Russia House Has Fallen and So Has Chornobaivka

Poof! And Just Like That, Russia House Restaurant in DC is Gone, The Russians Flee From Chornobaivka Aerodrome, and the World Awaits Putin’s Perp Walk to Lubyanka Prison.

Part 3 in the Russi Leaks Series: “The  Fall of the House of Russia”

Russia House Restaurant in DC is Gone as of April 1, 2022

Upon walking past the corner of Connecticut Ave NW and Florida Ave in DC last night, I just happened to look up from my cell phone and poof!  Russia House Restaurant in DC is no more.  The bright red awning with the huge “Russia House” on it and the vertical red banner have both been stripped away and the old menus are stripped from the railings out front.  

Back on March 2nd, Russi Leaks ran a story entitled “The Fall of the House of Russia – Part 1” where we told the story of how the vacant Russia House Restaurant had been vandalized and anti-Putin posters had been tacked to the railings.  That story, and the subsequent video clip of the description of the protest poster entitled “Putin’s Menu” with Kyiv on it as the entree, was watched by over 150,000 people.  Here’s that video again if you missed it.

On March 9th, just five days after the first article, we predicted, in “The Fall of the House of Russia Part 2” at the very end of the article, “The Takedown of Vladimir Putin and The Fall of the House of Russia” within the next 90 days.  We are now at T minus 66 days until our predicted Putin takedown. 

“The Ukrainian Kobzar Grenade”

That article, entitled “Putin’s Ukrainian Grenade,” is here if you missed it.

The Domino of Our Imagination

The first domino to fall is in our minds:  It is the domino that is the human imagination.  Now, having imagined and declared the possibility of a world without Vladimir Putin in it, at least not as a free man in control of Russia, we have overcome this first hurdle – a mental hurdle – but a powerful one. That domino has now tipped over. Next to go are the symbols of his power and in Washington DC, the Russia House Restaurant, long since vacant since COVID but still flying the Russia House bright red brand somewhat proudly and defiantly, has now fallen without a whimper.

The  Mythical Battle of Chornobaivka – Where Russians go to Die

Next to fall are Putin’s armies who are now in tactical retreat.

“Zetris – Made in Cornobaivka,” by Kyiv Artist Alexander Nikityuk

They are rapidly abandoning their positions after their assault on Kyiv has utterly failed and Ukraine has begun its counter-attack in earnest.  After 12 seperate counter-assaults at Chornobaivka Aerodrome, the Russians have lost many attack helicopters on the ground, their commander at Chornobaivka, Lieutenant General Yakov Rezanstev, is dead, and the Russians have abandoned the airfield and fled.   Chornobaivka has now become a mystical place in Ukrainian lore and it is spoken of as a kind of Bermuda Triangle where Russians go to die.  The above artwork by Kyiv cartoon artist Alexander Nikityuk entitled “Zetris – Made in Chornobaivka” captures the essence of the Ukraine’s counter-attacks on the aerodrome where they stacked up Russian dead and weaponry like so many Tetris blocks.

Ukraine’s Jimmy Doolittle-Style Daring Helicopter Assault on Fuel Depot Inside Russia

MI-24 Attack Helicopters (Stock photo Getty Images)

Yesterday, it has been widely reported and confirmed that for the first time, in a aerial assault reminiscent of Lt  Colonel Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25 air raid on Tokyo, Ukrainian attack helicopters have flown over the Russian border and attacked a fuel depot in Belgorod.  Now that’s some kind off ballsy.  Well beyond the logistical impact this fuel depot assault will have on Russian operations inside Ukraine, the psychological impact will have an immediate, asymmetrical ripple effect on the psyches of the Russian military and the Russian people as the Russian Motherland, for the first time since Hitler’s Luftwaffe in WWII, has been attacked from the air by a foreign power.  It is somehow fitting that, of all aircraft, it would be their own MI-24 HIND attack helicopters now flown under the Ukrainian flag by Russian-speaking Ukrainian pilots.

Things are only going to accelerate from here as the west pushes anti-ship missiles, air defense systems, switch-blade attack drones, attack helicopters, Migs, and more Stingers and Javelins into the hands of these fierce Ukrainian fighters and pilots who will wreak further mayhem on Putin’s armor, soldiers, and aircraft.

The Perp Walk to Lubyanka

The Perp Walk Route from the Kremlin to Lubyanka Prison (Google Maps)

The final domino to tip will be the mental barrier caused by fear in the mind of a single still-honorable Russian in a position of power in Moscow.  It may be a Spetznaz commander, a justice minister, a commander of a Moscow tank brigade or attack helicopter or Mig squadron, or maybe a senior intelligence officer.  That day is rapidly approaching and when that domino tips, the Kremlin will fall – from within.  Putin, if he doesn’t eat his own gun or is not executed outright, will be perp-walked the 1.3 kilometers from the Kremlin to Lubyanka prison.  

The world, and in particular, the Ukrainian people, need to see that perp walk Mother Russia.  And so do your own people who have been hoodwinked by this evil dictator.  

Here’s the map from Google showing the route Komrades.  

Just follow the map and save the world.