UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Re-Gifts Putin His Titan Sanctuary: For Russian Energy


Putin’s super yacht Titan just slinked back to safe harbor in Dubai with its tail between its propellers after a promise of Russian energy by Putin was given to UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum yesterday. This within 24 hours of us breaking the news on RussiLeaks and Daily KOS that the Titan had just sailed from Dubai after having been moored there for a year under the protection of the UAE monarch.

Putin’s Super Yacht Titan and its Tenders in Dubai Harbor as of 9:00PM EDT, 10/9/23 (Source:

RussiLeaks Front Page on October 1, 2022

RussiLeaks first declared Putin’s Titan a “Floating Locus of Evil”  last October 1st as shown above after it fled Turkey with trafficked American females aboard and it sailed to Dubai through the Suez where it hooked up with a Russian oil tanker in the Red Sea.

RussiLeaks October 4, 2023 Follow-Up Article on Titan

We broke the news just five days ago on RussiLeaks and on Daily Kos that after sitting at port for 12 months, we had just come into possession of new intelligence that Putin had just ordered the Titan to deploy from its Dubai dock.  Within 24 hours, the Titan set sail and dropped its anchor off the coast of a UAE archipelago called “The World.


Last night, after we had received intelligence on a Putin promise of Russian energy to one of the Sheikh’s deputies, “The Sultan,” the Titan sailed back inside Dubai safe harbor and anchored aways from the dock. Small vessels continue to service the Titan and have been ferrying passengers and who knows what else between the yacht and the dock.  

The Titan Anchored off Shore in Dubai Harbor Attended by Several Small Craft, October 9, 2023

What is Being Moved To/From the Titan?

Since I’m a private citizen and not a mega-billionaire, I don’t have access to satellites like Elon Musk or the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA).  Commercially available satellite imagery doesn’t provide the fine-grained resolution or night/thermal optics to read vessel registration numbers, faces which we could identify through facial recognition, or open crate contents and such.  So we can’t tell who or what is being ferried or where it came from or its destination.  FYI, Iran is just 100 miles across the gulf from Dubai. 

The fact that this yacht had been moored at dock for 12 months, and then upon return to Dubai harbor after a few days offshore, that it would suddenly have a bevy of small servicing craft swarming like hornets, makes one wonder what very important new cargo, what military/intelligence/organized crime operatives, or how many female captives would suddenly be delivered in such a mad rush to/from the Sultan’s docks to this Putin floating command center.  And from Dubai, this Putin naval asset with its blue water global sailing reach could easily sail to, say, Cuba, or off the coast of the US.   

Perhaps some of the cargo is electronic components to be used in Russian missiles and drones.  Perhaps it’s disassembled Iranian drones.  Perhaps it’s weapons intended to be delivered through Iran and Hezbollah to the Hamas forces now attacking Israel?  Mossad: Are you listening?


President Biden likely won’t be calling on interdiction of the Titan by the US Navy like he has been having Iran’s ships and the weapons aboard seized, and perhaps rightly so.  That would be direct military action versus civilian (FBI) law enforcement action.  But now that Israeli has declared war against Hamas and Hezbollah, perhaps Benjamin Netanyahu will rethink his lukewarm relationship with Putin and will act to interdict what may very well be the secret Russia-Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas weapons and electronics supply-chain.  Instead of focusing on trying to destroy the independence of the Israeli judiciary, maybe now he’ll link arms with the rest of us, as we do with Israel, to defend each other and our democratic ally also at war. 

Maybe now he’ll reconsider his decision to withhold his Iron Dome systems from Ukraine.  I pray for Israel and its people as I do for Ukraine.  Of any country, it’s Israel that knows what it’s like to be attacked from the air by its neighbors, and to have its people suffer genocide, slavery, and extermination at the evil hands of a fascist dictator.  


The Biden administration put a hold on Trump’s F-35 fighter sales to the UAE after taking office, a decision Trump had approved just before leaving with his illegal stash of Top Secret/SCI documents.

