Intensified Russian Directed Energy Nuclear Radiation Attack From Above at Oregon’s Fishhawk Lake

Attacks Increase 6-Fold in Intensity and Duration Over Previous October 30th Portland Attack: Scientific Readings Captured on Video

In what was the second nuclear radiation attack in as many days focused on me from above in a tight beam by Vladimir Putin’s “Tessenauts”, my road trip to the serene Fishhawk Lake an hour and a half northwest of Portland today was marred by yet another unexpected attack from above that dwarfed the previously reported October 30th attack in eastern Portland. Watch the short (11-minute) video documentary which captured the peak of the attack at the Lake and my getting under cover along with an intro and some commentary on the events of the day. While the intensity of the Portland attack measured 6 micro-Sieverts her hour (µSv/hr) at its zenith and arrived in bursts lasting perhaps as long as one minute at most, today’s attacks at Fishhawk Lake spiked to levels reaching 41.6 µSv/Hr and were executed in a persistant rolling wave that spanned as long as 6 or more minutes at a time, and the Russians would not stop firing their focused radiation beam at me until I sought cover under the tree canopy where my car could no longer be sighted from Putin’s satellites.

Video Documentary of Fish Hawk Lake Russian Nuclear Radiation Attack, November 1, 2022 (11 minutes)

Mostly Clear Western Skies Afforded Visual Targeting From Space

Over Fishhawk Lake

It appeared that the mostly clear skies to the west at Fishhawk Lake this afternoon gave the Russians their first clear line of sight to me in Oregon since I arrived late Saturday night, and of my car, as seen from their space weapons platform. They really nailed me hard while I was out in the open on the dam at the south end of the lake. I was able to break lock on their weapon’s tracking capability by moving under tree canopies or waiting until the skies became heavily overcast before driving away. As you can see in the video, the radiation intensity was literally off the chart as the detector chart’s y-axis topped out at 10 µSv whereas the radiation spike peaked 400% higher than it could display and all the largest spikes were severely clipped off.

The Nuclear Radiation Detector

Huazhong Model TC-8500 Nuclear Radiation Detector in My Cupholder

For those techies who care, my radiation detector is a Model TC-8500 Nuclear Radiation Detector manufacured by the Chinese company Huazhong. It measures gamma, beta, alpha, and x-ray radiation. The only thing missing is it doesn’t let you download the data off it via USB or Bluetooth/WiFi. At least, if it does, it’s a total mystery to me since there’s nothing in the (poorly translated into English) manual about downloading the collected data from the USB port. That’s a glaring omission Huazhong engineers. Get me an App for that tout suite please with a firmware update. I’m giving you free advertising so it’s the least you can do.

Playing Cat and Mouse on The Drive Back

As I drove back to Portland I noticed that whenever I came out from under the tree canopy and was visible from the western sky for more than 10 seconds, my detector would begin spiking again, albiet to levels lower then at the lake, such as to 1 to 2 µSv/hr. And whenever I was shielded by the mountains, hills, and trees immediately off the right shoulder of the road as I drove south, the radiation dropped to normal background levels immediately. This fact pattern indicates an angled attack from the west. It was not coming from 12 O’clock high or from the eastern sky. There is no doubt, in my mind at least, that this weapon is in space and that it is slaved to real-time satellite imagery for tracking, aiming, and firing. The facts in hand as of today support no other conclusion, although I’m always open to alternate theories.

A tiny part of my brain wonders whether it might be possible that my own government is doing this, like, from a Predator drone. Getting radioactively droned by my own government…on US soil no less? Nah! I can’t imagine my government thinks I’m a threat to national security deserving of assassination, let alone in this manner, which if continued unabated will result in a slow painful death by either cancer or radiation sickness depending on how much worse it gets.

Putin Attribution – 100% Confidence

I’ve been asked by one of our Russi Leaks readers how it is that we know it’s a Russian weapon. While I won’t reveal specific sources or methods, I can say that have corroborating COMINT that places attribution squarely on Vladimir Putin himself. He’s literally calling the Tesser shots on me, specifically, from the Kremlin or his Sochi palace. The Russians call this weapon the Tesser or Tesseract, as we’ve reported several times since July. They call it’s operators Russian “Tessenauts.” We have COMINT with them talking about firing this named weapon…at me….by my own last name. Believe me., I know what the word “Liccione” (Li-chee-oh-nee) sounds like in a communications intercept even when spoken in Russian-accented English or in the middle of a conversation in full Russian through static and distortion. Let’s just say I have a trained ear. Thanks for that USAF. We also have further confirmation on Russian Tesser attacks on not just me but on other Americans in a sanctioned, exclusive un-classified “leak” from the US government. It may be that I am the first American civilian (non-US govt employee) target. Can you say “Havana Syndrome?” Read the recent CNN article detailing one such victim’s experiences. The references to hearing “clicking sounds” before being attacked? We’ve got that on numerous recordings and I know what those clicking sounds that victim and others have referenced actually are. (They’re not what you might think – That’s another expose’ in waiting.)

Dental X-Ray Comparison

To give you a sense of the nuclear radiation levels involved here, per the CDC, a typical dental x-ray machine delivers a 5 µSv radiation dose to the human head in the span of maybe one to five seconds, (if panoramic) than the x-ray machine turns off. In this case, I was getting hammered with a 5.0 – 41.6 µSv (per hour) continuous burst of ionizing radiation that was sustained over maybe 20-30 minutes and it would’ve gone longer if I didn’t duck and cover. We’ll be consulting with the physics department at my alma mater in College Park to do a deeper dive on this matter since my head is still aching from today’s events and I studied electrical engineering not nuclear. For reference here’s the CDC’s Radiation Thermometer Chart showing health effects from typical dosage events.

Countering the Threat: An AWOL US Space Command?

Unfortunately for me, with the dental x-ray down at the bottom of the table above, it appears Putin has no where to go but up on the CDC radiation death chart. Or, my preference would be for Putin to just knock it the f*** off. Or, if not that, there’s always US Space Command, ASAT, and Article 5 of the NATO charter. Hello? Are you listening?

More Footage Coming Soon

Watch this space for the rest of the documentary video footage from the Russian radiation attack from space at Fishhawk Lake.