Russia Drafts 3,076 Crimeans to Fight Ukraine

Putin has drafted 3,076 men with Crimean addresses between the ages of 23 and 35 to fight against their own Crimean countrymen, women, and children. Buried within the initial list of 305,926 men in Putin’s mobilization order obtained by Russi Leaks are the names, birthdates, and Crimean addresses of the 3,076 conscripts.

The fact that the ages of the men on the list of 305,926 range only between 23 and 35 indicates previous Russian military service, otherwise we would have expected to see 18-22 year olds in the mix as well.

“Let’s Go Kill Ukrainians!…I Didn’t Know It’d be Like This!” (below balloon translations)

Putin Meatballs (by Ukrainian artist Max Murashko)

Imagine being one of those 3,076 conscripts. After seeing your fellow Crimean women and children systematically targeted and bombed into oblivion by Russian missiles, bombs, and artillery…then being conscripted into the very army that right now continues to unleash such horror on your neighbors, homes, and cities. One can only imagine what must being going through their minds. Do we call them slaves with no agency? Do we call them collaborators? Are they hard-core Russian loyalists? Are they transplanted Russians who, after exiting Russian military service since the Crimean invasion in 2014, had chosen to stay in Crimea and lived for years side-by-side with their Ukrainian neighbors on the coast of the Black Sea? How many have Ukrainian wives, girlfriends, and children?

Ukrainian Women and Children Sheltering in Mariupol Basement During Russian Bombing Raid (Photo by Sergiy Makarof)

The 305,926 names, birthdates, and addresses are detailed in the below Excel spreadsheet files as it was provided to us in its original Russian Cyrillic (which included 15,373 duplicates), and in a second spreadsheet translated into English, with their calculated ages added for clarity in the English version.

To you 3,076 assumedly Russian (and perhaps even Ukrainian) men of Crimea along with the other 287,477 (after list de-duping): You yourself need a “de-duping”. Don’t be duped by the Russian government. Your behavior from this day forward will soon be weighed in the balance by your Crimean neighbors, wives, and children, by the greater world of man, woman, and child, and ultimately, by God. I beseech you to choose wisely for the sake of your immortal soul.