Florida Congresswoman Anna Luna and Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Lauren Boebert, Go Wild Spreading Suspicious Strain of “Ukraine Fatigue Syndrome” in the US Congress

Putin-Puppets Gone Wild in The US Congresss

Putin-Puppets Gone Wild!

By John Liccione | May 19, 2023

Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Lauren Boebert, Others Go Wild Spreading Suspicious Strain of “Ukraine Fatigue Syndrome” in the US Congress Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna Supports Assault Rifles – Just Not for Ukraine, While “Bearing” Arms…and Midriff To My Fellow Floridians: Our congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna just got back from Poland…

“We are No Longer Afraid”

By Agatha Kraytser | May 4, 2023

Cooper the Flash Dog Brings the Light as Kyiv Student Reflects on Ukrainians’ Ability to Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome One Year Into the War… It’s not the best time for a lot of people. Many of us remember how different life was before 2022. How careless and exciting it was. It is the spring of…

Putin’s “Nuke Surprise” and the American CEO That’s Enabling Him

By John Liccione | March 15, 2023

Edlow International CEO Walks Sanctions/Moral Tightrope While Making Millions Facilitating Russian Nuclear/Radiological Shipments This article was updated on May 14, 2023 American nuclear/radiological materials shipping company CEO Jack Edlow is one or two heartbeats away from Vladimir Putin through Putin’s closest Kremlin lieutenants and the richest of his Russian oligarchs. These relationships run through a…

Russia Fields Man-Portable Directed Energy Weapons in Ukraine, USA

By John Liccione | February 23, 2023

“Electronic Warfare Cannons” Designed to Jam and Bring Down Ukrainian and American Drones – Variants’ Use Against Human Targets Likely Two Russian companies have manufactured man-portable directed energy weapons designed, at a minimum, to bring down drones by disrupting their navigation and command and control communications links. The Russians have been using these “electronic warfare…

Russian WMDs for Iranian Drones

By John Liccione | December 1, 2022

Putin Promises WMD Tech to Iran in Return for Massive Drone Shipment Is there anything quite so pitiful as a fallen and corrupted former superpower stooping to trading its coveted weapons of mass destruction (WMD) tech to bolster its failing war against a peaceful slavic neighbor because it can’t manufacture enough drones in its own…

Russia Drafts 3,076 Crimeans to Fight Ukraine

By John Liccione | October 9, 2022

Putin has drafted 3,076 men with Crimean addresses between the ages of 23 and 35 to fight against their own Crimean countrymen, women, and children. Buried within the initial list of 305,926 men in Putin’s mobilization order obtained by Russi Leaks are the names, birthdates, and Crimean addresses of the 3,076 conscripts. The fact that…

The Titan: A Floating Locus of Evil

By John Liccione | October 1, 2022

Russian Superyacht Titan Flees Turkey and Transits Suez Canal With American Female Captives Aboard Intelligence obtained by Russi Leaks indicates that one or more American females are being held captive aboard the Russian superyacht Titan and are being trafficked from Turkey through the Suez canal to a destination somewhere either in Russian-ally Iran, possibly to…

Imminent Assassination of Putin: References Go Viral in the “Putinverse”

By John Liccione | September 19, 2022

Putin Assassination Plot Intentions Skyrocket in Last 24 Hours in Russian and “The List” Pedophile Ring Comms Channels Russi Leaks has noted an explosion in the last 24 hours in direct references to various active plots for the imminent assassination of Vladimir Putin within various communications channels we coin loosely as “The Putinverse. The Putinverse,…

The Two Convicted Israeli Kingpins of VPN

By John Liccione | August 2, 2022

Convicted Felons Ido Erlichmann and Teddy Sagi of Kape Technologies | Playtech (On Line Gambling) | ExpressVPN Fame Are Trying to Corner the Global VPN Market ExpressVPN, which used to be a BVI company whose owners were not publicly disclosed, is now owned by Kape Technologies, who acquired it for just under $1B, a company…

Protected: The Russian and French Guys at the Core of Earth’s and America’s Planetary and Cyber-Defense Systems’ Software Supply Chains

By John Liccione | July 29, 2022

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