Russi Leaks is in the House: Ukraine House DC

John Liccione | Russi Leaks Actual

a speaker in a long, black suit, standing at a glass podium stand

I had the honor of getting a personal tour of Ukraine House DC on March 2nd where I’ve already reported on how inspiring Ukraine House and the art and stories it contained were to me, particularly the emotional stories told to me by Director Marianna Falkova. Marianna snapped this picture of me at the podium situated between the American and Ukrainian flags backed by various photographs from the Ukrainian Maiden Revolution. That’s Marianna’s reflection on the screen behind me. My article posted yesterday contained a linguistic primer on the “Glory to Ukraine”, “Glory to the Heroes” patriotic call and response containing Marianna’s voice instructing the listener on how to say it properly to any Ukrainian as a way to lift their spirits. I provide the link to that video micro‑lesson here again here. It’s time to bone up on your basic Ukrainian America and engage the Ukrainian people directly as US citizens sharing a common love for democracy and freedom with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Слава Україні! Героям слава!