Valor – Wears Special Ops Gear After Having Never Served in Combat or Special Forces

For those Floridians in Pinellas County in Luna’s 13th Congressional District in particular, I wish to make you all aware that your own Congresswoman Luna, who stole valor from US Special Forces by posting in Spec Ops gear to raise campaign funds, has also co-sponsored House Resolution 113: “The Ukraine Fatigue Resolution,” along with co-sponsors Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Bobert, and 8 others.  These “Putin Puppets Gone Wild” are demanding the immediate cessation of all US military and financial support to Ukraine in the middle of their hot war with Russia. Yes, she wants to abandon our democratic ally in their dire time of need. She and they want to throw Ukraine under the bus and hand it to Putin. 

HR-113 says in summary that This resolution states that the United States must end its military and financial aid to Ukraine.”  Here’s the full text of HR-113 and it’s downloadable pdf file below.

She’s Enabling Putin’s Rape of Ukraine

Just to put some Ukrainian childrens’ faces on this Putin-war in which you are advocating a policy that will result in a Putin victory, Congresswoman Luna, these artistic works below depicting Putin’s rape of traumatization of Ukraine’s children were created by Ukrainian artist Mariia Loniuk. Look at their faces Congresswoman Luna. Have you no shame?

Art by Ukrainian Artist Mariia Loniuk (@mariialoniuk)

How Did Congresswoman Luna Get Elected in the First Place? DeSantis Gerrymander Splits St. Pete in Half

Congresswoman Luna won her seat in 2021 after Governor DeSantis and the Florida GOP-supermajority legislature succeeded in splitting St Petersburg right down the middle, gerrymandering out the more liberal downtown St. Petersburg and it’s southeastern African-American neighborhoods. They were shoved out of Pinellas County geographically and pushed across the bay to the already-too-blue-to-win Tampa Bay city and suburbs comprising District 14. See the newly redrawn 13th and 14th Districts below. It’s racist gerrymandering at its worst and most transparent, and needs to be challenged in federal court for the civil and voting rights travesty that it is. Good luck with that with our right-wing Supreme Court justices.

Florida’s Newly Gerrymandered 13th (left) and 14th Congressional Districts (Splitting St. Petersburg down the Middle along Rt 19)

A Russian Malign Influence Campaign Hiding in Plain Sight?

As Founder and CEO of RussiLeaks, a media company whose mission is to flip the scrip on Putin by exposing his secret ops, plans, and schemes in defense of America, Ukraine, and democracy, and as a constituent of Congresswoman Luna’s myself, this smacks of a malign Russian influence campaign right in my own backyard:  Just like the one recently exposed here in St. Petersburg, FL as the DOJ indictments of four leaders of the African People’s Socialist Party and other politicians in other states, and 3 Russian intelligence operatives, were unsealed.  The charge is aiding and abetting Russia’s malign influence campaign by the American politicians, executing said influence campaign (by the Russian operatives), and failing to register as agents of Russia.  Russian-compromised political groups named in the indictment were: “The African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement (collectively, the APSP) in Florida, Black Hammer in Georgia, and a political group in California (referred to in the superseding indictment as U.S. Political Group 3).”

Spotlight on Congresswoman Luna

So we’re shining a bright light on Congresswoman Luna, on behalf of all Floridians in the 13th Congressional District, as well as on Matt Gaetz’s in Florida’s 1st Congressional District, on what your Congresswoman and man are doing, in your name, to advance Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine agenda.  They answer to you, and only you can hold them accountable for their malign actions through your votes.  My mother once told me, “Silence means consent.”  I urge you to stand up and be heard, now. I call you to action.

Reasonable Questions Raised

Given the above, we have to raise the following timely questions:

  1. Has Russia compromised Congresswoman Luna?
  2. What Kompromat if any does Putin have on her? 
  3. Has she received Russian dark money?
  4. Is she being blackmailed or threatened? 
  5. Is she STILL under threat of assassination by the Russian mafya like she was in 2021? (See more on that below)
  6. Does she have any agency whatsoever when it comes to Russian interests in Congress?
  7. Did the same 3 already-indicted Russians also target Congresswoman Luna given the nexus in space, time, circumstances, and events as depicted herein?
  8. How does one explain this sudden drastic change in behavior of Congresswoman Luna who, until 2023, had been mostly silent on US military aid to Ukraine?

With her support for The Ukraine Fatigue Resolution, Luna has now said the quiet part out loud, and has in a bizarre and inexplicable fashion, openly aligned herself with Putin’s Ukraine interests. She is a USAF Veteran (like me) for God’s sake. What is she doing, and why?

She is literally laundering Putin disinformation and pro-Russian positions into the US Congress, where hopefully, they will die a quick death.  I call on every voter in Florida’s 13th Congressional District to take peaceful action to either flip Congresswoman Luna back to the side of the angels, by writing to her and calling her office, or by peacefully demonstrating in front of her Seminole office, and by demanding she withdraw her support for HR-13. Or vote her out of office in 2024.  Putin-compromised or not, she surely acts like she is, now.  Luna must recant her support for this abominable resolution or face the consequences at the polls in 2024. Congressman Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Bobert? Alas, they seem to be lost causes.

