The List of Those Compromised by Putin-Trump, the Peds, & the Redigrits Grows to 99

See the Russi Leaks curated and correlated List of the Compromised with Annotated Footnotes in downloadable pdf as well as html.

Includes three top leaders at the NSA, two Tenable Founders, a Large Number of Judges and Clerks in the Maryland Judiciary all the way up to the Court of Appeals, two Maryland State Prosecutors, and few Federal Judges in the DC Region, and the Leadership at Luminis Health at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis – Plus Donald and Eric Trump, his Wife Lara and her father, several other high-level Trump Cabinet Members, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The List of the Compromised

The First 99

Version 1.0

July 26, 2022

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This list and its accompanying footnotes and descriptions serve to document The List of The Compromised, a list, as of this date, currently consisting of 99 individuals that have been working in federal, state, and county governments and in the Maryland medical system and other organizations in government and industry, that have been compromised by Vladimir Putin and The List pedophile child sex trafficking ring.  This list, in its current form, was provided to Russi Leaks by NATO intelligence sources in Russian Cyrillic, and was confirmed as authentic and accurate by a US Federal government source.  Given it was in Russian Cyrillic, these are the Americans that the Russians and List operatives themselves are saying and have documented that they have turned.  It has been judged authentic and accurate by NATO/US intelligence professionals, and by Russi Leaks.  It correlates in many instances with communications intercepts and recordings Russi Leaks has itself directly collected with its own sensors and recording equipment since as far back as September of 2013, 6 years before John Liccione covertly founded Russi Leaks in Florida.

 The footnotes provide detailed, correlated information about individuals who have conspired since as far back as 2013, to include Donald Trump himself, with Russian president Vladimir Putin and his underlings, the international pedophile and child sex trafficking ring known as The List, to attack Russi Leaks Founder John Liccione’s person in an attempt to compromise him in his role as DOD/DISA ACAS program manager and Tenable VP, to attack his job, his family including his two ex-wives and his 4 children, to rape them, to unlawfully seize his $1M home in Dayton, Maryland and to prevent its recapture by him through the legal system; to wrongfully incarcerate him for six months in 2017 and again for 6 days in 2019, to poison him, to irradiate his bones with an X-ray weapon called The Tesseract/Tesser, to remove him from his position as executive program manager on the DOD/DISA ACAS cyber-security program, and to effect the administrative theft, through extortion, fraud, and public corruption, of over $15M in Liccione’s property since 2018, the destruction of his public reputation and his ability to earn a living in his chosen field of cyber-security.  The court and prosecutorial officials in particular have prevented Liccione from seeking either civil or criminal justice in every single one of his cases brought in Howard and Carroll Counties, as well as in the US Federal District Court of Maryland during Trump’s presidency, in 2018.  Further, the three top officers at the National Security Agency, in particular, conspired to suppress and cover up evidence of child rape, gang rape, poisoning, and radiological attacks on Liccione in 2013, and the suppression of that evidence now for over three years that it has been in the NSA’s possession, and to quash Liccione’s conditional NSA job offers in 2021 and, also, possibly, his application to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for a section chief position in continuous monitoring.

The medical and IT professionals associated with Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis on this list are those who conspired to deny Liccione medical treatment while he was poisoned with heavy metals and was suffering from radiation-induced bone marrow damage in both of his feet on October 6 through 12, 2013.  They conspired to enable the hacking and possible tampering of Liccione’s AAMC medical records, criminally violating his HIPPA privacy rights by disclosing his medical information to a hostile foreign power to be used to assassinate him, the hacking of Liccione’s LogMeIn account in September/October of 2013 from an IP address registered to AAMC, which geolocated to 236 Main St, Annapolis, MD, 21401 (now a restaurant called Aqua al 2), and to illegally commit him to the Howard County psych ward without examining him, and under false pretenses.

