Russia Fields Man-Portable Directed Energy Weapons in Ukraine, USA

“Electronic Warfare Cannons” Designed to Jam and Bring Down Ukrainian and American Drones – Variants’ Use Against Human Targets Likely

Two Russian companies have manufactured man-portable directed energy weapons designed, at a minimum, to bring down drones by disrupting their navigation and command and control communications links. The Russians have been using these “electronic warfare cannons” since the start of the Ukraine war to bring down certain drones Ukraine has been using for reconnaissance, targeting, and ground attack. The newest model developed, the LPD-802 manufactured by PPSh Laboratory in St. Petersburg, is specifically targeting the frequencies of US drones and thus poses a threat to American drone operations worldwide. It is believed Russia is exporting these weapons to other countries like their ally Iran, and state-sponsored terrorist groups, to target American/NATO drone assets using surrogates. Video footage has recently emerged on Russian and Iranian YouTube and Telegram Channels and websites of these weapons being used against Ukrainian drones. Use against human targets, in other variants is likely and grainy video evidence of a Russian carrying such a weapon on US soil was captured in Florida in October of 2019 by a security camera.

Russian LPD-801 Anti-Drone Directed Energy Weapon / From Russian YouTube Channel: The Lamp of Knowledge

The LPD-801 drone jammer model pictured in the above YouTube video is manufactured by PPSh Laboratory, and was first unveiled publicly at the OrelExpo 2021 arms show in Moscow, according to the Russian state-owned TASS news service. The newest variant, the LPD-802, was publicly reported by the Iranian Tasnim news service on November 1, 2022. Per Tasnim,the LPD-802 model features a more powerful transmitter for jamming American-specific drone GPS and command and control signal frequencies. The above (and below) videos published on the Russian “Lamp of Knowledge” YouTube channel and on their Telegram channel, is in Russian with English subtitles. It shows a successful takedown of a Ukrainian drone by Russian special forces using both the LPD-801 model weapon as well as a more bulky weapon (below) manufactured by another Russian company.

Bulkier Version of Russian Directed Energy Weapon in Ukraine

Video Captured of Russian Carrying Directed Energy Weapon on American Soil

Nest Camera Footage of Russian Operative Carrying LPT-801 Type Directed Energy Weapon at 161 175th Ave E, Redington Shores FL. 12/12/2019

Nest security camera footage captured in Redington Shores, Florida of two Russian operatives that were occupying an adjoining apartment the night/morning of October 11th/12th of 2019, shows one of the Russians carrying what likely was a LPD-801 type directed energy weapon across the driveway and putting it in the trunk of their car next door, before driving away. While the footage is grainy, replaying in slow-motion reveals a weapon with a pistol grip, a banana shaped magazine (used to house the weapon’s battery), and a fat cylindrical barrel, very similar to the LPD-801. As the operative carries the weapon across the driveway he is holding the pistol grip and the weapon points downward as it swings back and forth while walking.

Not My Father’s Leaf Blower, Officer

Two Russian LPD-801 Directed Energy Weapons and Their Carrying Cases (Source: The Lamp of Knowledge/Youtube Channel)

Notably, when this incident was reported to the local Indian Shores police department in Florida (by yours truly) and the video was shown to them in 2019, an officer fobbed it off as a “leaf blower” instead of taking it seriously and actually investigating my neighbors and their Russian overnight stay-over visitors in the unit next door. (Note: Personally, and I can only speak for myself, I’ve never seen a leaf blower with a banana magazine and a pistol grip that was so heavy that it dangled straight down when one holds its pistol grip.) The slow-motion playback of the video shows what appears to be a fat cylindrical barrel, not unlike the LPD-801/2, and that the front half of the weapon was heavy enough to cause it to dangle straight down and swing when held by the grip with one hand.

