Jenny-Gate Scandal Exposed by Tampa Bay Times in Pinellas County Democratic Party Congressional Race

Pinellas Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Griffith Caught by Times Reporter Defaming Democratic Candidate for Congress John Liccione

In his October 29th Tampa Bay Times article entitled “Pinellas Dems decline to recognize candidate challenging Luna reporter William March described how Party Chair Jennifer Griffith told him that John Liccione is guilty of moral turpitude as grounds for denying him Party support, yet she offered no proof and instead tried to shift the burden of proof to the Times to dodge accountability. March wasn’t having any of it. “She referred to ‘moral turpitude language’ …and said information about the reasons was covered in a story in the Tampa Bay Times,” March wrote, stating that: “Charges (against Liccione) were dismissed and expunged…”

John Liccione, Democratic Candidate for Congress

“This is not the first time that Griffith has acted to torpedo my candidacy against Anna Luna: It’s just the first time she’s done it publicly outside of Democratic Party meetings”, says Liccione. “This has been going on covertly for four months since I declared my candidacy on June 28th. Griffith has declared open, unrestricted dis-information war on me in a contested primary which is a direct violation of the DNC and Florida Democratic Party by-laws. It’s also a direct violation of the Democratic candidate non-disparagement oath she took upon assuming office. I don’t know yet how far up the Democratic Party leadership this “Jenny-Gate” scandal goes but I’ll be contacting Florida Party Chair Nikki Fried and DNC Chair Jamie Harrison and will be asking them what they knew and when they knew it.”

“I call on the Democratic Party to remove Griffith from office for abuse of power, defamation of a Democratic candidate who is a disabled domestic violence survivor suffering from PTSD, and for covering up her malfeasance. I call on my Party to reverse its decision to cancel me in a compromised vetting process. In defaming me in public declaring she’s denying me all Party support while supporting my worthy Democratic opponents, Griffith is now publicly aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin and the re-election campaigns of his treasonous sock-puppets Donald Trump, Anna Luna, Matt Gaetz, and the rest of the gutless Putin-Trump knee-benders in the GOP’s sedition caucus that I’ve been relentlessly attacking since May in my RussiLeaks exposé entiled “Putin-Puppets Gone Wild.”

John Liccione’s (2nd) Ex-Wife Moea Goron-Futcher and Jennifer Griffith

“I can guarantee that after having launched RussiLeaks with my own life savings in 2022, after giving my fiery “Putin is a Pedophile” speech into the cameras at the gates of the Russian embassy last July, and after publishing my book: “The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump,” that Putin, Trump, Luna, and Gaetz see me as their worst possible enemy in their respective 2024 races and in the Kremlin. Griffith is aiding and abetting the enemies of American democracy and the enemies of Pinellas County residents by torpedoing the one candidate that is seen by Putin, Trump, and Luna as most likely to defeat her in a 20-point landslide in the 2024 general election.”

A Male Domestic Violence Survivor on Disability for PTSD due to Russian Poisoning

Liccione is a male domestic violence survivor who has weathered 4 rounds of battery and chemical assault from heavy-metal poisoning since 2013, all of which he ultimately attributes to Russia due to the executive position he held at Tenable running their DOD cybersecurity software supply-chain contract (called ACAS) between 2013 and 2015. He provided the toxicological proof and medical records to William March last week and another Times reporter back in September. He suffers from chronic PTSD because of it and is on Social Security disability he intends to come off of once elected. He is a strong advocate for survivors of domestic violence and child sex trafficking. His stated mission, to put “Kids First, Above All Else,” is backed by his proposed Strategic Child Defensive Initiative (SCDI) Act of 2025. He proposes an initial $25B investment for R&D and nationwide roll-out to develop and deploy creative high- and low-tech solutions to end the mass murder of children in our schools with defensive systems, and to offensively interdict and eliminate child sex trafficking: Without violating the well-regulated 2nd Amendment rights of legal gun owners or the privacy rights of American citizens.

“I am running for Congress to save children and democracy in Florida and America and to give a voice to the millions of survivors of domestic violence, mass school shootings, and child sex trafficking, many of whom have been silenced by their abusers, some forever,” says Liccione. “I’m also going to work to beat back these fascist DeSantis attacks on the voting and civil rights of our most vulnerable citizens and work to solve sky-high Florida insurances costs. I will not be silenced, bullied, or defamed by the likes of Vladimir Putin, Jennifer Griffith, or anyone else in what has now been exposed by the Times as what I’ll refer to as “Jenny-Gate:” A conspiracy carried out within the Party hierarchy that’s been exposed by Times reporter William March and Griffith’s open declaration of war.”

“Nobody puts this Italian-American USAF veteran in the “Bernie Corner” like the DNC and its chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did to Bernie Sanders in 2016. Bernie was too nice, and that scandal got Trump elected. Now the Democratic Party is repeating the same recipe-for-disaster strategy in this race at a moment in history where American and global democracy and civil rights haven’t been in such peril since Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo attacked the world’s democracies in World War II.”

“The Pinellas and Florida Democratic Party should be a safe space for all candidates, regardless of their background, experiences, gender, or disability,” says Liccione. “Especially for those who bear a record of no criminal convictions who are disabled domestic violence survivors.

“No-one, let alone a privileged white female in a position of power in the Democratic Party leadership who claims to be a progressive, should EVER be publicly victim shaming, blaming, and defaming a domestic violence survivor just because the victim is a man and the abuser was a pretty, privileged white woman who looks like her.”

“Griffith’s attempts to silence and defame me and to shift the burden of proof to the Tampa Bay Times in a pitiful dodge is a disgrace to the Democratic Party and an insult to all survivors of domestic violence.”

Here is my “Putin is a Pedophile” Speech at Russian the Embassy on July 18, 2022


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