FUMIGATION! NSA, White House: Indications of Compromise

NSA Launches Illegal Espionage Campaign Against Russi Leaks CEO at NSA Marriott, Sends Agents into Hotel Overnight on July 8th.

NSA Operatives Drove Straight from Hotel Through NSA Security Gates After Russia Hacks Cash-Bought Verizon Cell Phone Just Activated With Pre-Paid Card not Attached to Name

NSA Mole Turns over Liccione Verizon Cellphone Info Over to Russian Boris Sudodari, According to Sudodari.

General Nakasone Fingered by Sudodari in Intercepted Communication Between Putin Operatives

What in the hell is going on at my former employer the NSA? If Putin’s Rasputin Boris Sudodari is to be believed, and I’m not saying I believe it 100%, not without corroborating evidence like a failed polygraph. But, that said, the BEHAVIOR of certain NSA individuals who I personally followed from the NSA Marriott just shy of the NSA entrances where I eyeballed them being let through the gates by the NSA security police, would seem to indicate a couple of startling things. One, someone either got a FISA warrant on some kind of false predicate for my cellphone information from my carriers, or, some mole or renegade is running a completely illegal rogue op against the founder and CEO of a start-up American news media company whose sole focus is exposing Putin’s secrets. I gotta ask, what the hell General Nakasone? You literally could have just asked for the info and I’d have given it to you, since I’ve got nothing to hide, I’m ex-NSA, and one would presume we’re on the same side. Are you even aware this is going on under your watch, General? Did you authorise this op against me and the FISA Warrant? Is there even a FISA Court signed warrant at all? Are you being subjected to some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion and you don’t even realize you’re doing it? Have you been chipped somehow and being mind-controlled? This is really shocking institutional behavior from where I stand because I was a Nakasone cheerleader on Facebook back when he denied Trump toady Ellis access to classified information instead of seating him fully as NSA General Council in the final days of Trump. Suffice it to say that the OIG complaint as well as the FOIA requests have already been prepared and submitted to the NSA OGC and the IC IG. Stay tuned. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time we offloaded Cybercommand …or, the NSA from your domain. It would seem each directorship warrants its own 4-star general since, from where I sit, based on your organization’s institutional behavior, you are failing in both roles. But hey, I could be completely wrong.

Just to be clear, we, and as far as I know, NOT the NSA, have in our possession communications intercepts in which Putin’s Boris Sudoari claims he got my Verizon cell phone information from the NSA, the day I activated it at the NSA Mariott in Jessup. He pronounces it as “Nissa.” Maybe he means something other than our NSA, one might think. But wait. No, he goes on to specifically mention Nakasone 3 times, and in at least one case, he’s not talking about Nakasone like he’s a worthy adversary, but like he’s Putin’s Russian (or The Lists’s) compromised mole. This is obviously a classic example of hearsay and would be inadmissable in a criminal trial but for a top secret security cleared head of NSA and US Cybercommand? It’s reasonable grounds for immediate suspension of security clearance pending further investigation. It’s difficult to discern from Sudodari’s statements whether Nakasone personally is his source, or whether Russia has hacked Nakasone’s accounts and communications, or there’s a mole under Nakasone who has access to his accounts and can impersonate him, or whether Russia has burrowed its way into the NSA networks and compromised everything. But Sudodari doesn’t name anyone else in his rediculous evil monologs that at times sound more like a scene out of an Austin Power’s movie than real life. I mean, Sudodari hates me, he says he wants to kill me, by name, and apparently I’m driving him and Putin bat-shit crazy with these expose’s because I’m exposing everything. Now, assuming I am sane and not paranoid delusional and suffering auditory hallucinations, and I would tell you there are 3rd parties that can hear the same things I’m hearing from these interecepts, we must consider the worst case scenario and plan and act accordingly, until any such theories are disproven. The burden of proof is on General Nakasone from this point forward as you all have now been duly informed by me. Submit to a polygraph and body/brain scan and undergo hypnosis to rule out post-hypnotic suggesions. Set the example, General for the rest of America’s leadership across all three branches of goverment. Voluntary polygraphs. Now lead, follow, or get out of my way.

People on the streets of DC come up to me and ask for my opinion on Eric Snowden once I explain our mission. To be clear, Russi Leaks’ mission is not to out malfeasance and run-of-the-mill abuses of power in US government agencies. I’ll leave that to the other liberal and conservative media outlets and the Putin-Wiki. I’m not going to pull an Edward Snowden and defect to Russia after breaking the law and exposing classified information and defecting to a hostile foreign nation whose president is hellbent on world domination. I give Mr. Snowden his props for sticking to his principles and outing the NSA for their over-reach. The young man is whip smart, he reminds me of my son Nick, and I would like to see him pardoned and returned to the United States a free man. He would be my first pardon I think, signed on day one. Then I’d offer him a job. He’s got to be in a living hell over there, if he is still even alive. But while Mr. Snowden attempted to stick within the system and reported the NSA abuse up the chain and command and was ignored, as I have myself here have been by the US government under both the Trump and Biden administrations (thus far anyway in Biden’s case), I would assert that THIS is how you do it. If the system has failed you, as it has failed me and my family, it’s time to change the system, to systems-engineer a better system, and to risk it all and step up and be the catalyst for that change. Be that one-man wrecking machine. To quote the song with the same name from the band Guster: “I want to pull it apart and put it back together, I want to relive all my adolescent dreams, inspired by true events on movie screens, I am a one man wrecking machine.” Check out the really cute Guster music video on YouTube.