Aiming and shooting such a weapon at a victim’s head through an adjoining apartment appears to have been the modus of operandi of these Russians in this incident. First, they get physically close by occupying an adjoining room or apartment by perhaps first co-opting or compromising the neighbors, then firing the weapon through the adjoining wall: A common theme. This weapon in the Florida incident had obviously been smuggled into America and was being used against humans to effect, at the least, neurological damage or worse. An excellent description of victim symptoms, neurological and psychological damages, and possible causes is provided by Medicine.Net in the article entitled “What is Havana Syndrome“.

Havana Syndrome – Not a Hoax

This was publicly acknowledged by the US government as “a thing” in 2021 and has been reported on extensively by multiple western news outlets. See The Guardian’s July 2021 story from May 2021 entitled: “Havana Syndrome: NSA Officer’s Case Hints at Microwave Attacks Since 90s”. The US government established a multi-agency task force in March of 2021, just two months after Biden’s inauguration. The contrast to how the Trump and Obama administrations handled this issue versus Biden’s administration is remarkable. In Trump’s case, clearly his intelligence community leadership at large was cowed into silence and inaction; the DNI (John Ratcliff), the FBI (Chris Wray) the DOD (Chris Miller), the State Department (Rex Tillerson & Mike Pompeo), the CIA (Mike Pompeo & Gina Haspel), and the National Security Agency (General Paul Nakasone) kept their heads way down and refused to risk raising the ire of the Putin-fawning Trump over these Russian attacks on Americans.

To its credit, the Biden administration acknowledged the seriousness of this problem and has dedicated cross-agency resources to run it to ground and mitigate this particular type of Russian attack on American citizens abroad and at home. The removal of the CIA Station Chief in Vienna over her failure to take seriously these attacks on US personnel there, as reported in stories by Fox News, The Washington Post, and other news outlets in September of 2021, speaks to how seriously this issue is being taken by the Biden administration. Clearly, this isn’t some sort of Trumpian “fake news” or a hoax.

48+ Confirmed “Tesser” Attacks on US Citizens

A US government source has informed RussiLeaks that there have been over four dozen Russian “Tesser” attacks on US citizens that have been documented and confirmed. To be clear, we have obtained confirmation from a US government source that the weapon being used on these particular Americans is indeed called “The Tesser” by the Russians, and that over 48 victims have been confirmed, in what can be characterized as an “unclassified” leak, sanctioned by the US government and approved for exclusive release to RussiLeaks for publication.

Intercepted Russian Communications, Medical Symptoms

Intercepted Russian communications during several Tesser attacks against me specifically have referred at different times to the words “Tesser” and “Tesseract” use to “magnets, ” to “morbid energy,” and to a “dipole projecter.” More concerning, there have been additional references to “radiation“, X-rays, “radar,” a “beam”, a “focic attack“, and “giving him the sun“, and of a “bone jack.” The references to radiation, “focic attack” and “bone jack” were first recorded in 2013 and the X-ray references began surfacing in 2022 intercepted Russian dialogue. There have also been specific references to aiming and firing the weapon at my “foot” (2013), at my “bones” (2013, 2021, 2022), of a “foot attack” (2013), of firing it at the victim’s “head” (2019, 2021, 2022). In the 2013 case the victim (yours truly) reported severe foot bone pain (8 out of 10 severity) and subcutaneous skin discoloration on the tops of both feet to Annapolis hospital workers, as if I was suffering from ionizing radiation-induced bone marrow damage. The doctors at the hospital (as well as my orthopedist) were mystified as to the cause of the severe bone pain, which I ultimately would experience in both feet over a two week period in October 2013.

Ukraine Fields Their Own Man-Portable Anti-Drone “Electronic Warfare Cannon”

Ukrainian Soldiers With KVS G-6 Anti-Drone Directed Energy Weapon, Manufactured by Kvertus Technology
(Source: Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Facebook)

Not to be outdone by the Russians, the Ukrainians have fielded their own similar weapon manufactured by the Ukranian company Kvertus, to down Russian and Iranian drones attacking their cities, infrastructure, and people, as pictured above. To date, there have been no reports of Ukrainians using these weapons as offensive anti-personnel weapons against Russian soldiers or any human.