Putin May Be Planning a May 9th Parade at Site of Mariupol Theatre Massacre


Having saved the Ukrainian residents of Mariupol from Jewish-Ukrainian Nazi tyranny by mass-murdering it’s women and children from the skies in his “de-Nazification campaign”, Vladimir Putin has apparently ordered his forces to stage an inhumane and grisly parade in front of the very theatre in which 300 civilians were murdered by Russian bombardment in what has been rightly characterized as a crime against humanity that is now being turned into an in-your-face celebration of a crime against humanity.

The Washington Post today has reported the upcoming planned parade on today’s front page citing reports from Mariupol mayor Vadym Boychenko, which have yet to be independently confirmed, but a 12-minute video has been posted online of what has been described as the Russian’s efforts to force slave labor Ukrainians to remove rubble with an excavator and bulldozer from the bombed-out Drama Theatre in preparation for the parade.  

Two Mariupol Teenage Girls Walk Past Bombed out Apartment in Mariupol (Photo by Sergiy Makarov)

If confirmed, and if this parade actually happens, Putin will be thumbing his nose at the civilized world once again by staging a celebratory victory parade that will further cement his legacy as the most evil and vile world leader to walk the face of the earth since Adolf Hitler.  It’s one level of evil to bomb women and children hiding in a theatre marked in bold letters with the word “Children,” deliberately, as a strategy of terror designed to break the will of the Ukrainian people.  It’s a whole other level of evil to follow up the civilian mass murder with a parade on that hallowed ground.  It’s a Hitler-holding-a-Trump-style-rally-in-front-of-Auschwitz kind of evil.  The only difference is a matter of scale. 

The depths of Putin’s depravity know no bounds, and as long as he is in power, and his generals continue to follow his unlawful orders, it’s only going to get worse as he continues to up the genocidal ante.  From the Mariupol 300, to the 9/11 World Trade Center 3,000, to the  Cambodian killing fields of 1 million, to the holocaust 6 million, we are ascending the genocidal bell curve. We remain on the upswing.  We are trending in the wrong direction.   It’s time to flatten the curve, then reverse it.

“Russian Ragnarok” by Kyiv Artist Alexander Nikityuk

The time has come for the Russian generals, colonels, captains, sergeants, and intelligence officers to arrest and perp-walk Putin the 1.3 kilometers from the Kremlin to Lubyanka Prison and then turn him over to the International Criminal Court at the Hague where he must stand in the dock and be tried for his war crimes.  Where is your honor, your humanity you Russian officers?  It’s time to roll your tanks, attack helicopters, and Spetnaz troops not into Ukraine, but into Moscow.  It’s time to release the kraken of the Moscow brigades and direct it at the Kremlin.

Putin is insane.  The sooner you all see it, acknowledge it, reject his propaganda, and grow a pair of balls, the sooner Russia will be able to return to peaceful co-existence with the rest of humanity.  If you Russian men won’t do it, it falls on the women of Russia.  That’s not going to be a good look for you guys. It’s up to you, Russian generals, and the Russian people. 

Putin’s Meatballs by Ukrianian Artist Max Muraskko (Balloons translate to: “Let’s kill some Ukrainians” and “I didn’t know it’d be like this!”

It is time for the takedown and arrest of Vladimir Putin.  Wise up, grow a pair, and stop enabling his insanity.  Your leader is abusing you psychologically, your soldiers physically in the meatgrinder of Ukraine, and your civilians physically on the streets of Moscow.

The first necessary step on the road to your salvation Russia people is recognizing and acknowledging that you are all victims of his abuse.  By continuing to accept Putin’s abuse as some kind of twisted Russian normal, and in your failure to act to stop it, you are enabling your abuser.