The List of the Compromised: The First 66

Russi Leaks Publishes The List of the Compromised: Reveals The First 66 of the Many Compromised by Putin and The List Pedophile and Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Russi Leaks has obtained through NATO intelligence sources a Russian list of those who have been compromised by Vladimir Putin, Boris Sododari, Nazi Doctor Hans Kristoff, and The List pedophile and child sex trafficking ring. We judge this list to be: Accurate. To the extent those on Russi Leaks’ List of the Compromised wish to sue us for defamation, bring it. We look forward to compelling discovery on all your financial records and communications since 2013 as a defendant in your lawsuits.

The first 66 names on my shit list will be auto-published on a dead man’s trigger at at 9:52AM today. You all know who you are. These are just the first 66 names. These are only the first 66 Americans or other foreign nationals in this region in the US. These are just the first 66 in this part of the US. Just wait until we get to middle America, western America, France, Italy, the Vatican, the Netherlands, China, Israel, Syria, Iran, the Russian oligarchs and generals, the monarchs, and so on, and so on. Those are all on auto-publish dead man’s triggers too. Your only chance for any sort of clemency or redemption is to defect, resign, and to otherwise immediately turn yourself in to your local FBI or Interpol field office, or the Russian Ministry of Justice, or The Hague, or your own nation’s national police, turn state’s evidence, and start giving sworn testimony on the record to federal law enforcement. Defect, or flip, and start talking on the record. Just don’t do it in Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, or PG County Maryland – those Courts have all been captured by Putin/The List and are on The List of the Compromised as you will see the names of their judges and clerks of the court amongst The First 66 published today.

And all you Russian oligarch bastards and sheiks and princes with your superyachts like ship Titan thinking you’re untouchable on the high seas while you’ve been financing and enjoying the production of this reality snuff film orchestrated and produced by Nazi doctor Hans Kristoff that has been my and my family’s traumatized life for the last 9 years, prepare for takedown on the high seas by Seal Team Six and the US Air Force. And Russia, that goddamn space X-ray Tesseract laser you’ve been firing at my head and bones here in the heart of NATO in Washington DC when you thought no one could hear you? De-orbit that weapon and its Russian tessenauts voluntarily or I will be calling for the US Space Force to shoot it and your tessenauts down. And on that note, I hereby call on President Biden to invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter and plan and execute a proportional response by NATO to eliminate the immediate threat from space.

Russian officers, you have followed your pedophile president Putin’s unlawful and insane orders to attack not just poor Ukraine, but an American family and the founder and CEO of a US news media company in the heart of NATO in Washington DC, from space, air, and land. Why did he have you do it? The answer: Putin in a ped, and he has known that I had discovered he was a ped, and that I had the goods on him, in September of 2019, when I first discovered audio footage of his rape of my 12-year-old step-daughter and my wife in September of 2013, and of the connection to Donald Trump. He knew I knew because when I submitted my evidence to the NSA in September and October of 2019, his mole, General Paul Nakasone, quashed it and passed my intel report and audio recordings on to Putin’s Rasputin Boris Sudodari.

Yes, that’s right. Let me say it again: Putin is a ped. We’ve got it on tape. Defect, resign, blow the whistle, and come forward with what you know. Now. It is the only path to salvation and redemption for you and the Russian Federation and its military, its intelligence services, and for the Russian people. You really don’t want to be facing the might of the swarm of screaming NATO F-22s, F-35’s, and the fleet of American bombers that will be targeting your forces with laser-guided smart-bombs and cruise missiles inside of and over Ukraine and in Belarus. Cease fire in Ukraine. Withdraw your forces back into Russia. Save your poor beleaguered soldiers. Stop this madness. Unconditional surrender and withdrawal of all Russian forces in Ukraine and Belarus.

And to close, to President Biden and Merrick Garland, I demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of Donald Trump for treason, child rape, international contract murder for hire, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit murder.

The First 66 Americans in the Eastern US on The List of the Compromised

Here are the names of The First 66 on The List of the Compromised in the eastern US, translated from Cyrillic Russian (as received) into English in the order in which they were received by Russi Leaks:

Stephen C. Bannon
Reinhold R. Priebus
Saulius Anusis
Miles Kwok
Addison M. McConnell III
Lindsey O. Graham
Michael Thomas van der Veen
John Davey
Herman K. Dawson
Peter K. Killow
Nicholas E. Rattal
Donald Trump
Eric F. Trump
Lara L. Yunaska
Robert L. Yunaska
Bradley Parscale
Brian O. Walsh
Linda M. McMahon
Vincent K. McMahon
Paul M. Levesque
Mahasin El Amin
Wayne A Robie
William W. Tucker
Mary M. Kramer
Timothy McCrone
Quincy L. Coleman
Stephanie Porter
Elizabeth Case
Lara K. Weathersby
Maurice C. Fraser
Michelle D. Hotten
Stephen B. Gould
Douglas R. M. Nazarian
Andrea M. Leahy
Michael W. Reed
Christopher B. Kehoe
Gregory Wells
Dan Friedman
Donald E. Beechley
Fred S. Hecker
Maria L. Oesterreicher
Richard R. Titus
Brian L. DeLeonardo
Jeffrey D. Moffatt
Katherine Brewer Poole
Pamela C. Alban
Michael E. Malone
Robert Thompson
Alison Asti
Stacey W. McCormack
Richard R. Trunnell
Mark W. Crookes
Elizabeth S. Morris
Kathleen M. Vitale
Glenn Klavance
Donna M. Schaeffer
Michael Wax
Althea M. Handy
Sylvester Cox
Philip S. Jackson
Cynthia H. Jones
Paul Joseph Cucuzzella
Julie Ensor
George C. Barnes
Douglas S. Coppinger
Paul M. Nakasone