The List of the Compromised – The First 99

1Stephen C. Bannon Trump White House Chief Strategist
2Reinhold R. PriebusTrump White House Chief of Staff
3Saulius Anusis Michigan GOP Politician, Chairman of Michigan GOP, Candidate for RNC Chair
4Miles Kwok Exiled Chinese oligarch, member of Trumps Club Mara Lago, AKA Guo Wengui
5Addison M. McConnell III Mitch McConnel, Senate Minority Leader
6Lindsey O. Graham US Senator from SC
7Michael Thomas van der VeenPhiladelphia Lawyer, Trumps 2nd Impeachment lawyer
8John Davey Judge, Prince Georges County, MD Circuit Court
9Herman K. Dawson Judge, PG County MD Circuit Court
10Peter K. Killow Judge, PG County MD Circuit Court
11Nicholas E. Rattal Judge, PG County MD Circuit Court
12Donald Trump 45th POTUS
13Eric F. Trump Son of Donald Trump
14Lara L. Yunaska Lara Yunaska Trump, wife of Eric Tump
15Robert L. Yunaska American Oligarch, Father of Lara Trump
16Bradley Parscale Trump Presidential Campaign, Senior Advisor, Data and Digital Ops
17Brian O. Walsh Partner, RedPrint Strategy, President, Future 45, SuperPAC Focused on Re-electing Trump
18Linda M. McMahon Trump SBA Administrator, Chairwoman America First Action, Pro-Trump SuperPAC
19Vincent K. McMahon Former Chairman/CEO WWE, Founder/Chairman Alpha Entertainment
20Paul M. Levesque Triple H Retired Wrestler, Business Exec, Trump Suppporter
21Mahasin El Amin Clerk of PG County Circuit Court
22Wayne A RobeyClerk of Howard County Circuit Court
23William W. Tucker[1]Administrative Judge, Howard County Circuit Court
24Mary M. Kramer[2]Judge, Howard County Circuit Court
25Timothy McCrone[3]Judge, Howard County Circuit Court
26Quincy L. Coleman[4]Judge, Howard County Circuit Court
27Stephanie Porter[5]Judge, Howard County Circuit Court
28Elizabeth Case Magistrate, Howard County Circuit Court
29Lara K. Weathersby Magistrate, Howard County Circuit Court
30Maurice C. Fraser[6]Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office, Unit Chief – General Crimes Unit 2019-present)
31Michelle D. Hotten Judge, MD Court of Special Appeals
32Stephen B. Gould[7]Judge, MD Court of Special Appeals
33Douglas R. M. Nazarian Judge, MD Court of Special Appeals
34Andrea M. Leahy Judge, MD Court of Special Appeals
35Michael W. Reed Judge MD Court of Special Appeals
36Christopher B. Kehoe Chairman of Maryland Judicial Ethics Committee
37Gregory Wells[8]Chief Judge, Maryland Court of Special Appeals
38Dan Friedman[9]Judge, Maryland Court of Special Appeals
39Donald E. Beechley[10]Judge, Maryland Court of Special Appeals
40Fred S. Hecker[11]Carroll County Circuit Court Administrative Judge
41Maria L. Oesterreicher [12]Carroll County Circuit Court Judge
42Richard R. Titus Carroll County Circuit Court Judge
43Brian L. DeLeonardo Carroll County Circuit Court Judge
44Jeffrey D. Moffatt Carroll County Circuit Court Administrative Magistrate
45Katherine Brewer Poole Carroll County Circuit Court Magistrate
46Pamela C. Alban Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court (appointed by Gov Larry Hogan)
47Michael E. Malone Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court (appointed by Gov Hogan)
48Robert Thompson Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
49Alison Asti[13]Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court 
50Stacey W. McCormack Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
51Richard R. Trunnell Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
52Mark W. Crookes Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
53Elizabeth S. Morris Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
54Kathleen M. Vitale Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
