List of Those Compromised by Putin-Trump, The Peds, and The Redigrits Grows to 101 in New Revelations by Russi Leaks

Russi Leaks Fingers First Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley

Yesterday, we published a curated and fact-checked report that was an update to The List of the Compromised in which we fingered an additional 33 American’s compromised by Putin-Trump, The Peds (“The List” pedophile child sex trafficking ring), and the Redigrits, bringing the total to 99 names. That document and annotated list with footnotes, of 99 compromised individuals and American institutions in government, business, and health care. It details the links between those in the Maryland Judiciary, law enforcement, criminal justice systems, and the Maryland health care system, and Maryland businesses in the DOD and US federal government hardware and software supply chain, connected to me personally, who have persecuted and falsely imprisoned me (thrice), stole my $1M home and horse farm after fraudulently declaring me mentally incompetent and committing me to Maryland’s state mental hospital in Springfield where I was forced to ingest anti-psychotic medication under threat of strap-down and given the needle, destroyed my marriage and forced my wife into filing for divorce under threat of murder, rape, and the framing of me for their murder, and compromised my entire family.

Today, we add two more names to the List of the Compromised, both sitting US Senators and, as I previously disclosed, the first Democratic politician. They are: GOP Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. As I said before, this pedpphelia and child sex traffic pandemic knows no political or national boundaries.

Side Note: The Bizarre, Tragic Story of Jason and Carla Martin, NSA Mathematicians

[Tragic Side Note: Read the bizarre and tragic story of Jason Worth Martin and his wife Carla Martin, the NSA mathematician in Howard County who was framed and falsely imprisoned by the compromised Howard County Circuit Court and the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office for the gruesome murder by barbell of his NSA mathematician wife in 2017. It’s directly connected to this conspiracy. 2nd Side Note: I met Jason Worth and he beat me in chess in the Special Management Unit in the Howard County Jail in July of 2017 when I was falsely imprisoned there for 3 months before Judge Tucker wrongfully committed me to Springfield psych hospital. Take my word for it: That guy is innocent and what these people and institutions did to his wife and him…is exactly what they threatened to do to my wife Moea in 2013: I have them doing it, their voices, IN MY BEDROOM as I lay unconscious and snoring in bed, recorded by a Sony digital record I had placed in the bedside table drawer, on the night of September 3, 2013. It’s on tape and the NSA has had those recordings since September of 2019. There but for the grace of God, go I and Moea. Jason Worth Martin is a 10-years younger me, just smarter. I mean, what are the odds? We both worked at NSA. I then worked as executive program manager for Tenable on the DOD/DISA ACAS contract. We both lived in Howard County Maryland under the jurisdiction of the Putin-Trump compromised Howard County Circuit Court and State’s Attorney’s and Sheriff’s Offices. We were BOTH prosecuted by the exact same two Howard County state’s attorneys (the compromised) Devorah Wolk Kirshner and Joanna Marie Miller. Both our wives were likely threatened with murder and the framing of their husbands if they didn’t cooperative and betray their country. The only difference between my Moea and Carla Martin? My working theory is that Carla, a natural born American citizen and loyal patriot, refused to betray her country, and it cost her her life and the framing and imprisonment of Jason, whereas Moea was a softer target and was a French and Australian here on a green card, as was her 12-year-old daughter Arielle. Moea was compromised first by a French couple working for The List: Florence and Christophe Hamel, now of Phoenix Arizona. I mean, Jason and I we were both, literally in the Howard County Jail at the exact same time, in the exact same cellblock, and were being tried in Howard County Circuit Court, at the same time, by the same two prosecutors in the same State’s Attorney’s Office, were both arrested by the Howard County Police, and were also under the jurisdiction of the compromised Howard County Sheriff’s Department. The odds of this being coincidence are a billion to one. We’re both lucky we weren’t Epsteined. I hereby demand the immediate release of Jason Worth Martin and the vacating of his guilty verdict and plea bargain. We will be publishing an in-depth expose on Jason Worth Martin and his wife Carla, after I call his lawyers. (#FreeJasonWorthMartin)]

NSA Cover-Up, Possible Murder of Owner of Train-to-Aim Firearms Academy in Bowie

Back to the subject at hand. My Tampa lawyer and Maryland private investigator sent all my evidence to the NSA…in September/October of 2019, who proceeded to cover it all up. I’m talking about two intel reports, pictures, audio recordings (originals and enhanced versions), video footage of the two Russian GRU officers in the Gypsy Souls Coffee House, and transcripts. Rick Stern, my private investigator and the owner of the Train to Aim Firearms Academy in Bowie, the man who provided armed protection to me in the fall of 2019 as I flew up from Florida for my sham stalking trial in Carroll County District Courty in Westminster, is dead after providing my intel and recordings to his NSA contact in October of 2019. We’ll be investigated his death and whether he had a full autopsy. My Tampa lawyer, Ron Kurpiers, the guy who provided the NSA my evidence, never got a callback from the NSA Office of General Counsel. What’s up with that, NSA. How about a call from the new OGC, April Doss. Send me an email, [email protected], Ms. Doss, let’s have a sit-down and de-brief on what your NSA leadership team has been doing and for whom they are doing it.

