Putin’s Superyacht Titan Sails From Dubai

Ends 12 Month Moorage After Fleeing Turkey Last October

Putin’s superyacht Titan, which last October we at RussiLeaks dubbed “A Floating Locus of Evil” has just sailed from its anchorage in the port of Dubai after its passengers and crew enjoyed safe harbor for the 12-months after it had fled from Turkey through the Suez Canal.  Enroute to Dubai we reported it had met up a Russian tanker in the Red Sea, possibly to hand off victims for transport to foreign ports.

RussiLeaks October 2022 Article

   RussiLeaks Expose’ on Titan Published October 1, 2022

I broke the story of the Titan’s flight from Turkey last October and its Red Sea Russian tanker hookup in my October 1st RussiLeaks article entitled “A Floating Locus of Evil: Russian Superyacht Titan Flees Turkey: Transits Suez Canal With American Female Captives Aboard”.

To recap that story, we had intelligence that American female captives were aboard the Titan just before it fled from Turkey in 2022. We tracked and reported the Titan’s flight through the Suez and its ultimate arrival in Dubai, where we’ve watched it sit there for a year. We were the first media outlet to break the news.

Intel on the Titan’s Deployment

Just yesterday we received intelligence that the Titan was to be “deployed” and “moved” after the operators had spoken with Putin and sure enough, today it set sail, just a wee bit, then stopped. 

As you can see on Marinetrack, its current position at N25.2517 E055.11753 is just north of the UAE’s Anantara World Islands achipelago.  It has been sitting there for several hours at this point.

Putin’s Floating Locus of Evil

As we reported The Titan is controlled by Vladimir Putin and serves as a mobile command post for Russia’s international spy and child sex trafficking operations. With it’s SATCOM Internet, it’s command and control reach is global as is its ability to sail the globe in international waters and to countries like the UAE and Turkey, and Iran and North Korea I would presume, and any others still offering safe harbor to these sanctioned Russian yachts.

Who Ordered the Titan Move, and When?

The order to move the Titan was issued by Putin to his underlings at approximately 3:40PM yesterday according to our sources.  Less than 24-hours later, we watched it pull anchor and sail offshore on Marinewatch.com as shown above.

Evraz Chairman Russian Oligarch Alexander Abramov

Sanctioned Russian Oligarch Alexander Abramov

The Titan’s public owner is Russian steel oligarch Alexander Abramov, Chairman of Evraz steel.  Abramov owns a palatial resort at Hellena Bay in New Zealand, and Australia was the first country to place Abramov on their sanctions list shortly after Putin invaded Ukraine. In response, Abramov sued the Australian minister of foreign affairs as was reported by The Guardian.  Good luck with that Alex.

New Zealand and the UK Follow Suit With Sanctions

Just 10 days after we published our RussiLeaks expose’ on 10/1/22 outing the Titan as Putin’s floating FSB/GRU child sex trafficking and intelligence operations floating command post, RZN reported that the New Zealand government slapped him with sanctions, denying him access to New Zealand via vessel or aircraft, and a travel ban for him and his family.  Go Jacinda Arden…why did you step down too soon, m’lady?

Then, two weeks later, the UK followed suit and slapped Abramov with their own sanctions.

Where are the US Sanctions?

I have not been able to find any references to Alexander Abramov being sanctioned by the US or the EU.  What’s up with that President Bidan, Antony Blinken, Treasury, and Congress? 

Oh, right. Matt Gaetz just shut down the House of Representatives by taking down Speaker McCarthy. Until there’s a new speaker, no new legislation, no new sanctions laws.  Thanks Gaetz.  And your fellow Putin-Puppet Gone Wild Anna Luna.  

According to the AP, the US levied sanctions in September against companies in countries such as the UAE that supply electronic parts to Russia in various sectors, to include a newly established UAE company supply parts to Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 liquefied natural gas project.

The State department has also targeted Turkish companies that have provided ship repair services to a Russian Ministry of Defense connected company.  Perhaps they serviced the Titan last year while it was at port in Turkey.  So, maybe the Titan won’t be going back to Turkey…for now.

The last time I reached out to the State Department on sanctions was to ask whether the Biden administration was gong to slap sanctions on the Russian nuclear and radiological state monopoly Rosatom and those companies, like the American company Edlow International, that were shipping Russian nuclear/radiological materials worldwide through their St. Petersburg Russia subsidiary Edlow East-West Russia.

Their answer? “We don’t comment on negotiations with Congress.”

The Russian nuclear industry is still not under US sanctions and apparently neither is Abramov or his (Putin’s) superyacht Titan.

Time to seize the day, in more ways than one.  

We don’t know where the Titan is sailing to yet. 

But if I had any say, the child sex trafficking super yacht Titan and her crew’s next port of call would be Guantanamo Bay:  The place where all the worlds child sex trafficking kingpins should go to die.

John Liccione Founder and CEO of RussiLeaks and is a candidate for US Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District where he is the only Democrat running against Anna Luna in 2024. VoteLiccione.org/donate

He is also Founder and CEO of Leaks Media, a start-up media company whose mission is “Exposing the Secrets of the Enemies of Democracy.”