The Fall of the House of Russia-Part 1

Ukraine Defeats Russia in American Mind Space in First Battle on US Soil

Russia House Restaurant on Connecticut Ave NW in Washington DC With US Flag Flying Over it

Russia House, a restaurant in DC with a whole lot of symbolism that’s an empty, lifeless shell having been closed due to COVID, was attacked, vandalized, and the US flag was planted on its Connecticut Ave NW façade by unidentified individuals last night. Anti-Putin Posters were zip-tied to the front railing with various Ukrainian epithets including the now-famous Ukrainian rallying cry coined by the heroes of Snake Island: “Putin – Go F*** Yourself.” That and other posters containing even more interesting and subtle content were removed by the owner of Russia House – who is not Russian, ironically, after the vandalism was recorded by the Metro Police this morning.

In stark contrast, just up Connecticut, Ukraine House, the beautiful, thriving Ukrainian cultural center on Kalorama Rd NW, was adorned in a different way, not with vandalism, but with beautiful posters from unidentified individuals written in English featuring beautiful sunflowers, expressions of love and support for Ukraine. Across the Ukraine House fence are draped blue banners in Ukrainian celebrating, ironically, 30 years of its independence from Russia.

Ukraine House DC

RussiLeaks Actual visited both Houses today and the difference couldn’t have been more striking. Russia House, an empty, soulless shell of a former restaurant, devoid of life, serving no societal good whatsoever, and the breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring Ukraine House. Ukraine House had yours truly all choked up as I was given a personal tour by the kind and expressive Ukraine House Director, Marianna Falkova who frequently checked her Apple watch nervously so she wouldn’t miss a check-call with her parents back in Ukraine. There are so many stories she told me about the Ukrainian people’s fight for freedom that I had never heard before. I was incredibly inspired. It reminded me of the memes of our owned American Revolution and just drove home to me emotionally how much we have in common with the Ukranian people and their struggles for freedom against tyranny. Their stories are told in Ukraine House in a breathtaking multitude of pictures, cultural artwork, recounting the Maiden and Orange Revolutions that brought about democratic change to the former Soviet Block nation.  More of the story coming in The Fall of the House of Russia Part II. Watch this space.