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Edlow International CEO Walks Sanctions/Moral Tightrope While Making Millions Facilitating Russian Nuclear/Radiological Shipments

Rape of Ivanka Trump, Assassination of US Citizen Planned by Putin’s Rasputin Boris Sudodari

By John Liccione | June 26, 2022

Boris Sudodari is Exposed as Putin’s Rasputin Attacking US Citizens Perceived as Enemies of Donald Trump & Putin Putin’s lead henchman Boris Sudodari, who fancies himself a modern-day Rasputin, and his hit squad in the US have been plotting the rape of Ivanka Trump and others and a contract hit on another American civilian on…

Follow the Russian AN-124s!

By John Liccione | June 17, 2022

Russian AN-124 Cargo Flights to China, South Korea, and New York Under Trump Those charged with investigating and taking down criminal organizations typically assert how its always best to “follow the money.”  When it comes to who is supplying and enabling Putin’s genocidal attack on Ukraine with military equipment, I would say: “Follow the AN-124s.”…

Putin Targets Americans for Assassination on US Soil

By John Liccione | June 8, 2022

On March 11, 2021 in a Washington DC apartment rented by an American citizen, a mysterious, fine-grained white powder was discovered in large quantity inside the apartment’s attic AC air plenum piled a mere inches away from the AC unit’s induction fan. The powder would later test positive for high levels of the heavy metal…

Kherson is Ukraine!

By Agatha Kraytser | May 9, 2022

Reports of Harsh and Oppressive Life Under Russian Occupation in Kherson This letter from a 20-some-year-old woman in Kherson we will call Tanya (not her real name) paints a bleak picture of just how harsh and fearful life had become in the Russian-occupied city of Kherson in southern Ukraine. An important Ukrainian port on the…

Women of Russia and Belarus Unite!

By John Liccione | May 6, 2022

It’s Time for You to Wield Some Female Creative Non-Violence and Exercise Your Soft Powers Since the Russian male leadership doesn’t appear to have balls big enough to rise up of their own volition and mutiny against the world’s most evil dictator since Adolf Hitler, Russi Leaks call on the women of Russia and Belarus to…


By John Liccione | May 5, 2022

Putin May Be Planning a May 9th Parade at Site of Mariupol Theatre Massacre Opinion Having saved the Ukrainian residents of Mariupol from Jewish-Ukrainian Nazi tyranny by mass-murdering it’s women and children from the skies in his “de-Nazification campaign”, Vladimir Putin has apparently ordered his forces to stage an inhumane and grisly parade in front…

Ukrainian Easter in Wartime

By Agatha Kraytser | April 24, 2022

by Agatha Kraytser There are many religious holidays in Ukraine, but Easter is the most beloved and large-scale one. The preparation for this holiday begins more than a week before. People buy groceries, clean up in their homes, and arrange meeting with friends. The ritual of baking paska and coloring Easter eggs (krashanky), is a…

Escape From Mariupol Part 2: Exodus

By John Liccione | April 20, 2022

“They wiped it off the face of the earth.” Yesterday we published Part 1 of Sergiy’s story about the relentless Russian attacks and siege of the city of Mariupol as experienced by him and his family and friends. In Part 2 of Sergiy’s story he describes his desperate attempts to find an escape route out…

Escape From Mariupol Part 1: Descent Into Hell

By John Liccione | April 19, 2022

“Our Own Houses Would Become Traps for Us” Part 1 in a 2-Part Story of One Family’s Descent into Hell and Their Escape from Mariupol Russi Leaks interviewed photographer Sergiy (last name withheld), a resident of Mariupol who with his family and neighbors bore witness to the descent into hell brought about by the Russian’s…

Resident Evil: Hellscape Mariupol

By John Liccione | April 16, 2022

Putin’s Armies Have Turned Mariupol Into a Living Hell It takes a special kind of inhumanity and evil to indiscriminately shell civilian homes, to massacre thousands of innocents, to forcibly kidnap and deport women and children into camps in Russia, to put bullets into the heads of bound civilians as you pull out of a…

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