Polygraphs, Polygraphs, and the Shifting Burdon of Proof

I call on Congresswoman Luna (and Matt Gaetz and the other co-sponsors) to voluntarily submit herself to a polygraph examination where she must answer questions about her Russian contacts and entanglements, if any, and the sources of her campaign funding, including PACs, individual donors, and businesses, off-shore and domestic.  Are there masked Russian sources cleverly hidden within her donor pool through cutouts and shell companies in the Virgin Islands, for example?  We’ve seen enough circumstantial evidence now, through her behavior and speech, to convince reasonable Floridians that she (and Gaetz et al) is behaving as if she has been Putin-compromised.  Now that she has self-outed on her Russian support, the burden of proof shifts to her to prove to her constituents that she hasn’t been compromised. That is the standard of review Americans should apply to her and our leaders, now that she and her co-sponsors have self-outed. 

Criminal Conspiracy Indictments Involving Russian Malign Influence Ops in Florida, Georgia, and California

And if you think Russian malign influence campaigns in Florida or elsewhere in America are fiction, take a look at these two recent cases. 

The first involves a Russian intelligence op which compromised 4 leaders of the left-wing African People’s Socialist Party in St. Petersburg, Florida, and in Georgia and California, by 3 Russian intelligence operatives of the FSB operating on US soil.  See the unsealed indictments here: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/us-citizens-and-russian-intelligence-officers-charged-conspiring-use-us-citizens-illegal. It’s public record, not fake news.

And so it’s fairly obvious that the Russians have infiltrated and are influencing some of our left AND right political parties and their most-fringy, and therefore our most vulnerable, politicians and demagogues. These are the ones spouting the most outrageous and sometimes even psuedo-violent speech. This is not a liberal or conservative issue:  It’s a national security issue since the Russians swing both ways. As a former Staff Sergeant in the USAF, NSA intelligence analyst, and airborne cryptologic linguist, I’m a national security hawk and was a Reagan Republican for 4 decades.  I still remain faithful to the oath I swore at 18 during my USAF enlistment induction ceremony in Scranton, PA:  My oath to protect and defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic is an oath I remain faithful to today.  So, if you are a USAF veteran like Anna Paulina Luna and I are, and suddenly, out of the blue, you start walking, talking, and quacking Putin’s bullshit, as if you’re an agent of Russia…you must prove you’re not to your constituents, or, in an abundance of caution, we should all assume you are compromised, until proven otherwise.

Luna Threatened With Assassination by Russian Mafya in 2021

In an even more bizarre case involving Luna and Russia in particular, an opponent of Luna’s in the 2021 election, William Braddock, was recorded threatening a Luna supporter, and Luna herself, with assassination by a Russian (and Ukrainian) mafya hit squad.  Here is the actual recording of Braddock’s assassination threat phone call.  I have to say, this creepy phone call gives me the chills and appears to be the first time a GOP politician has been caught on tape invoking the Russian mayfa as his personal instrument of political assassination.

The Politico article on this case is here: https://www.politico.com/news/2021/06/17/secret-recording-florida-republican-threat-hit-squad-494976. Luna would file for an injunction (restraining order) against Braddock stating she was in fear for her life. It’s public record.

In the recording, Braddock also made statements about “getting financial help from fellow Freemasons or by somehow importing millions of dollars from Malta and Gibraltar.”  The Freemasons too???  Where have we heard that before?  Oh yeah.  Check out our RussiLeaks expose’ entitled:  “Indicted Ghost Machine-Gun Lawyer Challenges Red Flag Law After Wife Threatens Suicide by Gun.”  In that case, the Freemason Ghost Machine-Gun lawyer was Carl Somerlock, a Maryland attorney (who happens to have been my ex-wife’s divorce attorney at the time, in full disclosure), that was twice-indicted, twice arrested, and was prosecuted by the feds, and pled guilty for, manufacturing and possibly distributing un-serialized ghost machines guns and a silencer from his Glenwood Maryland home in May of 2019, just 6 miles from my house.  My question for Carl Somerlock, who in return for his guilty plea was allowed to remain out of jail and to continue to practice law, is:  Were you planning to deliver your ghost machine guns and silencer to the Russians planning on assassinating Anna Paulina Luna in 2021?  (Or, where they for me?) I don’t believe in coincidences. Here’s the Somerlock indictment.

Did They Get to Luna? Does She Have Any Agency at All?

This begs the question: Has Russian intelligence, through their Russian mafya or intelligence operatives here on American soil, even here in St. Petersburg, half of which is in Luna’s District, succeeded in kowtowing her into doing Putin’s bidding?  It may very well be she has no agency at all, and if so, my heart would go out to her and her family and she needs our help and protection. If she has no agency under threat of death, she really can’t be held criminally liable.  That said, if she has been threatened or blackmailed she should go to the FBI and report it, and ask for federal protection. If she does that, all can perhaps be forgiven.

