Russian Directed Energy Weapon Attacks From Above Detected in Portland Oregon – Video Footage

Updated on 11/1/2022 with Video Footage of Attack

Dangerously High Sustained Ionizing Radiation Bursts Detected All Day Against American Citizen

Dangerously high sustained spikes in ionizing radiation were detected coming from a source clearly operating in the airspace or outerspace and aiming down at the east side of the greater Portland metropolitan area all day today. The amplitude and duration of these radiation attacks dwarfed those Russi Leaks News had previously detected in Washington DC in September, attacks we had reported to the FBI at the Washington field office. Process of elimination determined they were clearly coming from above, since driving or walking under interstate highway overpasses caused the radiation levels to drop quickly back to relatively low background levels. Re-emerging from under the overpasses resulted in the radiation levels spiking dangerously high again within seconds. Since no aircraft were immediately visible in the Portland skies during these attacks, basic logic dictates that they must have been coming from a high altitude or stealthed aircraft or from a space-based weapon.

Video Footage of Radiation Detector Spikes Captured

Ionizing Radiation Detector Records Russian Directed Energy Weapon Attack at I-205 Overpass on SE Foster RD, Portland Oregon on 10/30/22

The highest energy spikes of all occurred after the targeted victim (yours truly) exited his car and walked down Portland street sidewalks. The radiation spikes were captured on a hand-held ionizing radiation detecter and were video recorded. The still frame below from one of the videos shows the detector in my car with the red graph at the bottom showing a sustained burst of radiation lasting 60 seconds with two spikes: One at 3 micro-Sieverts per hour (µSv/Hr) and the second peak at over 6 µSv/Hr. That’s cancer-causing levels. The video was captured with my GoPro camera as well as my cell phone (before I ended up powering it down for safety reasons).

Ionizing Radition Detector Showing Red Spike Peaks at 3 and 6 µSv/Hr: Source – John Liccione, Portland Oregon

Radiation Spike Amplitude, Duration

The highest amplitude spike in radiation in DC had topped out at 1.44 µSv/Hr, at 2:49PM on September 12th, and was at a single fixed location (my DC apartment). In contrast, these Portland radiation attacks topped out at over 6.00 uSv/Hr, a four-fold escalation, and that burst lasted 60 seconds. Further, while that highest DC spike lasted a total of 25 seconds, and most DC spikes lasted less than 7 seconds, in contrast, todays’ Portland radiation attack pattern was a rolling attack that lasted several hours, was over a large metropolitan area, was carried out on a mobile human target both on-foot and in an automobile, and some of the attacks were sustained for a full minute or more and continued non-stop until I got under cover. The chart to the right shows that these levels of radiation are in the yellow “Danger: Relocate ASAP!” zone.

The Attack Pattern: Locate, Track, Lock, Fire, Maintaining Sustained Fire on Moving Target

The attack pattern is indicative of a directed energy weapon coupled with other real-time tracking technology that was tracking, locking on, firing, and was maintaining its lock and sustained radiation bursts on a moving human target, both while on-foot and while driving through Portland neighborhoods and on interstate highway (I-205) at speeds up to 65 MPH. While one might assume they were tracking my cellphone, some of these attacks were maintained while my phone was in airplane mode with location services off, and, eventually, with the phone completely powered down in exasperation.

Angled Attack from Above

By driving and walking and then stopping under I-205 concrete overpasses, I was able to definitively determine that the radiation beam was coming only from above and that the weapon was tracking and targeting me on foot and in my car as I drove and walked around Portland. Walking or driving and stopping under I-205 overpasses, then re-emerging, then walking or driving back under gave clues as to the attack vector. By slowly walking or driving under, then re-emerging, then going back under the overpass cover, I could determine that the angle of attack was not straight down but was coming out of the western sky, possibly at a 45-60 degree or angle given the depth of intrusion at ground level inside the overpass’ edge.

Russian Attribution: “The Tesser”

While Vladimir Putin likes to think this weapon gives him plausible deniability with his assassination targets and their governments, exposing this particular Putin secret is a matter of self-defense for yours truly. Publishing this expose’ outing Putin’s newest, escalating attack of an American citizen on US soil…again…serves to strip Putin of any such deniability. Communications intercepts obtained by Russi Leaks continue to indicate the Russians are behind these attacks on me (by actual name or codename – Lasagna) and that they were somehow using my phone, which I eventually turned off, after I had already started the day with location off, on WiFi only, then going into full airplane mode. It seems they used the phone to at least pinpoint my location generally before locking on to me and my car with this directed energy weapon aided by perhaps real-time satellite imagery. As reported before by Russi Leaks News, the Russians called this weapon “The Tesseract,” or “The Tesser” for short. We have been reporting on the Russian Tesseract directed energy weapon publically since July.

Putin’s Escalation and US Response

This is a 4-fold escalation in directed energy attack power and lethality, and a two- or more-fold escalation in attack duration by Putin. It smacks of desperation on Putin’s part. Russi Leaks News is obviously getting under his skin, particularly with our last two exposés: One on the Russian superyacht Titan being a floating locus of evil as a Russian espionage and child sex trafficking command center; the other outing Putin’s list of 300,000+ conscripts containing over 3,000 Crimean men. The Russians know I carry around an ionizing radiation detector. This is Putin’s way of telling me that the radiation beatings will continue and will intensify until I stop publishing his secrets. With his radiation attacks on me in now what is a second major US city, I think we’ve struck quite the nerve. Putin, by raining down cancer-causing directed radiation from above in what is likely in x-ray form, he surely doth protest too much. The response from the US government? That remains yet to be seen…or heard.