Women of Russia and Belarus Unite!

It’s Time for You to Wield Some Female Creative Non-Violence and Exercise Your Soft Powers

Since the Russian male leadership doesn’t appear to have balls big enough to rise up of their own volition and mutiny against the world’s most evil dictator since Adolf Hitler, Russi Leaks call on the women of Russia and Belarus to freeze them out, exercise what little soft power you have left, and reject the men that have refused to take Putin down.  From Moscow to Minsk, from Krasnoyarsk to Kamchatka, from Siberia to Sochi, it’s time for the good women of Russia and Belarus to employ a peaceful weapon of mass destruction for the greater good of Mother Russia and its peaceful Slavic neighbors.

Belarus Woman Arrested for Protesting the Ukrainian Invasion

Arrested Development and Cannon Fodder

To the women of Russia and Belarus, you can no longer hold blank posters in public without being arrested.  You can’t even stand in the street and even raise your two hands in front of you, as if holding a protest poster that isn’t there, without being arrested. 

“Cannon Fodder” by Ukraine Artist Max Murashko
(Putin tells soldier he will get iPhone in Ukraine)

Your men are being used, abused, and hoodwinked into serving as unwitting cannon fodder in an unjust war against a peaceful Slavic neighbor, just to feed Putin’s insane ego and evil designs on imperial empire.  You are being lied to about what is happening to your boys, husbands, and fathers.  You have lost over 20,000 of your men in Ukraine in just two and a half months of war.  What have you got to show for it? 

Putin with Girlfriend (Wife?) Alina Kabaeva, Olympic Gold Medalist in Rhythmic Gymnastics

No Sex for You!

Your nation is now a pariah on the world stage. The world is weaning itself off your oil and gas.  You’ve been kicked off the SWIFT network.  Your men’s superyachts are being impounded and denied ports of entry.  Your female and male athletes no longer can compete in international sports competitions.  You can’t even play tennis at Wimbledon.  No more rhythmic gymnastics in the Olympics for you and your sister gymnasts, Alina Kabaeva. If ever there was man who shouldn’t be getting laid, it’s your Vladimir.

The male leadership of Russia, the generals, colonels, captains, sergeants and intelligence officers, have lost their manhood.  They don’t deserve your support or affection.  Cowering and frozen by fear, they don’t deserve your respect. They don’t deserve your love, and depriving them of it might serve as the catalyst that motivates them to safe the nuclear triggers, to stop shelling Ukrainian women and children, and to bring about Putin’s arrest.

Ladies, you know it is unacceptable for your men to be bombing women and children taking shelter in the basements of theatres, to fire precision-guided missiles at train stations packed with mothers with children in tow that are fleeing your armies.  Stop enabling these war crimes by giving your men nightly aid and comfort after they come home from work at the Kremlin or their military bases each night, after having ordered these bombings.

Embrace the Harpy, Save the World

The first thing that must be overcome is the fear in the minds of the Russian male psyche, their fear of execution if they mutiny against Putin and his officers.  The Russian sisterhood must find a way to make the lives of their men so miserable that they will swallow their fear, stop doing what they have been doing, and act against Putin.  And I’m not just talking about sex deprivation. There are a thousand devious ways a woman can make a man’s life a living hell. Deprive him his emotional and psychological safe haven. If you want to end this war, be the harpy. Once these men see how far their women are willing to go to send the message to them that their behavior is unacceptable in the civilized world, some minds will change, they will overcome their fear, and they will act courageously to save Mother Russia and sue for peace with Ukraine.

Russian “Gold Star” Mothers Protesting Against the Afghan War (Circa 1980)

It took a small cadre of Russian “gold star” mothers that wouldn’t give up to harp on and shame the Soviet leadership into ending the 10-year war in Afghanistan.  Arguably, it ultimately led to the breakup of the Soviet empire.  In doing so, Russian mothers served as the spark that ultimately ended the Afghan war and helped usher in the beginning of the end of 80 years of Soviet tyranny. 

Afghan War on Steroids

The USSR lost 15,000 soldiers in the 10-year Afghan war.  In Ukraine, you’ve lost over 20,000 men in two and a half months!  The Soviet Union couldn’t conquer Afghanistan, a low-tech nation of 40 million, with over 100,000 troops, after 10 years of combat.  In part, it was because the US armed the Mujahedeen with Stinger missiles, and due to the fighting spirit of Afghan warriors which never was broken.  Ukraine is Afghanistan on steroids.  Ukraine is not just a quagmire for Russia, it is the Valley of the Shadow of Death for what could be an entire generation of Russian boys and men.

The Ukrainian Designed and Built Antonov AN-225 Mriya (Dream)

What makes you think you can conquer Ukraine, a modern nation of 43 million people so technically advanced they engineered and built the world’s two largest aircraft, the AN-225 Mriya and the AN-124 Ruslan, not to mention the Neptune anti-ship missile?  We don’t have to imagine the havoc the Ukrainians will wreak, armed with an upgraded version of the Afghan Stinger missile, plus Javelins, plus Bayraktar and Switchblade drones, plus American, French, and German howitzers, plus battalions of Czech T-72 tanks, plus Australian Bushmasters, plus Ukraine’s own home-grown Neptunes.  This war isn’t your grandfather’s Afghan war.

Ukrainian Neptune Missile Launch (Luch Design Bureau)

The Ukrainians are chewing up and spitting out your soldiers and weapons systems at a ratio of perhaps 10 to 1.  And the Ukrainian military and the arsenal of democracy that supplies it are just getting started.  Russians are really good at math, so do the math and extrapolate out to the bitter end.  To the extent this has become a war of attrition, your men are losing this war morally, psychologically, kinetically, in the air, on land, at sea, in cyberspace, and across the electromagnetic spectrum.  You’ve lost at least four of your warships in the Black Sea including your flagship, the Moskva, to a country that doesn’t even have a Navy!

President Volodymyr Zelensky With First Lady Olena Zelenska (Before the war)

This is a multi-model war of attrition your men have no hope of winning.  Calling Ukraine’s Jewish president a Nazi over and over like some kind of deranged mantra isn’t going to win you this war.  Putin’s idiotic propaganda isn’t fooling anyone outside of the bubble of your Russian state TV and Tucker Carlson’s addled, compromised brain.

Women of Russia and Belarus, you know you have the power to make your men’s lives miserable so if ever there was justification to deny your man sex, to make his life a temporary emotional hell, it is now.  You will be forgiven. Russia and Ukraine and Belarus are currently in a lose-lose-lose scenario that will ultimately turn into both a pyric loss for Russia and a devastating win for Ukraine.  This could be your chance to help deliver Mother Russia’s salvation. In choosing to do so, you will save not only Russia, you will save Ukraine, Belarus, and all of us from a potential World War III scenario, and the world will be in your debt. 

The world calls on you to stand together and wield the power and the wiles God has endowed you with as women to do your part in taking down Vladimir Putin. And, like the Russian mothers who saved Russia from Afghanistan, you will be hailed has heroes of the Motherland.