Russian FSB Issues Threat Against John Liccione, FL Congressional Candidate

“See you Soon” says the FSB. Website hacked.

On March 8, 2024 I received a veiled threat via RussiLeaks Contact Us page from someone self-identifying in Russian Cyrillic as the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB). “See you soon” it said.

This is the first time I’ve received a communication purporting to be from any Russian intelligence service since I launched my media company RussiLeaks in March of 2022 just a week after Putin attacked Ukraine. Here is the message below as we received it.

RussiLeaks’ mission is to expose Putin’s secrets and those of his agents acting on his behalf on US soil…like, for example, Trump and his MAGA Princess of Chaos Anna Luna, my opponent in this Congressional race. She and Trump want Russia to win and Ukraine to lose as seen through their public acts and speech. Fact.

The RussiLeaks website was also hacked around the same time. Several pieces of malware were discovered implanted on the website and it took almost two days to get it restored and fully working again.

Reported to FBI

I reported this incident to the FBI but really, what are they going to do? Absent a federal warrant or subpoena, I don’t have the ability to compel Cloudflare (the only source IP address attached) to provide any of their metadata on this communique which came either from or through their servers in San Francisco.

While the email address they provided was my personal address, I will note that this was not delivered via email – it was a web Contact Us form (i.e., https form upload) submittal. Anyone can input any email address into that field and as long and as it’s a correctly formatted email address, it’s going to be accepted by our servers as if legitimate. While I’m sure there will be skeptics that claim I sent this to myself, I didn’t. It’s good to be skeptical of everyone in these times.

And while I also concede this could just some rando person or entity trying to mess with me and not the FSB, it’s best to assume it’s real unless proven otherwise. If there’s anything Putin-Trump have done since 2016, it’s to normalize threats to any American citizen they deem to be their enemies. I certainly qualify as an enemy to both and really, that’s just how these two gangsters roll. The picture above, far left, is me protesting at the gates of the Russian Embassy in DC back in July of 2022 with my friends in the US Ukrainian Activists including their leader Nadiya Shaporynska (2nd from left). I would call Putin out as a pedophile into the Russian security cameras later that summer. To the far right is the cover of my book entitled “The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump

No one in this Congressional race has invested and done more to bring about the fall of the house of Putin-Trump than I have. Of all the current Congressional candidates in America not yet in office, there is no candidate more dangerous to the joined interests of Putin and Trump than me. I’ve been walking my talk since March of 2022.

So if I wind up “Epstein-ed” or “Ivana’ed”, dead at the end of a rope, poisoned (again), dead on the street below a high window, at the bottom of a stairwell or with a bullet to the brain…just remember…I have no suicidal ideations, so….

I’ll close with these lyrics from my song American Made, my adaptation of Woody Guthrie’s “Amercian Maid.”

You can’t scare me I’m stickin’ to America
I’m stickin’ to democracy
Stand against autocracy
No you can’t scare me Vladimir Putin
I’ll be stickin’ it to Putin till the day I die.
It’s American as apple pie.