The Titan: A Floating Locus of Evil

Russian Superyacht Titan Flees Turkey and Transits Suez Canal With American Female Captives Aboard

Intelligence obtained by Russi Leaks indicates that one or more American females are being held captive aboard the Russian superyacht Titan and are being trafficked from Turkey through the Suez canal to a destination somewhere either in Russian-ally Iran, possibly to Jordan, or to points east.

Russian Superyacht Titan (photo from Yacht Bible)

Turkey Provided Safe-Haven for Russian Superyacht

Until three days ago the Titan was anchored at “safe-haven-for-Russian-oligarchs” port Fethiye Turkey, under the protective wing of Turkish president Recep Erdogan, where it had been docked since transitting the Suez canal from the Red Sea in late April after previous long stays in Dubai and the Maldives.

Titan is Putin and The List’s Sex Trafficking Floating Command and Control Center

It is publically misunderstood that sole ownership and full control of the Titan lies with Russian oligarch Alexander Abramov, the multi-billionaire (former) Chairman of Russian steel giant Evraz. Abramov just resigned his chairmanship after sanctions were imposed on other Russian oligarchs to include Roman Abromavich, an Evraz Holdings owner and former owner of the Chelsea football club.

Russian Oligarch Alexander Abramov
Former Evraz Chairman
(Not Yet on American/EU Sanctions List)

Our intelligence indicates that the Titan actually serves as a floating command and control ops center (via Russian satcom) for Russian intelligence agencies acting under the direct control of Vladimir Putin. Further, our intel indicates the Russians are working in league with “The List” child sex trafficking pedophile ring and an individual named Redigrit and his organization, to kidnap and traffic children and adults, to coordinate assassinations and abductions, and to develop kompromat on high-level officials in government and industry in democratic nations using sex-trafficked children, across the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government and in defense. We received word exactly 3 days ago, that Putin had just “deployed the Titan,” that there were specific (by name) American female captives on board, and that at least one of them was to be “sold”. We are withholding their names at this time.

Titan Leaves Turkish Port Fethiye September 28th

The Titan set sail into the eastern Mediterranean on September 28th at 9:00AM EDT then turned off its transponder after sailing southwest into international waters toward Egypt. We don’t yet know who or what it met with and what people or cargo were transferred during its transponder blackout.

Titan’s Track from Fehiye Turkey into Eastern Med Where it Turned off It’s Transponder on September 28th (
Titan 30 Miles off Turkish Coast as of Afternoon of September 28th (

Titan Re-Appears Fleeing to Suez Canal

Twelve hours later, it popped up halfway across the Med on a southeasterly heading where it then veered left and made a beeline for the Suez Canal. After waiting in the queue for several hours, it entered the canal at around 9PM EDT on September 29th. The below figure shows the ship at the Port Said achor point on the 29th at 5:35PM EDT waiting in the queue as ships were emerging northbound from the canal.

Titan at Anchor at Port Said Waiting in Canal Queue (
Titan Track Down the Suez to Great Bitter Lake (

Titan’s transponder had it transiting the northern canal where it then sat idle in the Great Bitter Lake at 30° 23′ 34.5″ N, 032° 21′ 16.1″ E, awaiting the go-ahead for southern transit to the Red Sea.

Titan’s Position as of 2PM EDT in Great Bitter Lake South of Suez City, September 30, 2022 ( (

On September 30th the Titan made its way through the rest of the canal and entered the Red Sea where at about 8AM EDT it’s position was recorded at 29° 44′ 16.5″ N, 032° 30′ 49.4″ E about 15 miles south of Suez City as shown below.

Titan Emerges from Suez Canal into Red Sea on September 30, 2022 (
Titan Approaches Russian Tanker Aleksey Kosygin in Red Sea on October 1, 2022 ((

Titan Approaches Russian Tanker Aleksey Kosygin in Red Sea

The last position of the Titan, still in the Red Sea t 25° 28′ 13.6″ N, 035° 35′ 53.3″ E, shows it within a few hundred yards behind the Russian oil tanker Aleksey Kosygin which is sailing in the same southerly direction. The relative closure speed between the two vessels (+1 knot for the Titan on the same heading) indicates that the Titan may have already hooked up with the Aleksey Kosygin by now and has possibly transferred its American female captives to the tanker, which it is assumed will be delivering Russian oil to one of it’s oil-buying customers, say, India or China.

Triton Submersibles Used for Human Trafficking and Operative Insertion/Extraction

Triton Deepview Submarine (From
Triton 1650/7 Submersibles

Further intelligence obtained indicates that the Russians and The List ring are also employing one or more Triton submersibles in conjunction with yachts and other less conspicuous marine vessels to insert and extract their operatives and their trafficked captives into and out of various countries, including America itself. The combination of yachts and smaller marine vessels not-so-obviouslly Russian-owned, along with these submersibles, is a potent combination for covert insertion/extraction since they can avoid customs and the US Coast Guard. They can put assets into or out of whatever port this child sex trafficking ring and its associated hostile nation-state intelligence agencies might choose to operate from. Like, say, out of Annapolis, Maryland, which is a port we’ve already reported on in the previous months on Russi Leaks News as being an eastern US hub of operations for Putin and The List ring.

