Russian WMDs for Iranian Drones

Putin Promises WMD Tech to Iran in Return for Massive Drone Shipment

Is there anything quite so pitiful as a fallen and corrupted former superpower stooping to trading its coveted weapons of mass destruction (WMD) tech to bolster its failing war against a peaceful slavic neighbor because it can’t manufacture enough drones in its own factories? Worse, trading it to the ayatollahs, to a nation that is sponsoring and exporting international terrorism and assassinations? Russia couldn’t protect its Black Sea flagship Moskva from Ukrainian counterstrike. It couldn’t conquer Kyiv. It couldn’t get President Zelensky to flee. It couldn’t hold Kherson and is losing the Donbas. It’s going to lose Crimea. One hundred thousand Russian soldiers are dead. It can’t even make its own drones.

How Low Can You Go?

Just how low will Putin go? What’s next Vlad? North Korean long-range missiles for SATAN II multi-warhead ICBMs or hypersonic criuse missiles? Fifth generation Migs to Kim Jung Un’s North Korean Air Force (NKAF) to attack Seoul so you can reign down Kim’s missiles onto the heads of Ukrainian women and children after having depleted your Iranian supply?

Irianian Drones to Russia for WMD Tech- An Early Leak

Iran’s Shahed-136 Drone Over Kyiv October 17, 2022. REUTERS/Roman Petushkov

On July 13, 2022 Russi Leaks News received a leak that Iran was sending a large batch of drones to Russia, hundreds of them, to help Putin prosecute his war in Ukraine. The quid pro quo was delivery of Russian WMD technology. The “leaker” encouraged us to publish. We didn’t run the story. At the time we were unsure of the credibility of the source, and we were unable to obtain corroborating intel from a second source. It was in hindsight the wrong call and that was my call to make. That was then, this is now.

Since then, the Iranian half of the deal is no longer a dirty secret and although Iran and Russia refuse to acknowledge it, that part of the deal is now proven fact. Ukrainian civilians and military personel are dying in droves, the attacking drones coming from Russia and Russian-controlled Crimea that are being shot down by Ukraine are undeniably Iranian-made Shahed-136s, and Russia continues to prosecute its indiscriminant aerial bombardment, now augmented with what are to Russia freebie Iranian drones.

Ukraine’s anti-air defenses are being taxed and depleted as they are forced to shoot down these “free-to-Russia” unmanned missile delivery platforms using expensive Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles to defend its civilians and infrastructure. And its costing Russia nothing in cash: Just second-hand WMD tech out of its existing stockpiles. When Iranian drones cost Russia nothing, as compared to the cost to Ukraine of acquiring anti-air defenses from western countries, this is not a war of attrition that Ukraine can win unless something changes, quickly: Unless America and its allies counter with our own freebies. I’m not talking about free American WMD technology here. I’m talking free counter-air systems, in the thousands.

The only questions remaining unanswered about Putin’s deal with the devil are how many drones did it take for Russia to sell its WMD soul to the Ayatollahs, and what’s the promised Russian WMD tech exactly? Is it weapons-grade fissionable nuclear material itself? Nuclear enrichment tech? Is it chemical or biological WMD tech? We don’t yet know. But WMDs of any kind in the hands of the Ayatollahs and the Iranian QUDs force? The Washington Post has just reported on its front page an article entitled: “Rise in Iranian assassination, kidnapping plots alarms Western officials.” In this article written by reporters Shane Harris, Souad Mekhennet and Yeganeh Torbati, the Post details the drastic rise in Iran’s foreign assassination plots targeting citizens on their own soil in Canada, the United States, Isreal, Cyprus, and other nations. They typically use contract or proxy assassins that are targeting jounalists, government officials, and activists that Iran considers a threat. They have a threat list. Some assassination plots have been thwarted by western authorities. Yes, Iran is coming to America to a neighborhood near you, to an American near you, or me, and they’re out for blood. And the assassins may not look like Iranians or speak Farsi. They could be Pakistani, Caucasian, African, Asian, Hispanic. They could be American, any race, religion, or gender. Outsourced terror mercenaries….foreign or domestic.

Drone Dome Writ Large

Israel has its “Iron Dome,” a counter-air system that it refuses to provide to Ukraine…and shame on Israel for what I would characterize as an immoral indescretion. If Turkey, of all countries, can provide Ukraine Bayraktar drones, Israel can provide Iron Dome.

Turkish-Supplied Ukranian Bakraktar Drone Destroying Russian Tanks – by Alexander Nikityuk

Ukraine needs a “drone dome” over its cities and power infrastructure. Swarms of AI-driven drones with long loiter times. A drone CAP if you will. A CAP of drones, against drones. One could forsee a combination of re-usable, existing American drones re-armed with Sidewinder air-to-air missiles instead of air-to-surface Hellfires, and new swarms of cheaper mini kamakaze drones with infrared seeker heads driven by AI.

Ask Not for Whom the Drone Comes…

Ronald Reagan enabled the ultimate takedown of the communist Soviet Union by outspending them with the Strategic Defense Initiative (AKA: Star Wars) and ultimately bankrupting them as they tried to keep up with America and its can-do democratic, capitalistic system. Let’s take a page out of Ronald Reagan’s playbook and adapt it to this war.

For every 100 drones Iran sends to Russia for free, America and its allies should provide 1,000 counter-air drones to Ukraine…for free. It’s a good investment.

“Russian Ragnarok” by Alexander Nikityuk

Putin, ask not for whom the drone comes…It comes for thee. You think you can drone Ukraine into oblivion? Ukraine drones you.

And nobody out-drones the United States of America.