55Glenn Klavans[14]Administrative Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
56Donna M. Schaeffer Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
57Michael Wax Judge, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
58Althea M. Handy Judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court
59Sylvester Cox Judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court
60Philip S. Jackson Judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court
61Cynthia H. Jones Judge Baltimore City Circuit Court
62Paul Joseph Cucuzzella Judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court
63Julie Ensor Clerk of the Circuit Court, Baltimore County
64George C. Barnes[15]Deputy Director, National Security Agency
65Douglas S. Coppinger12 Brigadier General, USAF, Deputy Chief, National Security Agency, Central Security Service
66Paul M. Nakasone12General, US Army, Director, National Security Agency, Commander, US Cyber Command
67Saad Chaudhry[16]Chief Information Officer, Luminis Health, Annapolis, MD (Anne Arundel Medical Center)
68Sherry B. Perkins[17]PhD, RN, Member, Board of Directors, Luminis Health, Anne Arundel Medical Center
69Vladimir Demidov [18]ER Psychiatrist, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Deceased (Novachuck Poisoning)
70Daniel B. Paluchowski [19]Doctor, Emergency Medic ine Physician, Luminis Health, Anne Arundel Medical Center
71Harry S. Gill Sr. Director, GetInsured
72John C. Huffard[20]Co-Founder, Former President & COO, Tenable
73Ron S. Gupta[21](Gula not Gupta?) Co-Founder, former CEO, Chairman of the Board, Tenable
74Ryan K. Zinke Congressman Ryan Zinke, Former Secretary of the Interior under Trump
75Wilbur L. Ross Former Secretary of Commerce under Trump
76Cynthia A. Billingsley-Spencer As yet not identified
77Shanicua T. Butler Assisstant State’s Attorney, US Attorney’s Office DC
78Adam Styds As yet not identified
79Marcus Harris Sheriff, Howard County Maryland
80Rich H. Gibson Howard County State’s Attorney
81Robert. Lighthizer US Trade Representative under Trump, private attorney at 
82Sean Spicer Former Trump Press Secretary
83Andrew F. Puzder Former CEO CKE Restaurants – Trump Nominee for US Secretary of Labor
84Carl Ross Counsel to the US House of Representatives Committee on Ethics in Washington DC. Nominated by Trump as DC Superior Court Judge
85Stefan d. Davis Stephanie D. Davis, nominated by Trump to US Circuit Judge of US Court of Appeals for Sixth Circuit
86Joshua Felsen[22]Howard County State’s Attorney, Sits on MD Office of Attorney General Fraud and Corruption Task Force
87Devora V. Kirshner [23]Howard County Deputy Chief of SVU
88Benjamin S. Carson Served under Trump as Secretary of HUD, Neurosurgeon, Republican Candidate for President 2016
89Kimberly A. Vasco Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office Victim/witness advocate in SVU
90Danny Nguyen Trial Attorney, Criminal Division, US DOJ, Trump Nominated to DC Superior Court
91Roderick Young US District Judge, US District Court for Eastern District of Virginia
92John F. Kelly Trump White House Chief of Staff, Retired US Marine Corp General
93Anthony Scaramucci Former Trump Press Secretary
94Gary Cohn Chief Economic Advisor to Trump, COO Goldman Sachs, Vice Chairman of IBM since 2021
95Donald McGahn Trump White House Council
96Keith Schiller Trump Director Oval Office Operations, Former Director Security, Trump Org.
97Sebastian Gorka Britsh-Born Hungarian-American Media personality, military, intel, Former Deputy Asst to Trump in 2017
98George Sifakis CEO IdeagenGlobal, Assistant to Trump Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross
99Dina PowellDeputy National Security Advisor for Strategy for Trump

