Rape of Ivanka Trump, Assassination of US Citizen Planned by Putin’s Rasputin Boris Sudodari

Boris Sudodari is Exposed as Putin’s Rasputin Attacking US Citizens Perceived as Enemies of Donald Trump & Putin

Putin’s lead henchman Boris Sudodari, who fancies himself a modern-day Rasputin, and his hit squad in the US have been plotting the rape of Ivanka Trump and others and a contract hit on another American civilian on US soil, as part of their on-going blackmail/espionage and cover-up operations in a desperate effort to maintain some kind of plausible deniability in the face of Russi Leaks recent exposés shining light on Putin’s assassination plots and AN-124 Ruslan cargo flights to China.  And while it pains me to make myself part of this story, one of the targets discussed is yours truly, Founder and CEO of Russi Leaks, just days after we published two exposés under my by-line.

The first exposé was on Russian AN-124 Ruslan cargo flights from China (and elsewhere since his Ukraine invasion -and in 2018 in the US)…

And the other was on Putin’s Targeting of Americans for Assassination on US Soil.

Russi Leaks has struck a serious nerve.

Ivanka Trump’s Video Deposition Release at January 6th Commission Hearing Paints Bullseye on her Back

Just one week after the January 6th Commission made public Ivanka Trump’s testimony backing William Barr’s position on the lack of election fraud over her own father’s lies, Putin’s intelligence operatives are now openly discussing the rape of Ivanka (Trump). Listen to below audio clip – the “rape Ivanka” reference is 7 seconds in. This clip contains a total of 4 rape references in just this 28-second excerpt of what is an 11.5 minute recording.

Short Audio Clip of Putin Operatives Discussing “Rape of Ivanka” Others

As senior operative and commanding officer acting as Putin’s hit squad team leader and rapist in chief, one Boris Sudodari (AKA “Sudo”), who openly calls himself Rasputin, has been implicated by a former Trump Administration insider as Putin’s ringleader in the US theater of operations in these evil plots. Another key player working hand-in-hand with Sudodari and his operatives in the field is a self-described German “Nazi” doctor who goes by the name of Dr. Hans Kristoff (correct spelling is unknown). More on that guy later.

Tip From Trump-World Insider Corroborates Other Intel

Russi Leaks has obtained electronic intelligence (ELINT), decrypted communications intelligence (COMINT), and certain human intelligence from a former Trump administration insider detailing Putin’s operatives’ conversations about these plots, which, when taken together, directly implicate Boris Sudodari as “the key to everything” in the service of Vladimir Putin. His teammates call him “Boris,” “Sudo,” or by his full name. Sudodari is in direct communications with Putin, by name, on tape.  These Putin-sanctioned ops are currently actively underway across an area spanning the greater Annapolis and Washington DC region, as we speak.

This week began with a bizarre twist as a tip was delivered via a Russi Leaks web contact form submittal identifying the sender by name and affiliation, with a phone number mapping to a known entity, on June 19th at 4:40PM.  The filled in form is shown below with redactions. The lone sentence in the message field was:

“Boris Sudodari is the key to everything.”

Sudodari’s Annapolis Operations Center

Annapolis City Dock

Annapolis appears to be one particularly important ops center for at least part of their mid-Atlantic operations, where apparently they operate or coordinate ops out of part of a building that also houses a restaurant, just a stone’s throw from city dock where their boats can dock in “ego alley” or moor just offshore in Annapolis harbor, to smuggle their trafficked children in and out after kidnapping and marking for sexual exploitation, in the shadow of the US Naval Academy. This, in the same Anne Arundel County in which just 23 miles away sits the headquarters of our National Security Agency. They speak of this Annapolis restaurant over and over in a manner that implicates it as their op center. More on that to come. 

The Man in Black in Annapolis

The “Man in Black” Operative in Annapolis, 11/8/13 (Source: Microsoft)

Above is a photo of one of their operatives dressed in all black approaching and entering the loft’s walkup. The photo was obtained by Russi Leaks after it was first captured 9 years ago on November 8th of 2013, back when the building did not yet house a restaurant. The same “Man in Black” operative would be spotted 4 years later on May 24th, 2017 at another location in Maryland conducting similar criminal activities. If you recognize this man, please contact us here at Russi Leaks via our web Contact Us page contact form or via WhatsApp.

A Clear and Present Danger

These Putin-directed ops planned and executed by Boris Sudodari and Hans Kristoff represent a clear and present danger directly to Americans and our families and children, particularly those he deems a threat to him and his sycophants. He’s keeping “The List”. They provide a shocking insight into just how far Putin and his enablers in the US and in other hostile nation-states and their state-condoned organized criminal syndicates will go to strike back at their enemies in furtherance of Putin’s dreams of a resurgent Russian empire with him as Tsar for life, replete with fantasies of an America under a similar fascist dictatorship, led by one or more of his hand-picked drones. 

