Spotlight on the Capture of Howard County Circuit Court, State’s Attorney and Sheriff’s Offices By Putin-Trump, the Peds, and the Redigrits

Behind Every Judge, A Lizard

Within the NATO intel community these days, who have officially informed me there are indeed ETs helping Putin-Trump and the Peds, it is currently being said that: “Behind every judge, a lizard.” Turns out the adage applies as well to Howard County State’s Attorneys, court clerks, the Sheriff, perhaps certain police officers, and the entirety of MDEC, the Maryland Judiciary’s electronic records system, which is clearly totally breached. Putin and The Peds had a copy of my hand-filed motion and were talking about the contents of it within 15 minutes of my leaving the courthouse last week.

Evil Dies in Brightness

Today we drag into the light those in the above government positions who have clearly been compromised by this unholy international alliance of pedophiles and child sex traffickers (The List), Vladimir Putin and his Rasputin Boris Sudodari, German Nazi doctor (dentist) Hans Kristoff, and a being they all call “Redigrit” a being who literally, on tape, calls us “You humans.”

First up: The Dirty Judges of Howard County Circuit Court

As was exposed in our publication this week of “The List of the Compromised: The First 99” (now grown to 101) names include all five currently sitting Howard County Circuit Court judges. Every Judge in Howard County Circuit Court is dirty, according to NATO intelligence, as well as according to our own communications intercepts swept up out of the ether by Russi Leaks sensors…not to mention the fact that every named judge has consistently been issuing bizarre court orders in all of my cases which are in turn, unlawful under Maryland law including the Maryland Code of Judicial Conduct, or they defy logic, or, they twist themselves into pretzels to NOT enforce my marital settlement agreement with my ex-wife Moea the ONE TIME I sought to enforce it in front of Judge McCrone and the MD Court of Special Appeals. And the injustices piled upon me since 2016 include my wrongful incarceration for six months in 2017 for crimes I did not commit and for which I was found innocent when the State failed to put on ANY case, witness testimony, or evidence. Here is the gallery of rogues:

Administrative Judge William V. Tucker: Dirty

Disgraced, Compromised Administrative Judge of Howard County Circuit Court, William V. Tucker: Compromised by Putin-Trump and the Peds (and Redigrit)

My take on Judge Tucker is that he was perhaps Initially not dirty until mid-2018, but was dragged over to the dark side before his elevation to Administrative Judge upon the retirement of (Dirty) Judge Lenore Gelfman. He has dismissed my million-dollar lawsuit against my former employer Protelecom (without even holding the required hearing), my million dollar lawsuit against 5th Third Bank (again without holding the required hearing), he has sent me to a mental institution when I wasn’t dangerous or mentally incompetent…because he was ordered to it seems. What happened to you Judge Tucker? What did they have to do to you to turn you. Threaten to kill you or your family? Or, to rape your women?

You seemed fair and honest at Moea’s PO rescindment hearing in January of 2017 but then, WHAM. You did a 180 and other then me boxing you in with the absolute litigation privilege in Robert Erdmann’s sham defamation case, you’ve got an unbelievable unbroken string of maybe 20 rulings against me as Plaintiff and for the defendants I’ve been suing. You are, without a doubt, dirty and a disgrace to your office. Resign, turn state’s evidence with the DOJ/FBI, get into witness protection, before they Novachuk you judge. I don’t want to see you Novachoked like Demidov. I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone.

Judge Timothy McCrone: Totally Dirty

McCrone has NEVER ruled in my favor, in anything, ever, with one exception. He granted me my motion this January to void the conditional waiver I signed when I filed to expunge the sham criminal charges I was found not guilty of by Judge Tucker in 2018. I boxed you in with sworn testimony from the head of the Offender Diversion Unit in the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, who is NOT compromised thankfully. Thanks for that one seemingly insignificant ruling McCrone. You may not have realized it when you granted my motion, but you just re-opened the floodgates of litigation that is about to be brought since the statute of limitations clock on my causes of action against the State of Maryland had been paused for 3 years due to that conditional waiver, which the State of Maryland breached. Now that I can, I will be suing for compensatory and punitive damages in the tens of millions.

Judge Mary M. Kramer: Totally Dirty

She literally conspired with Carl Somerlock, Robert Hillman, and the operatives of Putin-Trump and The Peds at her foreclosure hearing on 12/21/17. We have the court-provided audio recording. The operatives were INSIDE YOUR COURTROOM whispering in Moea’s ear Kramer. Resign, turn state’s evidence, get into witness protection. While I may loathe you for stealing my castle, I will be getting castle Liccione back in my upcoming Motion to Vacation the Foreclosure on the grounds of intrinsic fraud within Howard County Circuit Court. So, I’m not worried about getting my castle back. That’s already in the bag. I just don’t want to see you Novachoked like Demidov.