It was a Trumpian-quid-pro-quo deal brokered by his son-in-law Jared Kirschner and Ivanka Trump in return for the UAE normalizing its relations with Israel.  Prince Jared and Princess Ivanka Trump, dubbed Abu Ivanka by the LA Times in a May 20, 2017 article, were both White House senior advisors drawing government salaries. They would subsequently abuse their public office jobs in the White House and her daddy’s name and potential future presidency to obtain a $2B hedge fund investment from Saudi Arabian Prince MBS, just after they left government employ.  Emolument clause anyone? 

Jared Kirschner and Ivanka in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

But then Biden restarted the F-35 sales process before the UAE Air Force withdrew its request after deciding to purchase the Chinese Huwei 5G fighter.


The UAE has a powerful Air Force and they fly F-16’s that we sold them and trained their pilots on.  

Your Highness Sheikh, let’s brainstorm.  I’ll start.  How about, in return for continued US military aid and for a continuation of supply of USAF F-16 spare parts, you immediately donate a squadron of your F-16s to Ukraine…instead of providing safe harbor for Putin’s oligarch yachts which are under sanction by the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and soon, the US/EU?

Here’s another idea Your Highness.  How about you grant authorization for the immediate seizure of the Titan, in return for my NOT exposing the rest of the intel I may have on the other selfish, disgusting, and depraved reasons you continue to help Russia, instead of continuing to suck at the teat of the riches produced by Putin’s international child sex trafficking supply chain.

As a monarch, Your Highness, with the snap of your fingers, you could bring about the end the war in Ukraine and be the tipping point that results in the takedown of Vladimir Putin, by helping us expose his most evil and depraved secrets to the world, especially to the Russian people and their Generals and Colonels.


To all the good people of the United Arab Emirates, you have been duly informed of exactly what your Sheikh and his deputies have been doing in your name for the last 12 months and continuing.  

While the women and children of Ukraine are being mass murdered by Putin’s missiles, bombs, and drones supplied to the by your neighbor Iran, your Sheikh allows Putin’s super yacht Titan and all those rich Russians you’ve seen spending money and partying in your cities, ogling your girls and women, and violating the tenets of the Muslim faith: He’s giving them all safe harbor in your country.  They are, literally, his guests.

And now that you have been duly informed, people of the UAE, I shift the burden to YOU.  It is up to YOU to demand the seizure of the Titan and the ejection of the Russian intelligence and criminal elements allowed free rein in your country.  Not every rich Russian is a criminal.  But they all are, at a minimum, enablers of those who are bombing and sex trafficking children.

You have a choice to make, good people of the UAE.


Your Highness, do I have your attention now?  Listen up. Now that YOU have been duly informed and exposed of your complicity in enabling the escape from seizure of the very super yacht owned and controlled by the evil perpetrator of mass murder of Ukrainian children and women, the burden is now on YOU.  Repent. Redeem yourself, seek atonement for your sins.  

If you want to reap the benefits of your American alliance, of participation in the world’s civil society, if you want to keep flying our F-16s after something breaks, if you EVER want another piece of any weapon in the US arsenal of democracy, you must place the interests of Ukraine, America, democracy, and the safety of the worlds’ children, over your own personal self-interests.


And finally, to President Biden and to those in Congress voting on US Military aid to the UAE, Ukraine, and US sanctions against Russia.  Well, I shouldn’t have to tell you all that you need to be “doing the right thing”, to “do things right” and do them quickly.  

And that includes my soon-to-be-voted-out-of-office opponent Anna Luna as well as the Democratic, Republican, and unaffiliated voters here in Florida’s 13th Congressional District in Pinellas County Florida.

Choose wisely.

John Liccione is a candidate for US Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District where he is the only declared Democratic Candidate running against Anna Luna in 2024.

He is also Founder and CEO of RussiLeaks, an online media company solely focused on exposing Putin’s secrets and those of his agents on American soil.  He is also the Founder and CEO of Leaks Media, a start-up global media company just getting started whose mission is “Exposing the Secrets of the Enemies of Democracy.”