Their illicit communications about their and Putin’s activities and intentions, spoken between them and and with Putin himself when they thought no one was listening, fully implicate themselves, with their own words, sometimes in Russian, many times in Russian-accented English.  The intel indicates they are in direct communication with Vladimir Putin from his Kremlin spaces and from his palace in Gelendzhik and alternately at his dacha in Sochi, where they deliver unto him hand-picked children kidnapped in the US and elsewhere, after exfiltrating them by the jets and boats of oligarchs and possibly hidden inside Russian aircraft traveling under diplomatic cover. (Can you say AN-124 Ruslan?)

Putin’s Palace in Gelendzhik on the Black Sea (NY Post)

Putin’s Outsourcing of Child Rape, Sex Trafficking, Kompromat, Movie Production

In addition to Ivanka Trump and yours truly being targeted, Putin’s operatives discuss targeting others for rape, videotaping, blackmail, and sex trafficking, including American children and their families as well as foreign-born children they smuggled into the US, or arriving as immigrants.

Russi Leaks Founder Targeted for Evil Public Smear Campaign, Arrest

Putin and Sudodari are actively discussing and planning the development and publishing of fake kompromat on me by making a deep fake video of me, by name, using someone that looks like me engaging in some kind of sexual depravity with children, and by planting child porn on my devices and in my cloud accounts to paint me in a false light as a pedophile. They are planning to launch a public smear campaign against me to discredit me by releasing this deep fake video and by threatening my family to force them to denounce me as a pedophile under threat of rape and death. They have recently succeeded in hacking my phone in their efforts to plant child pornography on my devices as part of this campaign, where they will try to get me arrested and prosecuted so no one will believe me or our Russi Leaks exposés on them.

They even spoke of framing me for someone’s murder, and of breaking into my home and taking strands of my hair (for DNA) off my brush, and removing objects with my fingerprints on them, a used soap bar, and articles of my clothing, presumably to plant at some as yet undisclosed murder scene. It a way it sounds a bit like a superset of what Julien Assange is being accused of although since Assange is not in our wheelhouse, we are not going to speculate on his case.

Somewhat surprisingly, instead of doing it all in-house, Putin has farmed out some of his global operations and has partnered with an international child sex trafficking and pedophile ring to which he has outsourced the drugging, sexual compromise, and the sick video content directing, production, and the live streaming of it over the dark web, at times over Putin’s Russian satellite links, while continuing to provide his own soldiers, high-tech and low-tech weapons in the field, acting a as enforcers, as well as hackers, doctors, and scientists, and at least one “physicist.” He’s got the recon satellites, the “Evil Eye” in the sky. He has directed energy weapons, with at least one discussed as being mounted or carried on a helicopter in this region. They call it “The Tesser” (AKA: “The Tesseract”). In this way, Putin’s “Air Force” is already operating undercover inside the United States over and around Washington DC and Annapolis, right above the noses of the DOD and our US Air Force and the NSA. Now, an international child sex trafficking ring as a money-making criminal organization is evil incarnate and is bad enough. But one partnered with Putin, his billionaire oligarchs with their superyachts plying the international waters, and with their jets whisking away our children to far away islands…and to Putin’s personal palaces on the Black Sea like Sochi itself? And add to that the logistical and technical field support from his military and his intelligence agencies? His global satellite network? That’s a toxic brew that just begs to be spit out, put down, and fumigated in the names of Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Allah, and Vishnu.

The Venn Diagram of the Intersection of Sexual Depravity With Evil Empire

At times, Putin’s objectives seem to diverge from that of the child sex trafficking criminal conglomerate, whose motives are driven by financial gain and feeding the sick appetites of certain oligarchs, generals, and other with deep pockets, as opposed to Putin’s nation-state empire-building goals and desire for world domination. This creates a certain on-going tension between the two camps as the Russians and the other operatives from other countries sometimes back-stab each other verbally when the Russians are not in the room or when only the Russians are talking between themselves about, say, the French contingent, and vice versa.. One might look at this as a Venn diagram with the intersection between Putin/Russia and this sex trafficking ring being their joint operations in the field where they literally intersect as an loosely integrated unit. It’s a depraved, evil, and at times lethal combination of rape, pedophilia, silenced pistols, machine guns, guns, poison, bombs, and directed energy weapons.

Asleep at the Switch in the US?

