RussiLeaks Drops Videos of Russian Heavy-Metal-Poison Powder in Liccione’s HVAC and of Russian Carrying Unusual Fat-Barrel Weapon

Russian operatives caught on camera entering/leaving neighbor’s adjoining apartment. Had access to HVAC system through common attic. Captured carrying Long Gun with fat barrel in Liccione’s driveway

Tests positive for toxic levels of 30 heavy metals including Uranium, Thallium, Thorium, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Strontium, Vanadium, Gadolinium, Platinum.

Accuses Indian Shores Police Department of cover-up of Russian involvement, toxicology test results, alleged inter-state wire fraud.

The Russian Swarm

This is the short story of the Russian operatives who seeding my HVAC system with heavy-metal poisoned powder in Florida in Redington Shores in the fall of 2019. Above is the video footage of me finding and collecting a sample of what turned out to be heavy-metal-poison-contaminated fiberglass insulation inside my Florida apartment’s HVAC duct in my bedroom back in October of 2019. Below are videos and pictures of the Russians swarming around my house, including a video clip of one Russian emerging from behind my house carrying an unusual long gun that has a similar packaging, shape, and size to the below-pictured fat-barrelled Russian LPD-801 anti-drone directed energy weapon being used in the Ukraine war some 4 years later.

Russian Disappears Behind Liccione’s House and Re-emerges with Long Gun with Fat Barrel – Oct 12, 2019

Russian Video of Soldier Using LPD-801 Anti-Drone Directed Energy Weapon (Source: The Lamp of Knowledge YouTube Channel)

Above are the pictures of the 5 Russians involved.

The fiberglass would test positive for high levels of 30 toxic heavy metals to include: Uranium, Thallium, Thorium, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Strontium, Vanadium, Gadolinium, Platinum, Rubidium, Barium, Nickel, and Aluminum. I was breathing that powder that you see caked onto the fiberglass insulation into my lungs for almost two months. I began getting very sick with a debilitating, wracking dry cough.

Several months later after fleeing my poisoned apartment and moving back to Maryland and going into hiding for a year, my hair sample would still test positive for 5 of the heavy metals that I had beathed in to include Thallium, Rubidium, Barium, Nickel, and Aluminum. The pictures of my heavy-metal toxicology reports on the fiberglass and my hair sample, and my other heavy-metal poisonings that were produced by The Carlson Company, a toxicology lab in Colorado, are provided below.

Heavy Metal Toxicology Reports of John’s FL (and DC) HVAC Systems, His Hair, and His Tennis Shoes. Source: The Carlson Company

Beginning in September 2019, Russian men started showing up at the adjoining apartment and at a local coffee house around the corner. Then I started getting sick with that wracking dry cough. Two of the Russians befriended my American neighbors who were a nice young couple. Then they began staying at my neighbors’ apartment, even overnight in at least one instance.

John Liccione’s Apartment in 2-Unit Converted Rancher with common attic. 161 175th St E. Redington Shores FL

On September 15, 2019, I stumbled across two military-age Russian men around the corner at my local cafe, the Gypsy Souls Coffee House in Redington Shores. They spoke in Russian and were playing chess (see above picture) as I sat 20 feet away recording them with my cellphone from behind my laptop. Once they recognized me, they rushed out the back of the cafe, leaving their belongings behind. The big bald Russian stood blocking the back door. I’ll be publishing that video in a later article along with the Russian-to-English-translated transcript. I would send the footage of the cafe incident to my RussiLeaks translator in Kyiv. She said they were discussing murdering and shooting someone and obtaining weapons.

The other three Russians that were operating next door to me were caught by my Nest security camera several times, which also has a microphone, and by my cell camera. One night the microphone picked up one of them threatening to murder my neighbors, but I wouldn’t uncover this utterance until enhancing the audio at a later date.

I caught one of Russians walking past my window at 6AM on October 12, 2019 (shown above) after two of them had stayed all night next door after having brought in heavy bags. He disappeared around back of the house empty-handed. A minute later he walked back out front carrying what looked like a long gun with an unusually fat barrel. Seven of the grainy video frame snapshots are provided at the top of the article. Above is the video clip itself. There are indications that this weapon is possibly a directed energy weapon that the Russians call “The Tesser” or Tesseract. It may explain those Havana Syndrome attacks on our diplomats and intelligence operatives that have been disclosed over the last several years. Similar looking fat-barreled weapons such as these have been reported in Russia. Check out this Russian video of their LPD-801 anti-drone directed energy weapon.

The Indian Shores Police Department Cover-Up

When I took the video footage and the toxicology reports to the Indian Shores police department, they made fun of me for bringing it to them. They downplayed it and claimed it was a leaf blower. They talked behind my back about maybe Baker-Acting me, and they documented that in the police report.

After I reported all this to the police in 2019, they seem to have quashed the investigation and covered it all up on the false pretext that the toxicology lab had somehow been scamming me. They concealed their findings from me for 4 years, further endangering my life (I was poisoned again in DC in 2021). Then, a department whistleblower finally revealed to me last month that the squad room scuttlebutt in 2019 was that their detective had concluded that the toxicology lab had been scamming me.