Team Fishnet Zero – Depraved Fishers of Children

One such team of child sex traffickers fielded by The List ring that works in coordination and cooperation with Russian and Iranian intelligence, and ISIS, in the field in America and elsewhere, calls itself “Team Fishnet Zero.” The reference to “fishnet” isn’t about stockings. These evil miscreants, based on communications intercepts obained by Russi Leaks, call their child victims “fish”, and their yet-to-be-raped child victims “sushi.” It is the most evil and depraved set of conversations we have ever listened to. In them, they revel in and brag about how adept they are at being such accomplished fishers of children. One of the leaders of Team Fishnet Zero, German Nazi doctor Hans Kristoff, has already been exposed by Russi Leaks in a previous expose’, as has the Iraqi ISIS terrorist they work with named Imhotep, and the Russian operative Boris Sododari.

Turkish Government Complicity

The fact that a fellow NATO country, Turkey, would aid and abet such evil and depraved criminal activity by Putin and his pedophile oligarch buddies, where the victims include American children and women, is abominable. It’s bad enough that Turkey is buying Russian air defense systems and oil and gas and in doing so is propping up the teetering Russian economy (while also I must acknowledge selling Bayraktar drones to Ukraine). But playing footsie with Russian pedophiles and child sex traffickers targeting American children and women, and allowing them safe haven in your coastal waters and ports? Awkward. That’s not a good look for you, President Erdogan. Shame on you. It’s time to choose sides. Are you on the side of the angels and a defender of children? Or are you on the side of the devil and child rapists?

Roman Abramovich’s Superyacht Eclipse at Anchor in Gulf of Fethiye, Turkey as of 10/1/2022 (

Turkey Too for Roman Abromovich and His Superyacht Eclipse

And wouldn’t you know, if you look at the picture above, you will see that it just so happens that across Turkey’s Gulf of Fethiye, where until 3 days ago the superyacht Titan was anchored, sits Russian oligarch Roman Abromovich’s superyacht Eclipse. Roman Abromovich is on the Russian sanctions list maintained by the US and the EU. But Alexander Abramov, strangely, is not. To be clear, Russi Leaks News has zero intelligence or evidence that would indicate that Vladimir Putin and his intelligence agencies, and The List child sex trafficking pedophile ring, have co-opted and are using Roman Abromovich’s Eclipse as an intelligence and sex trafficking command and control center. Conversely, we do have credible intelligence and evidence that serves to prove that Alexander Abromov’s Titan superyacht is being used as a Russian intelligence and sex trafficking command center for these evil and depraved criminals targeting America, our allies, and our children. The world is now duly informed. This article is being published for the purpose of the initiation of judicial proceedings against those involved in the affected countries and in The Hague.

New Zealand, America, and the EU Fiddle While Australia Rocks and Gets Sued

In addition to the Titan, Abramov built an opulent estate and resort in New Zealand in Helena Bay, and has been making investments in New Zealand real estate ventures. To date, only Australia has placed Abramov on their sanctions list, which they did in April this year, while the New Zealand government of Jacinda Ardern fiddles. And it’s not just New Zealand that’s playing the fiddle for Alexander Abramov, who, per the Guardian, is now suing Australian Foreign Minister Jenny Wong for putting him on their sanctions list.

Australian Foreign Minister Jenny Wong (Photo from Lowry Institute)

It seems America and the EU continue to fiddle as well concerning Alexander Abramov and the Titan.

Why this particular Russian superyacht, supposedly owned (but seemingly not controlled) by this particular Russian oligarch, a yacht that’s being used by Vladimir Putin and The List child sex trafficking ring as a floating, sex trafficking, espionage command center, has yet to be placed on the list of yachts destined for seizure under the US and European sanctions list, whereas Roman Abromovich’s yachts and business have been sanctioned? That is, as of yet, an unsolved mystery and a wholly vexing question which demands answers and action from those democratic nations of the world who are aligned against Putin and the Russian oligarchs who continue to enable him.

Frogmen With Underwater Transport System (Licensed under CC BY-SA)

An International Floating Locus of Evil

It’s time for the takedown of the superyacht Titan President Biden. The Titan is a singlular, floating locus of evil. That yacht is being used by Putin and The List to command and control child sex trafficking operations and asassinations, including those against American citizens, with impunity. That particular piece in this chess match that we find ourselves in with Putin and The List child sex trafficking ring is like the chess queen. Under the current status quo, the Titan can be moved by Putin and The List anywhere on the board they wish, even to within America’s coastal waters, with impunity. It needs to be taken off the board. Now.