Judge Stephanie Porter: Newly Dirty

The newest entry into the List of the Compromised and a new presiding judge who has never before dealt with any of my legal matters, we intercepted a communication between Putin’s Boris Sudodari two weeks ago in which he said that he had called the female Judge in Howard County and that she was going to “Shame Liccione.” Then, apropos of nothing, you pop up on my radar with a scheduling order and a summons to a 7/28/22 hearing in your courtroom, tomorrow. Like, what are the freaking odds, right? If you actually think you have some kind of jurisdiction over me, my stolen castle, and this foreclosure case, you’ve got another think coming. I’ll be subpoenaing yours and the Court’s phone records and we’ll get the date and time of Sudodari’s phone call to you. Resign, turn state’s evidence, get into witness protection. Don’t get Novachoked like Demidov.

Judge Quincy Coleman: Newly Dirty

Another new entry in the cavalcade of never-ending unfavorable rulings issued against me in Howard, Coleman just popped up and denied my emergency motion for venue change in my Liccione v Erdmann et al Breach of Contract case. That would be you, Judge Coleman. Welcome to my nightmare as together dive down the rabbit hole.

(Retired) Judge Lenore Gelfman: Dirty

Judge Gelfman torpedoed my attempts to hold federally-indicted ghost machine gun attorney Carl Somerlock accountable for the $600,000+ losses in Tenable stock sales proceeds Somerlock had inflicted on me after Tenable’s IPO in July of 2018. He and his partner in crime Bruce Eric Miller committed interstate wire and mail fraud by calling into and mailing fraudulent notices/statements with Tenable, AST, and Fidelity, and effected the freeze of all my assets, extra-judicially, and because of that, I literally ended up sleeping on an air mattress and living out of a suitcase: A millionaire pauper. Judge Gelfman, as a corrupted judge abusing her power, cost me $600,000+ in lost stock sale proceeds. Then, she turned around in my foreclosure case, after Judge Richard Bernhardt had ruled FOR me by staying foreclosure enforcement pending my appeal, and denied my motion to repossess my castle pending the appeal. Why? She’s dirty. It would have cost no one, ANYTHING, to allow me to re-possess my home for the year it took for the (dirty) Maryland Court of Special Appeals to screw me over and uphold Judge Kramers unlawful court orders and rulings in the foreclosure. I’m getting my castle back.

(Retired) Judge Richard Bernhardt: Went Dirty in 2021

As I said above, Judge Bernhardt was the only Judge in my foreclosure case to give me ANY relief from that sham, rocket-docket foreclosure orchestrated by Judges Mary Kramer and William Tucker. He stayed the foreclosure but then Judge Gelfman, at my hearing on repossession, literally, and I mean this really happened right before my eyes in Judge Bernhardt’s courtroom, she snatched the hearing away from Judge Bernhardt, took it over, then screwed me over by preventing me from moving back into my castle, for no apparent reason or legal grounds. The house was totally vacant. He is also the only judge that ruled in my favor, ever, in my divorce which Moea was blackmailed into filing. He denied Moea’s lawyers Jan Knust and Somerlock’s motion to freeze my assets on August 1, 2018. But since then, he broke bad, and has issued an unbroken string of unfavorable rulings, seemingly without legitimate legal grounds, because he can. Because he knows the dirty judges on the Court of Special Appeals have his back. Just like they do McCrone, Tucker, et al.

Howard County Clerk of the Court Wayne Robey: Dirty

Enough said. I hand’t actually even considered the Clerk of the Court himself was compromised, but now the NATO intelligence put him on their list, it certainly makes sense. He’s not the only Clerk of the Court that’s been compromised. Check out PG and Baltimore County Clerks names on the list.

Showdown at the OK Corral in Howard County Circuit Court Tomorrow

And wouldn’t you know, Judges Tucker & Judge Porter are dragging my butt back into Howard County Circuit Court, instead of just ruling in my favor in all my cases like they should already have done, tomorrow, (7/28/22), for hearings in my two multimillion-dollar lawsuits (Liccione v Erdmann, et al x 2), and for a scheduling hearing in my sham, fully litigated (until now it seems), foreclosure case in which Putin-Trump and the Peds captured my $1M home and horse farm in 2017, at a time when Judge Tucker unlawfully committed me to a state mental institution when I was neither mentally incompetent, nor a danger to self or others, while Judge Mary Kramer, in what was a corrupt-judge double-team, threw my property rights under the bus and refused to appoint me a legal guardian or court-appointed lawyer to defend me while drugged to the gills in Springfield psych hospital without ever getting served. What a total crock.