[1] Judge Tucker – Liccione case history:

-Dismissed Liccione’s multi-million dollar wrongful termination claim without holding hearing in Liccione v Glenn, et al, 2016.

-Presided over 2016 Goron-Futcher v Liccione Protective Order Rescindment Hearing, Rescinded PO: 1/9/17

-Dismissed with prejudice Liccione vs 5th Third Bank seeking damages for unlawful foreclosure, criminal exploitation of a vulnerable adult; no hearing held.

-Declared Liccione mentally incompetent & danger to others, 8/24/17, State of MD v Liccione, committed to Springfield Psych Hospital for 3 months; ruled not guilty after Goron-Futcher invoked spousal privilege, 20-minute bench trial, Expunged; Liccione’s house seized in unlawful foreclosure while committed and mentally incompetent, no lawyer, no notice given by Court in mental hospital, no legal guardian.  Judge Kramer and Judge Gelfman, and Judge Bernhardt (not on confirmed List yet) presided over Foreclosure case.

-Found in favor of Liccione in Goron-Futcher v Liccione defamation case, dismissed with prejudice due to the absolute litigation privilege, 2020

-After above case:  Issued over 15 orders ruling against Liccione since Defamation case dismissal in:   Liccione v Erdmann, et al Breach of Contract Case; Liccione v Erdmann et al Invasion of Privacy Case; Goron-Futcher v Liccione Defamation Shielding Motion in which expunged cases were not shielded;

-Refusal to grant motion changing venue to Anne Arundel County without stating grounds

-Refused to clarify Ruling

-Refusing to grant Liccione Motion for Summary Judgement or Default Against Robert Erdmann and Joshi and Merchant in HIPPA/Invasion of Privacy Case after 4 months since hearing.

[2] Judge Kramer threw Liccione’s foreclosure case, denied requested hearings, quashed all subpoenas, denied every motion, conspired during bench conference with attorneys Richard Hillman and Carl Somerlock to violate Liccione’s property rights in unlawful foreclosure seizure and sale: Captured by court microphone, The List Operatives inside the courtroom recorded and audible.  Judge Kramer’s statements prove she was engagiong in ex parte communications with Goron-Futcher’s (Somerlock) and Substitute Trustee (John Driscoll) lawyer Robert Hillman when she declared she knew about Goron Futcher’s horses.  Court of Special Appeals, those judges on this List, conspired to uphold unlawful foreclosure in Liccione v Driscoll Opinion.  Judicial commission refused to sanction Judge Kramer.

[3] Judge McCrone ruled against Liccione in each and every motion ever filed in divorce, and for every motion filed by Goron-Futcher’s lawyers in divorce (Erdmann, Somerlock, Allen Kruger).  Refused to enforce Final Divorce Judgement the one time Liccione filed to enforce it by awarding appellate attorney’s fees.  Just upheld by compromised Court of Special Appeals in 2022.

[4] Judge Coleman has just begun ruling against Liccione in multiple motions this past week.

[5] Judge Porter is newest Judge involved.  Russian operative Boris Sudodari communiucations just intercepted and recorded where he says a female judge in Howard County was going to “shame Liccione” in upcoming hearing.  Days later Judge Porter scheduled a hearing in 2-year-old foreclosure case, scheduled for 7/28/22.  Liccione will be filing to vacate foreclosure on grounds of fraud, mistake, irregularity, public corruption, intrinsic fraud on the part of Howard County Circuit Court judges and Clerk, and on the part of the Court of Special Appeals, due to compromise by Putin and The List pedophile child sex trafficking ring.  Motion to be filed 7/26/22, as well as a Motion to Recuse Judge Porter and a motion to change venue.

[6] Maurice Fraser refuses to prosecute Robert Erdmann for hacking Liccione’s psychiatric records at Joshi and Merchant in violation of HIPPA and the Maryland Confidentiality in Medical Records Act

[7] Judge Gould ruled against Liccione in upholding seizure of Liccione’s house in unlawful foreclosure while in mental hospital and legally declared mentally incompetent, no lawyer, no guardian, no notice by court or Plaintiff, no service of process.

[8] Judge Wells wrote Opinion upholding Judge McCrone’s refusal to re-open divorce on grounds of fraud, mental incompetency, incomplete Marital Settlement agreement, in Liccione & Goron-Futcher divorce.

[9] Judge Friedman ruled against Liccione and upheld Judge McCrone’s refusal to re-open divorce on grounds of fraud, mental incompetency, incomplete Marital Settlement agreement, in Liccione & Goron-Futcher divorce.

[10] Judge Beechley ruled with Judge Gould against Liccione in upholding seizure of Liccione’s house in unlawful foreclosure while in mental hospital and legally declared mentally incompetent, no lawyer, no guardian, no notice of foreclosure sale by the Court or by the Plaintiff, no service of process.

