Putin’s Ukrainian Grenade | The Fall of the House of Russia Part 2

Kobzar Grenade by Ukrainian Artist Anton Sky, Kobzar was an itinerant Ukrainian bard.
Kobzar Grenade by Ukrainian Artist Anton Sky, Kobzar was an itinerant Ukrainian bard.

By attacking Ukraine and by doing so with such stark brutality, inhumanity and evil, Putin has pulled the pin on the grenade that is Ukraine and that grenade is going to be the literal death of him. The only question is: What’s the delay on the timer?

After the US Flag was planted on Russia House in DC last week, a symbolic land grab by what appears to have been Ukrainian‑speaking protestors with anti‑Putin posters (see video below from our Part 1 article), I was given a personal tour of the beautiful Ukraine House by its young Director, Marianna Falkova, She walked me through the inspiring and patriotic art and photography, much of which shows the fighting spirit and humanity of the Ukrainian people and their unique ethnic culture. I was struck by how similar the spirit of Ukraine, as shown in its patriotic and moving art, is so much like American values. This Kobzar grenade painting by Ukrainian artist Anton Sky was a real eye‑catcher. Kobzar was an itinerant Ukrainian bard who sang to his own accompaniment, played on a multi‑stringed bandura or kobza, per Wikipedia.

By finally revealing his evil designs on Ukraine that Russi Leaks has good reason to believe he hatched nine years ago in 2013, Putin has pulled the pin on the Kobzar grenade and the end‑game is rapidly approaching in which Putin’s arrest or violent overthrow will usher in a democratic revolution that will result in the ultimate election of Russia’s first democratically elected leader since Boris Yeltsin.

Russi Leaks predicts that Putin’s arrest or overthrow will occur within the next 90 days and that the tipping point will be a Russian woman with a Putin secret that when revealed will so shock the Russian people and military, that it will trigger the Russian generals, colonels, or those in the Russian Justice Ministry to arrests or take out Putin over an enraged sense of honor and a duty to the people of Russia. If you don’t think this is possible, I’d suggest your read Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

It’s going to happen within the next 90 days. We have almost reached the tipping point. We’re just one dirty little Putin secret away and once exposed, Putin’s Kobzar grenade explodes, resulting in The Takedown of Vladimir Putin and the Fall of the House of Russia.

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