Teach Them to Be Fishers of Migs and Send in the F-35s

By John Liccione | April 7, 2022

Opinion by John Liccione Stop talking about the Damn Migs:  Train and Equip Ukrainian Pilots on the F-35, F-16, and Patriot and They Will Close The Skies for Themselves Why are we still talking about old Soviet-era Migs in Poland as hand-me-downs for the Ukrainian Air Force when at the pinnacle of the arsenal of…

“They Took March From Us”

By Agatha Kraytser | April 7, 2022

Says  “Agatha,” a 19-year-old Kyiv college student. Russi Leaks herein publishes, unedited, this letter written today to us by “Agatha,” a 19-year-old Kyiv college student, after yet another day of Russian bombardment that was supposed to have ceased, according to Putin and his generals.  From Agatha’s letter, Putin and his sycophants’ statements are just so…

Russia House Has Fallen and So Has Chornobaivka

By John Liccione | April 7, 2022

Poof! And Just Like That, Russia House Restaurant in DC is Gone, The Russians Flee From Chornobaivka Aerodrome, and the World Awaits Putin’s Perp Walk to Lubyanka Prison. Part 3 in the Russi Leaks Series: “The  Fall of the House of Russia” Upon walking past the corner of Connecticut Ave NW and Florida Ave in…

The Ukrainian Spring is Here 

By John Liccione | April 7, 2022

The Kinetic Arsenal of Democracy is Just Getting Started While Our Arsenal of Ideas Is Killing It As the Ukrainian military picks at the carcass of the retreating Russian army around Kyiv after Putin’s abject failure to blitzkrieg-topple the Zelensky government, it is worth noting the scope and scale of Russia’s defeat not only on…

Russia Fail: RussiLeaks Flips the Script on Russian PsyOps

By John Liccione | March 24, 2022

31-Hour Response Time Clocked in “Angels and Demons” Failed Russian PsyOps Counter-Attack by John Liccione Thirty-one hours. That’s how long it took the Russian disinformation warfare/psyops team focused on Ukrainian society and social media to detect, react, and respond with a counter-attack on Telegram against Ukrainian artist Alexander Nikityuk’s latest biting piece of caricature art…

“Jesus says there’s no greater love than giving one’s life…”

By pwsadmin$ | March 16, 2022

Archibishop  Borys Gudziak’s Sermon at the White House prayer vigil for fallen Ukrainian heroes on March 13, 2022 John Liccione Russi Leaks  During a moving prayer vigil at the White House commemorating fallen Ukrainian heroes this Sunday, the haunting Ukrainian lament Plyve Kacha Po Tysyni (The Duckling Swims) played mournfully as the crowd knelt and…

White House Vigil for Ukrainian Fallen Heroes

By John Liccione | March 14, 2022

John Liccione, Russi Leaks A solemn and moving vigil for Ukraine’s fallen heroes was held in front of the White House this afternoon under Ukrainian and American flags that were billowing beautifully in a strong wind as the sun shone brightly down on this beautiful crowd which ranged from the very young up to the…

Kobzar Grenade by Ukrainian Artist Anton Sky, Kobzar was an itinerant Ukrainian bard.

Putin’s Ukrainian Grenade | The Fall of the House of Russia Part 2

By John Liccione | March 10, 2022

By attacking Ukraine and by doing so with such stark brutality, inhumanity and evil, Putin has pulled the pin on the grenade that is Ukraine and that grenade is going to be the literal death of him. The only question is: What’s the delay on the timer? After the US Flag was planted on Russia House…

Facebook is Still Fighting the Last Information War – And Losing

By John Liccione | March 9, 2022

An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO John Liccione,  Russi Leaks Mr Zuckerberg: I recently interviewed St  Paul’s Episcopal parish Deacon Ethan Bishop-Henchman outside the Ukrainian Embassy in DC last Tuesday where he gave a pitch-perfect 15-second takedown of Putin calling him out as having “weaponized Christianity for violence” against the Russian LGBTQ community,…

Russian Major-General Svetlana Petrenko

Russian Neo: Who shall be “The One”

By John Liccione | March 7, 2022

Part 1 in Russi Leaks’ Investigative Series on who will be the world’s “Russian Neo” savior Russi Leaks believes that one single honorable Russian with a Putin secret will change the world. Our mission is to find her. Yes, our prediction is that it will be a woman since it appears no male Russian military or…

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