Russian Z Soldier, French Operative Target Russi Leaks Founder From Adjoining Room in French-Owned DC Hotel

The Takedown of Team Fishnet Zero – Part 1

This morning at 12:15 AM I checked into the Architect Hotel in DC in my on-going effort to stay a step ahead of Putin’s operatives who have been hitting me with their Tesser directed energy weapons. They’ve been firing it at my head and bones.  I’ve got a really bad headache. UniformVictorWhiskey

Russian Z Soldier in Starbucks, Corner of 15th K St NW DC, 7/3/22

At 9:00AM this morning, I discovered a Russian soldier wearing a Z T-shirt had checked into the adjoining room on June 30th under an assumed Spanish-sounding name, a room which shares a wall with my room. What are the odds, right? Accompanying him was a brunette French woman with a toddler in a stroller.

French Woman & Toddler with Russian Z-Soldier in Architect Hotel Elevator, 7/3/22

I could clearly hear the man speaking in Russian from the hallway and the woman was speaking French. They spoke about Putin, me, and my ex-wife Moea.  I began recording on my cellphone, and I would capture video of the couple leaving Room 402 and going to the corner Starbucks.  To my surprise, the Russian was brazenly wearing a white T-Shirt with a big black Z on the front, in the middle of Washington DC, on Fourth of July Weekend.  Hey Vlad, if you’re going to send your operatives to DC to hack me and irradiate me in the Capital of the United States on Fourth of July weekend, tell them don’t wear T-shirts emblazoned with your fascist Nazi Z symbol. Nice touch with the toddler in the stroller I must say but c’mon, the Z T-shirt?  That’s some sloppy tradecraft.  I wonder who the toddler’s mother really is.  Is the women being coerced? Does she have any agency? The look on her face in the elevator appears friendly but the look on the Russian’s face? He’s all business.

Here’s the short video clip of our encounter in Starbucks. At the end of the video clip you will hear me confront the Russian with a “Slava Ukraine” challenge as he turns to leave, which means “Glory to Ukraine.” The proper response is “Heroyim Slava” which means Glory to Heroes.” The Russian’s reaction, as well as the big grin on the African American’s barista’s face after he left and I started bitching about the Russian with the Nazi Z on his T-shirt, is priceless. Imagine being her, a young African American, having to grit her teeth and serve coffee to that Russian Nazi. I would have thrown it on his Z and risk being fired.

Video of Encounter With Russian Z-Soldier at Starbucks at 15th and K St NW, DC, 7/3/22

Russians Hack Cell Phone…Again

The Russians hacked my new cellphone last night and blocked my Internet connection at the Thai restaurant I was in. They somehow were able to hack my Bluetooth headphones and kept shutting down the microphone as I tried to make calls from my laptop app.  Then my laptop password stop working and I had to perform a Windows recovery to even log back in. There were two operatives posing as a couple right out front and when I walked out and they acted suspiciously, I stopped and started recording on my phone. They freaked out and turned around walked away, then the man started running full-tilt down the side walk away from me leaving his woman behind. Not very subtle.

And by the way, the Russian’s code name for me, as it turns out, is “Lasagna.” Nice touch.  My favorite dish.

The Huge French Connection

This would be just more damning evidence that the Russians are partnered with French operatives in the field in their espionage, hacking, child sex trafficking, pedophilia and child snuff film video production, and assassination activities, on US soil.  We do not yet have any evidence that any of these French operatives are active members of the French intelligence services.  They seem more like highly trained and sophisticated former French intel operatives gone rogue that are working as mercenaries for this multi-national criminal enterprise involving production and distribution of child porn and snuff films to a billionaire pedophile club, which calls itself: “The List”, and is governed by a governing committee called “The Seven.” There appears to be a link between this ring and a minister in the French government as the French operatives have been captured talking about how they were in contact with a “Minister.”  How high up in the French government it goes, we don’t yet know. Turns out the owner of this very hotel, the Architect, is a Frenchman: One Fabrice Souchaud. I wonder if he knows that Russian Z-bearing soldiers and their French operative teammates are staying in his hotel? We’d ask him but the hotel clerk refused to provide his number. We asked her to pass on the message and asked for a call-back from Mr. Souchaud.

Russi Leaks has photographs of other French operatives and we know their names:  Florence (last name redacted), Christophe (last name redacted), Basil (last name redacted) Avi (last name redacted), Steve Huron, Eva (last name redacted) who appears to be married to Steve Huron, and at least two other French women whose names shall not yet be revealed due to one being a minor when first compromised through sexual assault, as was her mother, and as such, they are victims, are not criminally responsible, and thus, all can be forgiven.  We will be publishing their photographs as time permits.  They make up what is “team France” in what is a multi-national hit and hack squad that engages in child sex trafficking, part of the multi-national cell that calls itself “Team Fishnet Zero.” The team is led by Nazi Dr. Hans Kristoff along with Putin’s Rasputin, Boris Sodari, who is driving Putin’s agenda.  There is at least one Sunni terrorist named Otep (last name redacted) that is part of this group and he and Boris Sudodari communicate with Syrian president Assad as well as Putin. And, just like a cult and Nazi mind-control techniques honed by Nazi doctors in experiments with Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz and other camps, this group uses mind control techniques against their captives, to include hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestion, to get their child and adult captives to perform fascist, white-supremicist, and Putin-driven criminal activity in a way that gives the Nazi ringleaders, and Putin, and Trump, plausible deniability.  That era is over. You are all exposed. They called their female captives “Betas” which are basically sex slaves. Their assassins are “Deltas.” Russi Leaks has audio footage of these operatives performing post-hypnotic suggestion mind control on their victims, in their own words.

Haitian Outsourcing by Sudodari

In addition to the French operatives, the Russians have outsourced some of their ops to Haitians and last night, the Haitians were tasked with tailing me and staking out the local Metro station at Woodley Park/National Zoo, as that is the station closest to my home.  Everywhere I pulled my car to the curb last night, particularly around that Metro station, a Haitian would pull up behind me, in front of me, or across the street and sit idling.  I captured them on my cellphone as well.  When they saw me recording them, they would drive off.  I didn’t take the Metro.  Instead, I drove my beat-up old Lexus IS-250 toward the White House and booked a room at the Architect.

We are currently running the video footage, which has been uploaded to the clouds, through audio enhancement and will post the audio-enhanced footage of last night’s and this morning’s Russian-French-Haitian hijinks in DC as the footage emerges from our signal processing lab. The Russians claim they hacked my cellphone last night and that they were uploading its contents to Moscow and were talking about getting my video footage of them (watching me, watching them).  Our lab rats are working as fast as they can to turn around this footage.  For now, this short video clip is all I have time for at the moment. Stay tuned.