Resident Evil: Hellscape Mariupol

Putin’s Armies Have Turned Mariupol Into a Living Hell


It takes a special kind of inhumanity and evil to indiscriminately shell civilian homes, to massacre thousands of innocents, to forcibly kidnap and deport women and children into camps in Russia, to put bullets into the heads of bound civilians as you pull out of a town you have occupied, and to justify it all by accusing a Jewish president of being Nazi.  This isn’t chutzpah. It is pure, unadulterated evil papered with a transparent veneer of disinformation and propaganda that a 6-year-old can see through.


Putin hath become the destroyer of worlds and Mariupol, a city of nearly half a million people, in the hellscape it has been turned into by Putin’s marauding armies, is the canary in the coal mine for the rest of humanity.  This is what a Hitler armed with nuclear weapons would’ve look like.


In countless photographs, video clips, you can see it in their faces,  the horror, the fear, the psychological and physical devastation.  Women and children sheltering in place in basements with no electricity, rooms lit only be candlelight. People scrambling to charge their cellphones from a single powerstrip in the snow.


A recently-escaped Mariupol survivor named Sergiy captured the images in this article and has shared them with us.  We are documenting his and the citizens of Mariupol’s tragic story as more evidence of Russian atrocity leaks out and the death, kidnapping, and the crimes against humanity all mount.

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Milla Jovovitch, the Kyiv-borned star of the Resident Evil movie series, won’t be coming to excise the Russian evil now resident in Mariupol.  That is a task for the Ukrainian military backed by the arsenel of democracy which is only just beginning to get ramped up.

Revenge, it has been said, is a dish best served cold.  As the hellscape that Mariupol has been turned into is ultimatly revealed to the world and all Putin’s evil and depravity is fully exposed, revenge will be best served at the business-end of the spinning barrels of an A-10 Warthog’s Avenger gatling gun, piloted by the screaming pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force as they reign avenging hellfire down on Putin’s armor, warships, and missile launchers.