CRISPR Gene-Enhanced Ukrainian Soldiers Captured by Russia Will Die Without Continued Treatment if Not Returned

Russia Twists Gene Therapy Immunity Enhancements into Ridiculous Propaganda Narrative About Biological Weapons Labs

Russi Leaks CEO Demands Immediate POW Swap to Save The CRISPR Soldiers

Some Ukrainian soldiers who volunteered to participate in a CRISPR Enhancement program which provides strengthened immune system defense through gene therapy against various weaponized viral agents that an enemy might deploy against them on the battlefield, have been captured by Russia in Ukraine. And, Russia, instead of just asking America and Ukraine what’s up with the modified genes, Russia is trying to twist the truth and turn it into some kind of propaganda victory to demonize Ukraine and the west as if we’re producing biological weapons in Ukrainian labs to use against the Russian people. Russia must immediately return these soldiers to Ukraine or the US because their health is being compromised without on-going treatment. These solders will certainly die unless their treatment is continued. For those of you willing to do a deep dive on what CRISPR science is all about, the definitive book by “Biotechnologies for Gene Therapy: RNA, CRISPR, Nanobots, and Preclinical
” by Yang H. Yun and Kristine E. Yoder. Here are a few relevant and telling quotes from the Preface:

“Gene therapy for many investigators is an amazing technological platform for developing novel therapies against life-threatening diseases that are previously untreatable using traditional pharmaceuticals. It is highly unfortunate that controversies and ethical concerns also have been associated with gene therapy. As an example, the discovery of CRISPR-Cas9 and its application as a genome-editing tool has been transformative. It allows investigators quickly and more efficiently to modify genes which is invaluable for studying cellular functions and for developing therapeutics that addresses the underlying problems associated with diseases instead of treating their symptoms.”

We sincerely hope 2021 marks a turning point in gene therapy. The rapid development of novel vaccines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented. As of September 27, 2021, over 390 million doses of both mRNA and adenoviral vaccines have been administered in the USA alone. In addition to showing efficacy of greater than 94% for mRNA vaccines and protection against the delta
variant, monitoring the safety of these vaccines has resulted in only rare cases of anaphylaxis. Once our global society recovers from the deaths due to COVID-19, we hope these exceptional achievements will be celebrated, mRNA vaccines will be recognized as the first therapeutics based on a non-viral gene therapy to be widely administrated in a clinical setting, and gene therapy will once again inspire other
therapeutic advancements. While the vaccines against COVID-19 appear to be a resounding success, other diseases could benefit from advancements in gene therapy. The purpose of this book is to highlight some of the latest developments and applications of RNA, CRISPR, and DNA to treat diseases ranging from cancers to degenerative disorders.”

So, just to wrap up the CRISPR gene therapy primer and its benefits to all of mankind, like, without it millions and possibly billions of humans would have perished from COVID-19, stop with the fear mongering and ridiculously fake science.

Now that you have been duly informed Russia of the nature and motivation behind these soldier’s altered DNA that you’ve been finding, if you don’t return them immediately and they die because of your depraved indifference, or because you value their exploitation for propaganda purposes over their lives, you be guilty of murder and fraud, and will be subject to not just criminal liability at the Hague, but civil liability in hundreds of millions of dollars from the bereaved families of your victims. Don’t go there Russia. My God, you’ve already got enough blood on your hands. Hundreds of Ukrainian children? Tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers dead, a devastated hellscape in Mariupol and elsewhere. And now you’re going to pile on the layers of evil and butchery with this cruel denial of medical treatment for propaganda exploitation?

These soldiers are not monsters, as is being depicted by the Russian disinformation and propaganda machine. Your LEADERS are the monstors. These Ukrainians are brave soldiers willing to take the personal risk for the benefit it may bring to not just Ukrainian soldiers, or to US soldiers, but eventually, even to Russian soldiers and the Russian people and to all mankind. Advances in defenses against emerging viral agents and epidemics are to be lauded in this COVID age, not demonized.

The CRISPR research involves the modification of certain DNA to strengthen the body’s natural immune system as a defense against weaponized viral agents known to be in the Russian viral and bacteriological weapons inventory, and are also being developed in the labs of other terrorist states and terrorist groups.

In that vein, this gene therapy is SUPPOSED to be beneficial, as a DEFENSE against chemical and viral weapons BANNED by the Geneva Convention. It’s not an offensive capability. So, just stop the bullshit Russia and do the right thing. It costs you literally NOTHING to do the right thing and return these POWs and save their lives. It’s time you stopped basking in the glow of your evil, stop writing For the Children on your missles aimed at civilian train stations, stop bleeding for Putin and the Peds, and start performing some small acts of mercy to prove to the rest of the world you haven’t morphed somehow into soulless lizards from hell, bereft of all humanity.

So, the WHOLE truth, is that yes, there really are gene-modified Ukrainian soldiers who have volunteered to be guinea-pigs in this US program gene theraphy experimental program but there are no biological weapons production labs or facilities in Ukraine run by the USA. We don’t know about any US soldier volunteers, but if we hear anything on that we’ll report it. Were I to hazard a guess, I would think so but we don’t know yet.

So, just to be clear, these Ukrainian soldiers aren’t monsters, or super-soldiers, like Russia is saying. They are just soldiers willing to risk their health to protect their fellow soldiers from Russian weaponized viruses, or those deployed as weapons of mass terror in civilian populations by terrorists, weapons which are known to exist in the Russian military and GRU arsenal and state terrorist labs in certain countries.

Give it a rest Putin and all you Putin yes-men over in Russia and on the battlefield in Ukraine. Just do the right thing, return the CRISPR POWs to Ukraine for medical treatment. That would be one small step toward a cease fire, a truce, an end to this god-forsaken evil war, and one giant leap for mankind.