Now to be fair to Mr. Snowden, he’s a young whippersnapper on a government contractor salary. I’m an old crow on my 3rd career, a burned-out former cybersecurity executive with PTSD, semi-retired and on disability after cashing out my stock options at Tenable in 2018. I was lucky enough to have been in the right place and the right time and was able to amass the financial resources to self-fund Russi Leaks out of my own savings (which are dwindling absent donations and paid subscriptions to support business operations). Snowden didn’t have my resources at his command, nor was he a linguist, a voice processing specialist, an intelligence analyst, and an electrical engineer. I’m not bragging, I’m just an old dad with a certain set of skills, that God, in his great wisdom that I in no way could have ever foreseen, until now, prepared me for this moment in American and world history. I’m more Macguyver though than Liam Neeson in Taken and carry wasp spray, not a Glock. My sister Ann who is a devout Catholic is always telling me that God has a plan. I didn’t believe her. Until now.

Stay tuned. We’re just getting started. The last thing I would have ever predicted was a compromised NSA, if indeed it is compromised like their behavior and Boris Sudodari’s intercepted communications indicate. We’re just 4-months after public launch. We’re the nimble, tiny PT boat out in front of the lumbering aircraft carrier that is the mainstream media. They are too hidebound, too slow, and so distracted by political scandals and Trump trivialities and the Trump-centered minutia they’ve all blown it and we are all suffering because of it

Putin orchestrated the January 6th attack on the US Capital by compromising and infiltrating the white nationalists, militant militias, the Neo Nazi’s, certain GOP officials, Fox News, Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange, Facebook, and, it should by this time go without saying, Donald Trump. Putin compromised Trump with Sudodari and Nazi Dr. Hans Kristoff in 2013, when they compromised my family. They both knew that if Trump was kicked out of office, that I had the goods on them and would expose them. They’ve known that since 2019 when I first figured it out and have been desperate to find out what I know since then. And that’s the punch line. Now, if the 3 branches of our government can’t get it right, and the US press can’t get it right, we are certainly lost.

Come join us in our mission to take down Vladimir Putin, save Ukraine, defend democeracy, fight fascism and racisim, and to free the good people of Russia from Putin’s tyranny. We’re looking for volunteers, contract workers, and employees willing to contribute at any level, properly vetted of course. We won’t back down. But you must abandon fear all ye who enter here. This mission is not for the timid. Are you with me America? France? Australia? NATO? Our APAC/ANZUS Allies and Ukraine?

Let’s Make America Normal Again

Hear ye those of you in America and around the world who have either unwittingly or wittingly been bleeding for Putin-Trump since 2013, you white nationalists, the international Nazi movement, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the Freemasons, members of the GOP, Fox News, Ruport Murdock, I say unto you: For nine years you have bled for the Putin-Trump, now bleed for me! Together, with the rest of the Amercian electorate who hasn’t been duped and unwittingly co-opted by Putin’s Ultra War campaign of psychological warfare and subliminal messaging network (that I’m about to expose), we can finally come together to Make America Normal Again (MANA). Time to “Just MAN-UP.” I don’t need any so-called Proud Boys on my team. I’d like to see you first graduate to Proud Men (and Women). I’ll be the keynote speaker at your graduation ceremony where I will welcome you all back into the fold and will be happy to call you brothers, sisters, and true patriots. We can reconcile our differences, but the first step is to recognize you’re a victim of psychological abuse and your abusers, the 3 white man behind the curtain pulling the levers of evil, are Vladimir Putin, his Rasputin Boris Sudodari, and Nazi doctor Hans Kristoff. Donald Trump is just that big talking head in front that is visible to Dorothy and her friends, their public face. The words coming out of that Trump-sock-puppet’s mouth are the words spoken from behind the curtain by Putin and his henchmen, who are whispering into Trump’s earpiece. Trump isn’t the root cause of the problem, it’s Putin.

To close, I’m a believer in the second amendment. My first gun was a 22 rifle I got at 16. At 18 I bought a Marlin 30/30 lever action deer rifle with a 4X scope. I loved that lever action and I loved the pump-action and the sound it made…WHEN I WAS A KID. I used to hunt deer. My first deer was a 6-point buck I brought down in Great Bend Pennsylvania. I had the antlers mounted and I choked down the venison out of respect for the life I had taken for sport as I didn’t need the meat. I qualified as marksman on the M-16 in Air Force basic. But I’ve never worshipped at the alter of the gun. I haven’t hunted since I was 21 as I became engrossed in bigger things like raising 3 kids with my first wife Laura and serving in the USAF and the NSA. I also owned a Sears and Roebuck 12-guage pump shotgun that always shot low and I hunted small game and shot some skeet. I couldn’t shoot skeet for trying with that shotgun. But I don’t believe in just the last part of the second amendment – the entitlement part. I believe in THE WHOLE second amendment. Our founders, who even in their wisdom could not have conceived of the machine gun, the AR-15, bazookas, Patriot Missiles, ICBM’s, were wise to include the first half of the 2nd amendment to ensure American society wouldn’t run rampant with unregulated ghost guns and unregulated militias turning on the seat of democracy with violent insurrection, egged on by the remotely controlled sock-puppet of a hostile and evil foreign dictator.

A well-regulated militia being necessary for the preservation of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” It’s time America established a national, well-regulated citizen militia, to fill the regulatory gap that currently exists between our current system of National Guard troops and basically unregulated private citizen gun-ownership that has been infiltrated by Vladimir Putin and a Putin-comprised NRA (Can you say Maria Butina?). So, if you feel you just gotta have that AR-15, respect. But you gotta jump through some reasonable hoops and be at least 21. Let it be regulated, traceable, get certified for safe use, qualify for a marksmanship ribbon like I got in basic, pass a background check, and let’s have a national registry and set of approved assault weapon specs and manufacturers so we have traceability and accountability. That’s how we do it. Just MAN-Up.