[11] Judge Hecker granted motion to transfer Liccione v Erdmann et al Breach or contract case to Howard County without holding hearing, without stating reason.  In expunged stalking case, Hecker just Liccione’s motion to void conditional waiver, opened a new case, charged Liccione $160, issued warrant for Liccione’s arrest because of unpaid bill, warrant quashed by US Federal Govt.


[12] Judge Oesterreicher, held ex parte PO hearing against Liccione in May 2019, denied right to appear, denied right to an attorney, refused to allow late-arriving attorney to present evidence & argument, granted 2 year PO on false allegation of stalking that never happened (stalking case was dismissed, expunged)

-Oesterreicher denied Liccione’s motion to shield PO on grounds that there was judicial finding of no stalking/dismissed.  Order GPS anklet tracking device place on Liccione for 6 months on bogus stalking charge in 2019.

[13] Judge Alison Asti: Recused herself from Liccione v Erdmann HIPPA/Invasion of Privacy case without stating reason and days later, Judge Klavans issues order transferring case to Howard County even though Erdmann and Kruger and Kruger law office is in Annapolis. Denies Liccione’s motion for clarification of his order.

[14] Judge Klavans granted Erdmann/Joshi motion to transfer Liccione v Erdmann et all HIPPA case to compromised Howard County Circuit Court in 2022, without stating grounds, even though Erdmann’s law office is in Annapolis, no hearing held, refused to clarify when moved to do so.

[15]NSA’s General Nakasone, George Barnes, and General Douglas Coppinger, all quashed/covered up Liccione’s Intel Report, audio recordings, and transcripts documenting the gang rape of Moea and Arielle Goron-Futcher (at 12 years old) by Putin and The List that were delivered to NSA general counsel’s office by Liccione’s lawyer in Sept 2019 and his PI Rick Stern in Oct 2019.  No call back from NSA.  Quashed Liccione’s 2 conditional job offers from NSA in December 2021 without stated reason.  Rick Stern now dead.

[16] Facilitated and/or covered up hack by Russia and The List of Liccione’s AAMC Medical Records in 2013 and 2021

[17] Sherry Perkins – Unknown as of yet what role she played in Liccione’s medical treatment and wrongful committement and hacking of medical records (2013, 2021), and his heavy metal poisoning in 2021.

[18] Vladimir Demidov illegally committed Liccione to Howard County Psych Ward for 10 days on direction of Vladimir Putin, while Liccione suffering from radiation bone marrow poisoning in foot bones and heavy metal poisoning.  About to be outed by Russi Leaks. 48 Hours after request for Interview with staff at AAMC, Demidov assassination by Putin and The List with Novachuck.

[19] Dr. Paluchowski’s role in conspiracy at AAMC against Liccione to be investigated.

[20] John (Jack Huffard) fired Liccione as Tenable VP and exec program manager for DOD/DISA ACAS program without stating reason on 3/12/15. Lost 177,550 Tenable stock options ultimately worth over $12M. Appointed by Trump to presidential commission on cyber-security.

[21] Ron S. Gupta believed to be transliteration typo for Ron S. Gula, Liccione’s former boss at Tenable, Tenable CEO. Liccione heard Ron Gula speaking with Dr. Vladimir Demidov in ER psych ward in which they agreed Liccione to be involuntarily committed on 10/8/13. 

[22] Refused to bring criminal charges against Robert Erdman in 2021 for criminal violation of HIPPA/MCMRA even though Erdmann admits to the crime, in writing, and in court.

[23] Devora Kirshner – Had Liccione arrested on false pretenses for trespassing in May of 2017 for attempting to peacefully get private meeting with State’s Attorney, as victim of spousal assault and attempted murder (heavy metal poisoning), and to turn over audio evidence of attempted murder from Sept 2013.  Covered up by Howard County Commissioner’s Office.  Passed false information on to prosecutor via email.  Record of criminal complaint against Goron-Futcher missing, case no. re-assigned.