All my toxicology reports are missing from their records, as are the detective’s notes and report. There is no record of a finding that they believed I was being scammed by an out-of-state toxicology lab. Why the detective never called me back to inform me she had concluded that I was a victim of an interstate wire fraud scam by a Colorado toxicology lab, is a total mystery. We’ll be getting to the bottom of that soon via the discovery process and Florida’s Sunshine law.

It’s a Matter of National Security – Says the NSA

Before moving back down to Florida from DC in January of 2023, I also reported the FL (and DC) poisonings to the FBI at their DC HQ. I was interviewed by two special agents for 2 hours. I delivered my evidence to them. I had also reported it to my former employer, the NSA, back in September and October of 2019. I filed a complaint with the NSA Office of the Inspector General as well, and my lawyer sent my intel package to the NSA’s Office of the General Council, via FedEx. The NSA refused to respond to me and my lawyer’s many follow-up inquiries.

The NSA subsequently denied my RussiLeaks FOIA request last year where I had asked for all the information they have on me, including what I had given them myself. They denied it on the grounds that it was “a matter of national security.” It would seem my intel report and recordings (and my book) are perhaps classified now.

Trump, his NSA Flunky, and Absconding With Top Secret NSA Documents

From a 50,000-foot level, when you look at these events that affected me personally in 2019 during the height of the “Putin-Trump presidency,” and considering what happened after Trump was fired by the American people, it makes me wonder if Trump perhaps took my NSA intel package and book down to Mara Lago. I will note that I had specifically leveled an accusation against Trump as to his having been compromised by Russia in 2013. I did so in my intel reports given the NSA in 2019, which were based on recordings of Russian operative activity that I had given to the NSA on DVDs. Think about it: The NSA won’t even give me back my own recordings and my own transcripts and my own intel reports.

To be clear, an American citizen (me) that used to serve as executive program manager at Tenable on the DOD’s ACAS contract, which is the DOD’s worldwide cyber-security monitoring software solution, had accused Russian intelligence operatives of poisoning him on US soil (through his wife first in 2013) and then directly in 2019 (then again in 2021). He had reported it to the NSA in September/October of 2019. That may have caught Trump’s attention, had he gotten wind of it, one would think.

Perhaps that’s why Trump tried to install his flunky Michael Ellis in as NSA General Counsel in the last week of his presidency. And wouldn’t you know, days after being installed, Ellis got caught sneaking NSA Top Secret documents out of NSA headquarters and he took them to Trump at the White House, just before he left office. See the article entitled:


So, just to explicitly connect these dots:

  1. Michael Ellis, the flunky that Trump installed as the General Council of the NSA in January of 2021, the same NSA office that my lawyer and PI had sent my NSA intel packages to in September/October of 2019 along with my recordings, was caught stealing TS/SCI NSA documents in the last few days of the Trump presidency and of handing them over to Trump inside the White House.
  2. Trump proceeded to abscond with them down to Mara Lago where he would lie about having them, then refused to give them back. He defied a subpoena; he threw his lawyers and employees under the bus, and now he’ll be on trial for it all. The DOJ isn’t saying publicly what exactly the secrets are that he stole, and who Trump may have funneled them to.
  3. My intel report specifically accused Trump of having been compromised by Russia way back in 2013, and, that child sex trafficking kompromat was the method of compromise used by Putin to blackmail Trump. Yes. I said that. In intelligence reports my lawyer and PI had delivered to the NSA Office of the General Council, in September and October of 2019.


Whether you consider this to be simply a “conspiracy theory”, or a rational theory about a known conspiracy, I’m far beyond the point where I need validation from anyone. I’m not seeking validation: I’m seeking Congressional office. While validation from the criminal justice system and the civil courts would certainly be nice after a decade of trauma and injustice, it’s not my focus now.

My focus is saving children from mass school shootings and child sex trafficking, saving and strengthening our democracy, protecting the civil rights of all, protecting our environment, and defeating that Putin-enabling MAGA Princess of Chaos Anna Luna and the existential threat to our democracy she and her ilk present.

Much of my story is based on facts, evidence, and science, some of which I collected myself, and some of which was produced by independent third parties: With some reasonable inferences thrown in. There are eyewitnesses (my neighbors and landlords) and videos with audio of the Russians at and around my neighbors’ apartment.

This is my story to tell. It’s not the Democratic Party leadership’s story, or that of my opponents, or my ex-wife’s lawyers, or the media’s, nor that of certain corrupted justices in Maryland who would publish falsehoods about me in their legal opinions; then refuse to redact those patently obvious falsehoods when I moved them to do so.

This article is but a single chapter in my book – It is a piece of non-fiction. And I mean that literally. These things really did happen to me. But I’ll be damned if I’ll let them, or anyone, deign to define me.

I don’t enjoy having to tell this story. It’s painful to retell. I don’t want it to become a focus of my campaign. But given my own Party has chosen to publicly smear me to the media and hack my candidate vetting process, their disinformation demands a full -throated and unabashed truth tsunami. This is the just the first of many truth tsunamis to come.

I couldn’t in a million years have made this stuff up.