“They Took March From Us”

Says  “Agatha,” a 19-year-old Kyiv college student.

“Russian Soldier Born, Lived, and Died Under Putin” by Alexander Nikityuk

Russi Leaks herein publishes, unedited, this letter written today to us by “Agatha,” a 19-year-old Kyiv college student, after yet another day of Russian bombardment that was supposed to have ceased, according to Putin and his generals.  From Agatha’s letter, Putin and his sycophants’ statements are just so much bullshit and they have long since forfeited any moral or legal claim to anything: Not on Ukraine, not on its people, not on a seat at the table within the league of civilized nations, not on access to the world’s financial networks, not on the truth, and not to the Kremlin itself.  Russian people:  Tear down that Putin!  

Here is Agatha’s letter, untouched, raw, heartbreaking, just as it arrived in our inbox:

Dear Russi Leaks,

“I still wake up not from the alarm clock but from the explosions, which unfortunately cannot be snoozed. It is said that a person gets used to everything, but it is impossible to get used to it. No matter how hard I am trying, these sounds are scary every time. However, we are all trying to live. Today I decided to go to the supermarket for groceries, I do it every few days when there is no curfew. When I went outside, I was surprised that it was so warm, despite the light rain. Then I realized that almost April therefore the weather was like that. It still seems to me that it is February now and spring is just ahead. But March is almost over, they took March from us. The month when Kyiv seems to wake up after winter dormancy, people walk more, meet with friends and watch the city turning green. Thank God, the city is less calm now, but as always sirens can be heard. However, it hurts me to look at my city. It’s like a ghost town. The streets are empty, people can be counted on the fingers. Many people have left the city, many are hiding in bomb shelters. I really want to believe that they will not take away our spring completely. I want to see Kyiv as I know and love it, green, noisy, cheerful and free, again.

My story

Isn’t exciting, it’s just my feelings.”