The operative Boris Sudodari (AKA “Sudo”) was first reported to the NSA by me in September 2019 and again in October and the FBI in 2020, while the Trump administration and Devin Nunes and others within the Trumpist wing of the Grand Old Party were in control or providing oversight of our intelligence agencies, the DOD, and the DOJ/FBI. Sododari was specifically identified as a Putin-controlled intel ops team leader operating what was essentially a hack and hit squad (e.g., hacking, heavy metal poison, directed energy weapons, guns) that was also involved, as part of its methodology, in child rape and child sex trafficking in the US in Florida in 2019, in DC in 2021, and as far back as 2013 in Maryland. Now here we are in 2022. What gives Biden administration, DNI Avril Haines, General Nakasone at the NSA, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin? You all don’t get a free pass on this just because you kicked a cadre of Russian spies out last year. That should have been step 1. We are listening and we are waiting.

The Nazi Connection

Russi Leaks is in possession of audio recordings of Sudodari speaking with his Russian, French, and German Nazi counterparts, as well as his Russian compatriots, as their teams worked together in mutual support in the field to carry out their espionage, assassination, and child sex trafficking activities.  Of note, the German Nazi involved is literally called “The Nazi,” “doctor” and “Hans” and “Kristoff” by his cohorts and they call him by the name of Hans Kristoff (correct spelling is unknown).  It appears he may be trained as a doctor of dentistry since he’s sometimes referred to as “The Dentist,” or “the evil Dentist” and there are references to the use of gas (NOX) to knock out his victims. He self-identifies as a Nazi and speaks English with a German accent. It appears that there are a significant number of Americans (and other nationalities) working within this organization, either voluntarily or under coercion, and some of them appear to find common cause with Putin’s rebranded Nazi-style of white supremacy and fascism.

Book Cover: The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump
The Cover of The Grand Unifying Theory of Putin-Trump – by John Liccione Subtitle: Pay no Attention to the White Russian Behind the Curtain! Putin’s Fascist Race-Baiting Wizard of Oz Strategy to Take Down America Without Firing a Shot
(Now available on Russi Leaks Store and Amazon as e-book)

QAnon is a Russian Disinformation and Agitation/Propoganda Campaign That is Exactly What Putin Himself has Been Doing to Our Children

Only an evil “genius” like Putin and his depraved minions, the ones who are actually operating an international child sex trafficking and pedophile ring using the Russian Federation’s own global infrastructure, institutions, and soldiers, could come up with seemingly out of the blue in 2017, the idiotic QAnon conspiracy theory. Then they weaponized it against our democracy by spend millions of Russian ad funds on social media advertising to infect the minds of millions of Americans with it. I mean, really. How many hours of unencrypted communications audio footage or video footage of child sex trafficking by democratic politicians, Hollywood elites, and billionaire Jews has “Q” actually produced and made available for independent peer review after five years? Stay tuned for release of tens of hours of Russi Leaks-obtained audio footage on these evil miscreants ops including the voices of their victimized children, some pleading for help and mercy, going as far back as 2013. It is the most evil and shocking audio footage one could possibly imagine. It is so evil, so depraved, that just listening to it is traumatizing and it triggers my PTSD. I feel I owe a duty to these children to bear witness to their victimization, even if it causes emotional trauma. I can’t stick my head in the sand and pretend this evil doesn’t exist in our world.

Per Wikipedia, “The core QAnon theory is that a cabal of Satanic, cannibalistic sexual abusers of children operating a global child sex trafficking ring…” That’s exactly what Putin has been doing to create kompromat on Americans, Ukrainians, and other democracies, those in certain positions of trust and power, since at least 2013 – four years before the anonymous Q popped up out of nowhere.

Putin just took his own op that he has been running since 2013, flipped it in a bit of propaganda jujitsu, and laundered it into a total fake by replacing his and his cronies’ names as perpetrators in the his own script with the names of westerners who don’t support Russia or Trump. I find it odd that Q never deigns to implicate anyone other than Democrats, Jews, and Hollywood actors that don’t support Trump. Seriously, pedophilia doesn’t care about your political affiliation any more than shingles does. It’s a depraved, evil sickness, an evil addiction, and it must be combatted every day, everywhere that it infects our society, by everyone. Sticking our heads in the sand and blaming it on “The Jews’ is not a solution to the child rape and sex trafficking epidemic. As a depraved and evil mental deviancy, it knows no political affiliation and the politics of the perpetrator are no more relevant to the issue than would be mass murderer Ted Bundy being Republican or Democrat. I have no data and no idea on what percentage of convicted pedophiles are Republican versus Democrat. Does it even matter? Do we even care? Let’s be part of the solution and solve the damn problem instead of electing idiots that demagog it for craven political advantage.