Expectation of Arrest, Imprisonment, Involuntary Commitment, Emergency Psych Eval to Howard County General, and/or Epstein-ed While in Confinement or in Hospital

Quite frankly readers, I truly don’t expect to make it out of that courthouse alive and free tomorrow. Russi Leaks and the US intelligence community has outed all of them as corrupted by Putin-Trump, The List pedophile child sex trafficking ring, and by some bizarre creature those miscreants all call Redigrit who refers to us as “You humans.” I expect one of these corrupted judges to, say, hold me in contempt and jail me, or have me shackled by a Sheriff’s deputy, like the Howard County Sheriff’s deputies have done twice before, and transported me to Howard County General for an emergency psych eval, like they’ve done before, then committed to a mental institution like they’ve done twice before. They’ve literally pulled that same scheme on me multiple times already in Howard and Anne Arundel County hospitals and courts in 2013, 2016, and 2017.

Once captured and alone, surrounded by strangers, or convicts, or mental patients, then I expect to get Epsteined-Ivana-ed when the compromised Sheriff’s Department turns off the security cameras in the courthouse holding cells, or in Howard County Jail, or in the courthouse parking garage, or when a compromised hospital staff member turns the cameras off the he hospital, slips poison or a viral or nerve agent into my IV or on my gown or needle drawing blood, and then poof! I’ve fallen down a stairwell, I’ve hung myself, or I slit my wrists with a shank, or, I die from some toxin, Novachocked like Demidov.

The Compromised Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office

First up: Deputy Chief of the SVA Devora Kirshner – Dirty.

Howard County Deputy Chief of SVU Devora Kirshner

After so many years of faithful, dedicated, and honorable public service, protecting domestic violence victims (except me apparently), protecting children like my Dad did, Ms. Kirshner would be the LAST state’s attorney I would have ever expected to break bad. They must be threatening her life or that of her family members. If so, I forgive you, but you’ve gotta come clean now.

Of note, Ms. Kirshner had me arrested for trespassing on false pretenses (the police filed a fraudulent statement of charges) in the state’s attorney’s office on May 12, 2017 as I was trying to report, as a male victim of spousal assault and attempted murder (through heavy metal poisoning at my home by Putin and the Peds in September of 2013), what evidence (audio) I had in hand at the time (20 hours of audio footage of Putin’s goon Sudodari, Russian soldiers, the Peds (The List operatives from France and elsewhere, Nazi Dr. Hans Kristoff). My cellphone was recording video during that encounter with Ms. Kirshner. I still have the footage. Wait to you all see that footage. So, while one might say I’ve got a personal bone to pick with Ms. Kirshner, and I used to but had really moved on with my life after the record was expunged after serving out my probation before judgement, NATO intelligence just handed me her name on a tarnished silver platter – apropos of nothing.

I also find it interesting that she (and ASA Miller) are the same two female prosecutors who got a 2nd degree murder conviction on Putin-Trump-and-the-Peds-framed NSA mathematician Jason Worth Martin. Jason’s poor murdered wife – she wouldn’t betray her country and they murdered her and framed Jason for it. They took out two brilliant NSA mathematicians in one fell swoop because the woman would crack. That’s the earliest direct attack on the NSA I’ve seen. Now, the top three leaders at the NSA are compromised. How far my NSA, the place I used to be proud to serve, has fallen.

Now that the State of Maryland has been duly informed by Russi Leaks that a hostile foreign power in league with Trump and a pedophile child sex trafficking ring did it, not Jason, get that guilty verdict/plea vacated and free Jason Worth Martin and return him to his children. His entire trial was a travesty of justice. Ms. Kirshner, your path to redemption runs through the DOJ/FBI. I urge you, please, choose to walk that path.

Deputy State’s Attorney Joshua Felsen and State’s Attorney Richard Gibsen: Dirty

Howard County Deputy State’s Attorney Joshua Felsen
Howard County State’s Attorney Richard Gibson

According to NATO intelligence sources, Felsen’s dirty. He didn’t start out dirty though, they turned him in 2021 after I sent him a copy, under sworn affidavit, of my manuscript of my book: “The Takedown of Team Fishnet Zero: Compromised.”

Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office Unit Chief – General Crimes Unit Maurice C. Fraser – Dirty

I imagine, and I’m only guessing here, that the criminal HIPPA/MCMRA violation against me by Robert Erdmann, is a case that falls within Mr. Fraser’s purview as unit chief for the General Crimes Unit. I’ve never interacted with Mr. Fraser, I don’t know if he’s in on the conspiracy involving me specifically, but US intelligence has him on their dirty list and I’m so we’ve chosen to publish it along with the other miscreants in that office. Resign. Turn State’s evidence. Get witness protection. Don’t get Novachucked like Demidov.

Howard County Sheriff Marcus Harris: Dirty

I don’t know Sheriff Harris. But I have been shackled, imprisoned, held in holding cells in Court, by his deputies, many times, since 2016, on false pretenses at the order of corrupted judges.