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Russi Leaks is in the House: Ukraine House DC

By John Liccione | March 6, 2022

John Liccione | Russi Leaks Actual I had the honor of getting a personal tour of Ukraine House DC on March 2nd where I’ve already reported on how inspiring Ukraine House and the art and stories it contained were to me, particularly the emotional stories told to me by Director Marianna Falkova. Marianna snapped this…

The Fall of the House of Russia-Part 1

By John Liccione | March 3, 2022

Ukraine Defeats Russia in American Mind Space in First Battle on US Soil Russia House, a restaurant in DC with a whole lot of symbolism that’s an empty, lifeless shell having been closed due to COVID, was attacked, vandalized, and the US flag was planted on its Connecticut Ave NW façade by unidentified individuals last…

Kyiv is the Entree on Putin’s Menu at Russia House Restaurant

By John Liccione | March 3, 2022

Interview with Ukraine House Director Marianna Falkova on her take on the recent vandalism and protest posters placed at Russia House Restaurant in Washington DC. Intro to Video: I interviewed Ukraine House Director Marianna Falkova yesterday about the recent vandalism of Russia House in Washington DC.  She explains the Ukrainian slogans on the anti-Putin posters…

“A Single Honorable Russian With a Putin Secret…

By John Liccione | March 3, 2022

“A single honorable Russian with a Putin secret will change the world.  Our mission is to find her.”                   John Liccione  Russi Leaks Actual, Founder & CEO, Russi Leaks

Russi Leaks Loves Ukraine House

By John Liccione | March 2, 2022

This is Ukraine House as RussiLeaks came upon it last night in Washington DC.  It was beautifully lit up with with inspiring sunflower-adorned support posters on the front fence along Kalorama Rd NW in Northwest DC. RussiLeaks Loves Ukraine House!

Ukrainian Flag Flies in Front of French Statue of Liberty

By John Liccione | March 1, 2022

The Ukrainian flag anew in front of the Statue of Liberty backed by the flag of France at the French Ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC today.   Viva le Ukraine!  Viva le France!  Viva le Etas Unis!

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