The Tesser – Putin’s Directed Energy Weapons in Space & Man-Portable Versions

How about the infamous Jewish space lasers? Any footage on that? Guess what. Putin has an X-ray and/or magnetic energy or some other type of directed energy weapon both in man-portable form as well as mounted on one of his satellites, and they also can mount it in helicopters (they charter here in the USA). This is the topic of our next exposé in this series. The Russians called it The Tesser or alternatively, the Tesseract. They also refer to it colloquially as “The Sun”: e.g., Firing “The Sun” at “Liccione’s” head and bones. Recent references to an “X-Ray” and “ray gun” by Putin’s operatives indicate it may also fire X-ray beams. In one audio recording, one operative tells another “Moose” that he can be “The first Russian Tessenaut” on dialogue captured way back in 2013 in Maryland.

There’s a portable button used as its remote trigger (They literally call it “The Button”) that is tightly controlled by Putin, who has placed it physically in the hands of his Rasputin, Boris Sudodari, right here in the USA, right now. The man-portable versions of The Tesser can lens targets through walls and shoot through walls leaving no physical structural damage. Their references to damaging the “bones” of their victims, and of “bonejacking” their victims (yes – we have that on tape), indicates their intentions are to cause short or longer-term bone-marrow damage, cancer, or perhaps create an embolism or brain bleed in the victim resulting in what would be mistaken as death by natural causes. I personally have suffered bone marrow damage and severe pain in the bones of me feet as well as skin damage that I reported to hospital ER staff as causing 8 our of 10 pain severity. The bone pain was so severe I had to walk on my heels because it felt like if put any weight on the front of my feet, the bones would surely break.

Russi Leaks has ELINT that was captured and recorded on the Tesser’s bursts of electromagnetic emanations here in DC as it was fired through apartment walls and on the streets of DC that indicate the lensing mechanism uses either x-rays or bursts of directed magnetic energy which is measured in units of Teslas or Gauss. The name “Tesser” appears to be a derivation of the word that is a unit of measurement for magnetic energy, the Tesla. Our detector has picked up bursts of this energy coming from an adjoining apartment and in the streets of DC showing magnetic bursts of energy spiking from 0 to over 500 micro-Tesla. Russi Leaks also has obtained video footage of one of Putin’s operatives in Florida carrying a multi-barrel weapon that may be the man-portable Tesser in front of the home of a victim and placing it in the trunk of a car in a neighbor’s driveway, shown here:

Just like the child sex trafficking QAnon schtick, it’s no wonder Putin’s Q is pushing that particular fake conspiracy theory about the Jewish space lasers- it’s just cover story for Putin’s directed energy weapons. Only an evil villain like Putin would accuse his opponents of doing exactly what he has already been doing for years with his directed energy weapons, and then, just like Hitler: Blame it all on the Jews, while calling Ukraine’s Jewish president a Nazi. That’s some fascist evil kind of jujitsu chutzpah.

Upcoming Release of Russi Leaks Audio/Video Footage and ELINT Evidence to the Public, January 6th Commission

Russian Warship – Go F*** Yourself!
(Alexander Nikityuk)

Russi Leaks will be releasing the video and audio footage publicly as well as the recorded electromagnetic intelligence evidence in support of our claims in the coming days and these publications are set to auto-publish on a dead-man’s trigger on specific dates in the event of my death or incapacitation. We are also providing our evidence to the January 6th Committee since some of our evidence is highly relevant to the January 6th attack on the Capitol and the events leading up to it and after. We embedded the clip of the Ivanka Trump rape reference audio footage within this article as a taste of what is to come. It’s important that the public hear Boris Sudari, Putin (yes, we have Putin himself on tape), and their minions say these evil things in their own words. We would have included more footage but time is of the essence. Since Putin has tasked his Rasputin Boris Sudoari to carry out his hit job on me, both literally a kill order and bounty as well as a reputational hit job, and since that plot is under way right now, I do not know how long I will remain a free man or even alive. Our readers should know this: I am not a suicide risk: I am not a danger to myself or to others. If they Epstein me, you will know it’s a sham. If any that evil trash involving children shows up on any of my devices, I didn’t put it there. I have yet to find any on my devices or cloud storage to date but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hidden somewhere in some innocuous folder that the FBI could find if they were to get a search and seizure warrant on an “anonymous tip” received accusing me of these things, or from a Putin-Trump mole buried within the FBI, DOJ, the intelligence community, or in the Washington DC Police Department.

Up Next: Stay Tuned for Our Upcoming In-Depth Exposé on Putin’s Directed Energy Weapons: The Russian Tesseract. (AKA: The Tesser)