Life Imitates Art: The Moskva is Down!

Ukrainian Artist Alexander Nikityuk’s “Russian Warship go F*** Yourself” Piece in Framed Print

In an almost unbelievable case of life imitates art, the Russians themselves have confirmed that their Black Sea flagship the Moskva, the ship that attacked Snake Island spurring the infamous Ukrainian “Russian Warship Go F*** Yourself” response that has become a rallying cry of defiance for all of Ukraine, has sunk while being towed back to port in a storm after supposedly being hit by Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles according to Ukrainian Operational Command South.

Just weeks ago Ukrainian artist Alexander Nikityuk created the above piece of artwork envisioning a future in which a Ukrainian tractor would someday tow ashore the holed Russian warship in a caricaturized vision of what has now seemingly come to pass.  He named the  piece “Russian Warship: Go F*** Yourself” in honor of the heroes of Snake Island.

While the Russians initially claimed simply that a fire broke out on board and that there was a large explosion on board, the Ukrainian Southern Command is taking credit claiming they hit the Moskva with Nautilus anti-ship missiles off the coast of Odesa.  Apparently other Russian ships were seen moving further away from the Ukrainian coast in response indicating the Russian’s story doesn’t hold water.

Gold-metal-framed 28″x28″ (70x70cm) Print

A gold-metal-framed 28″x28″ (70x70cm) framed print of Alexander Nikityuk’s “Russian Warship Go F*** Yourself” art piece is now on sale for $129.99 (plus tax and shipping) on the Russi Leaks Store.  The majority of proceeds go to a combination of the artist and to Ukrainian relief with balance going towards supporting the Russi Leaks mission.