Now, I’d ask our readers, after reading the following Redigrit-related paragraphs, to put a pin for the moment on the Redigrit ET discovery since THAT revelation, I know, is completely mind blowing: It was to me. I have been sitting on those communications intercepts of Redigrit talking to Putin and Boris Sudodari since 2021 because I was waiting on some kind of corroborating evidence or confirmation from a third party in the US government. The Russians are literally saying that “Liccione hacked Putin’s phone.” I have them saying that, on tape, over and over. I have chosen to go public with the Redigrit ET disclosure, as much as I know I’m going to take a credibility hit, at the urging of my source in the US government, Who provided me the following old UFO photo from the 1960s captured by US Navy submarine. My contact wrote: “It was pointed out to me that the attached picture has already been made public and can be used. From the 1960s. A craft, not an ET. Observed from a submarine.

Picture of UFO Captured by US Navy Submarine SSN-674 (Circa 1960s).

Yes, the Redigrits are ETs. It seems that we indeed are not alone in the universe people of the Earth. We know there are bad ETs. Are there also good ones watching and helping as well? The US government has acknowledge to me, personally their existence and that there is a team working on the problem. They have asked me to come on board although I haven’t seen the paperwork yet. The Redigrits, at least the Russians talking to them, claim they have a “star ship” or “space ship.” Redigrit calls us “You humans” (I have it on tape.). They are in league with Putin-Trump and the Peds. They’re the bad ETs. The only thing I don’t have yet is a confirmed photo, sketch, or video of what they look like. All I have so far is the picture above, and the below child sketches made two little boys of, perhaps, how they perceive the Redigrits and their Tesseract/Tesser directed energy X-ray weapon or their craft.

Child Sketches Posted outside John Liccione’s Apartment in Hallway in DC, 7/10/22

Note that these child’s sketches, which were posted in the hallway of my DC apartment last week outside the apartment next store, where I had to see them to get to my apartment. There is a weird oval/circular symbol on both the barrel of the weapon or fuselage or hull, as well as what appears to be a soldier’s helmet. One has a wavy line in the middle and two dots (on the barrel) and a circle with diagnal line on the helmet. Does this represent what the children see as insignia or symbols? I’m not a child psychologist so who knows.?The kids drew these sketches during “Shark Week” so perhaps they’re combining their fear of the Redigrits and the Tesseract weapon with what they just saw on TV. Maybe it’s a submarine, or ship. It looks like it’s swallowing a swimming human. I mean, they appear to have a tail fin, dorsal fin, side fins, and shark-like teeth in two sketches. In another sketch, there is now tail but a weird shape with the symbols that sort of looks like the stock of the weapon? Who knows what these trafficked kids have seen and where they’ve been. Sorry folks, all I got pictorially are these kid sketches at the moment. My source in the US government has told me the Redigrits (which they call The Others”) eat human flesh, have no souls, and see us as basically meat-bags. That’s some scary-ass s***. I decided to go public with these ET revelations last week at the urging of my US government contact and the contacts’ boss because the public needs to take it all in, internalize it, come to grips with it.

Two New Senators Added to The List of The Compromised: One Democrat (a DINO actually), the Other a Republican

So today, we add two more names to the List of the Compromised, both sitting US Senators and, as previously indicated, the first Democratic politician. They are: GOP Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia. As I said before, this pedophelia and child sex traffic pandemic knows no political boundaries.

We’ve known about the compromise of Senator Chuck Grassley since the fall of 2021 when we first intercepted Russia and The List’s communications and conversations, using Russi Leak’s own sensors (not those of the NSA or the FBI’s counter-intelligence unit), in which Grassley engaged in a forced three-way or perhaps a four-way sexual encounter in DC with a mother and daughter, orchestrated by Putin’s Rasputin Boris Sudodari and his Nazi compatriot, Dr. Hans Kristoff. For now, I prefer to keep my own counsel, and the FBI’s, on the names of the two sex-trafficked women abused by Grassley. I’ll save that for my testimony before the January 6th Committee in a closed-session where I will testify under oath. I have already submitted the victim’s names to the FBI under penalties of perjury.

Tomorrow’s and Wednesday’s Hearings in Howard County Circuit Court

I have 3 hearings scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday in Howard County Circuit Court in my Liccione v Erdmann, et all breach of contract and HIPPA/invasion of privacy cases, and in my sham foreclosure case before compromised judge Stephanie Porter? I have no idea who is going to be presiding of tomorrow’s two hearings since every sitting Howard County Judge is compromised and, since I’ve outed them and will be calling them all as fact witnesses, none of them can preside over ANY of my cases under Maryland law. I’ll keep my own counsel as to my plans for the next 72 hours. No sense telegraphing where I’m going to be physically to my enemies. I may get Epstein-ed or Ivan-ed by the Howard County Sheriff’s department, the Police, or in the Howard County Jail, which could have a mysterious malfunction in the Court and Jail security cameras. (BTW: I’m in no way suicidal or a danger to myself and others so I’ve now defanged that play). I may get thrown down the steps in the Courthouse. Who knows what may happen in the Courthouse parking garage if and when I arrive, or during my walk to and from my vehicle. Will I be held in contempt and incarcerated, led from the courtroom in shackles on false pretenses like I was by the Howard County Sheriff Deputies on April 22, 2016 after Judge Mary Reece ordered an emergency psych eval on me at Howard County General, and again on May 1, 2019, on a sham stalking charge out of Carroll County? Will I get sniped or Novachucked like Dr. Vladimir Demidov in Annapolis? Will there be violence against me? Will my 1st and 4th Amendment rights be violated by this corrupt system? Will my ex-wife Moea show up for the breach of contract motion to dismiss hearing, since she’s one of the defendants. Will I finally get proof of life for Moea and my beloved step daughter Arielle or any of my kids and their mothers. Stay tuned.

Liccione out.