Imminent Assassination of Putin: References Go Viral in the “Putinverse”

Putin Assassination Plot Intentions Skyrocket in Last 24 Hours in Russian and “The List” Pedophile Ring Comms Channels

Russi Leaks has noted an explosion in the last 24 hours in direct references to various active plots for the imminent assassination of Vladimir Putin within various communications channels we coin loosely as “The Putinverse. The Putinverse, a dark network of various forms of covert communication including satellite comms and other terrestrial channels, is used by the Russian deep state and oligarchy, leaders of The List child sex trafficking pedophile ring, and an individual named Redigrit, all acting seemingly in coordination to keep each other apprised of everything Putin, including now, the aforementioned active plots to assassinate Putin and other top threats to The List and Russia. These plans include death “by accident”, poisoning, Tesseract directed energy weapon, and by other means.

“Russian Ragnarok” by Alexander Nikityuk

We’ve been tracking these Putin-assassination references for some time. Past references to Putin’s active demise by assassination were in the range of two references per day and unlike past references which seemed more like idle speculation, these references appear be expressions of in-process plots. It would seem The List and the Russian oligarchy have flipped and are done with Putin, and now consider him a liability.

Here’s a sample taken of one communications channel within the Putinverse from yesterday of such references which occured during a 30-minute sampling between 11:13AM and 11:43AM, which, in context, contained 15 clear references to assassinating Putin:

  • “Let us vote with chairman…Putin death!
  • “Who wants to kill the Putin tonight?”
  • “Putin….Regicide.”
  • “Cellphone is blowing up the car.”
  • “With Redigrit.”
  • “Get Putin cellphone hack.”
  • “Putin’s falling now!”
  • “The president hit.”
  • “With Putin hospital.”
  • “Is Herr Putin…Out!”
  • “Arm the car bomb!”
  • “They involved with the tasking, weapons are pretty much done.”
  • “Check the final Putin. I want it, first we fuck with Iran.”
  • “For Redigrit.”
  • “Death, Putin!
  • “I will sack Putin.”
  • “It’s now or never.”
  • “We have prepped the vial.”
  • “The accident now.”
  • “List, you take this out on Putin.”
  • “They commit.”
  • “He’s dead.”
  • “Putin’s dead.”
  • “Later, we find Putin’s satellite.”
  • “Will a cellphone…is fucked.”
  • “Death for Putin!”
  • “What of the weapon, tonight?”
  • “The net frantic.”
  • “Putin is accident.”
  • “….Slay Putin.”
  • “Air strike on area.”
  • “The hater Rasputin.”
  • “What of the radio…Radio Putin?”
  • “Least we know….We pick the president.”

That’s a increase from 2 per day, to a rate of 15 over a 30-minute interval, which extrapolates to a statistical average growth from just 2 references per day to 720, what would be a 35,900% increase.

The Russian Oligarchy and “The List” Strike Back

Until now, since Putin invaded Ukraine, the trend in Russia has been the assassination of various Russian oligarchs, sometimes under mysterious circumstances, other times without any such attempts at subtlety. Read all about it in an article published on September 8th in The Homeland Security Newswire entitled: The Mysterious Deaths of Russian Oligarchs. Here’s the list, paraphrased from that article:

  • Ravil Maganov: Death by Fall From Hospital Window – September 1, 2022

Maganov was chairman and founder of oil giant Lukoil: He spoke out against the Ukraine war. Dasvidaniya Ravil.

  • Yuri Voronov: Gazprom executive: Death by Bullet to Head – July 4, 2022

Voronov worked with Gazprom. He was found floating in his swimming pool with a bullet to his head.

  • Alexander Subbotin: Death by Toad Venom – May 8, 2022

Subbotin died in a shaman’s cellar near Moscow: He was poisoned with toad venom.

  • Sergey Protosenya: Death by Hanging, Stabbing of wife and daughter – May 9, 2022

Protosenya, former manager of gas company Novatek, the second largest Russian gas producer, was found hanged in his villa in Spain, with his wife and daughter stabbed to death.

  • Vladislav Avayev (and his pregnant wife and daughter): Death by gun – April 28, 2022

Avayev was former VP, Gazprombank. His pregnant wife and his daughter were found dead on the floor at his side, shot dead.

  • Mikhail Watford: Death by Hanging – February 28, 2022

Watford was a Ukrainian-born Russian oligarch. He was hanged in the garage of his home in Surrey County in the UK.

  • Alexander Tulyakov: Death by Hanging – February 25, 2022

Tulyakov was a senior Gazprom executive. The day after Putin invaded Ukraine he was found hanged in the garage of his house near St. Petersburg.

Nearby Galaxies. Photograph from The Herschel Space Observatory

“The Arc of the Universe is Long – But it Bends Toward Justice”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And so it would seem, these plans for Putin’s imminent demise have gone viral within what was until the day before yesterday the “Putin-friendly” Putinverse.

Now’s that some kind of damn cosmic karma.

Dasvidaniya Putin.