This is spy tradecraft & kompromat 101 right out of the old Putin KGB playbook.  Want to compromise a female politician?  What better way than to threaten to kill or rape her family and/or her.  It’s a vulnerability the Russians would have no bones about exploiting to further Putin’s interests.  Want to compromise an American male politician? Drug him and get him on tape in bed with children, or a pee tape, or, threaten to kill or his family (can you say Ivana & Ivanka?), or him.  That’s just how Putin rolls.

Resistance is Not Futile America

And so it seems that these Russian malign influence campaigns are party-agnostic. They are real.  They are not fake news.  They are here and they are walking among us. The Russians are compromising politicians on both the left AND the right, with the goal of sowing division, polarization, with the end-goal of installing their own compromised politicians in power, destroying American democracy, turning us against each other, and fomenting violence a la January 6th. How, you may ask, has America become so polarized since, say, 2013? There’s your answer. It’s a “Putin Op” of gargantuan proportions.  If you’re a Star Trek fan, Putin is the Borg Hive Queen, these politicians are his drones, and, as the Borg like to say: You (America) will be assimilated:  Resistance is Futile.” 

“Resistence is Futile: You Will Be Assimilated”….By Putin (Star Trek Borg Compliation)

I say resistance is not only not futile, it is imperative. We can and will win.  This Russian pattern of behavior uncovered in St Petersburg, GA, and CA by the FBI/DOJ is being rinsed and repeated all over America and in the halls of congress, our court system including likely our Supreme Court, and in other American institutions.  We’ve only begun to unmask it. Now, what are the odds that these same Russian operatives, operating in Congresswoman Luna’s backyard (since her District includes half of St. Petersburg), weren’t actually in or around Congresswoman Luna’s actual physical backyard or District office in the 2 years since she’s been in office. As I said, I don’t believe in coincidences. The nexus in space, the timing of the Russian operatives’ compromising activity in St. Pete, coupled with the Russian mafya assassination threats by her Republican opponent, coupled with Congresswoman Luna’s Putin-Ukraine flip-flop with HR-113, all constitute circumstantial evidence. And, when taken in a light most unfavorable to Luna by her constituents, and given all the reasonable inferences her constituents can make from that circumstantial evidence, one can reasonably conclude that these are key indicators of Russian compromise. Note that the distance between Congresswoman Luna’s Florida office in Seminole, and the office of The African People’s Socialist Party in downtown St. Petersburg that was targeted by Russian intelligence, is only 14.5 miles, as is shown in the below Google Maps image:

We reached out to Congresswoman’s congressional office in DC and requested an interview but to date there has been no response. Here are the 12 representatives who are co-sponsoring HR 113 Ukraine Fatigue Resolution:

  • Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (drafted the resolution)
  • Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona
  • Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado
  • Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  • Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida
  • Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky
  • Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois
  • Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama
  • Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina
  • Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana

Recent Personal News on Congresswoman Luna

Congresswoman Luna and her husband Andy Gamberzky have just announced that she is pregnant with their first child.  I sincerely congratulate Ms. Luna and her husband and wish her and her family nothing but happiness in her personal life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, for your continued good health and safety, your freedom from any Russian coercion, and your agency, if you have any left at all at this point, in Congress. Please come back into the light Ms. Luna. Flip back to the side of the angels.

Russian Propoganda Minister Maxshut Shodayev

As for Putin and his propaganda minister Maxshut Shodayev, both of who are under US sanctions, to quote George Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rhythm from the 1943 musical “Girl Crazy”, as sung by Judy Garland”  “Who could ask for anything more?” from Anna Paulina Luna, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Bobert than the de-fanging of Ukraine.

Judy Garland Sings “I Got Rhythm” from the Musical “Girl Crazy”

What better gift to Putin than the gift of Ukraine running out of ammunition and weaponry?  I call her bullshit.  She and they must recant, or step down, or take a polygraph voluntarily to prove their innocence to their constituents and the FBI, or, Ms. Luna et al, respectfully, you’re going to be fired by your constituents. You’re going to get primaried, and even if you win the GOP nomination, you’ll lose in the general election, DeSantis’ gerrymandering notwithstanding. And don’t even get me started on Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Bobert. That’s a topic for another day. Each needs their own turn in the RussiLeaks spotlight. Stay tuned.

Congresswoman Luna, I say unto you in no uncertain terms, to borrow a turn of phrase from our 2nd Amendment enthusiast brothers and sisters: You’ll have to pry America’s military support to Ukraine out of our (metaphorical) cold, dead hands.

And to paraphrase an applicable famous catch phrase by Dezi Arnez from I Love Lucy:

“Luna!……You’ve got some ‘splainin to do!”