Putin Attacks Russi Leaks in Washington DC from Space With Tesser Directed Energy Weapon: Operative Implicates Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin has initiated an undeclared covert electro-magnetic and X-ray war against Russi Leaks and its founder John Liccione in Washington DC and is personally directing his forces tactically in the field to execute sustained directed energy weapon attacks from space, air, and land using at least two directed energy weapons, one called “The Tesser” (short for Tesseract). The weapons are in one instance mounted on a Russian space satellite and in another are man-portable weapons fired through walls and placed on helicopters flown over DC out of surrounding airfields such as Lee Airport in Annapolis. They’ve been firing them at human targets, right under the noses of the USAF, the Pentagon, and the NSA. The weapons fire tightly focused X-Ray beams in at least one case and also fire bursts of magnetic energy and can lens, aim, and focus and fire through walls, floors, and ceilings. They cause bone-marrow damage by irradiating and killing bone marrow fat cells, can cause bone cancer, fat embolisms, and brain damage. The Russians literally call it a “Bone-Jack.” Yes, we have them saying it, on tape. It is a method of assassination that comes with plausible deniability for Putin and his intelligence agencies. Russi Leaks declares that era is over. The Havana Syndrome mystery is solved. You’re welcome CIA, DOD, and DNI Avril Haines.

EMF Detector Spikes to 2.62 Micro-Tesla on Connecticut Ave NW in Dupont DC on 6/24/22

And if that isn’t enough to invoke American outrage, Putin’s operatives, in their own words not mine, claim they are in direct phone contact with Donald Trump right now coordinating their attacks, with him, as they fire these weapons, at me. Don’t bother with a defamation lawsuit Trump. I’m just the messenger. Have your attorney contact me at [email protected] and I’ll send him the audio footage or just wait for the public download as soon as I can ensure my own safety and upload it. Case solved. Boris Sododari himself, not I, has painted Trump as the worst American traitor in US history. You’re welcome DOJ. And a personal message from the heart for every American Trump supporter that I consider my fellow loyal Americans: I might have been ok with you voting for Trump, twice, and for believing Trump’s lies, before this week, in the face of his incomprehensible public subservience to Putin. Between this and the revelations by Trump’s Chief of Staff’s assistant’s testimony about how Trump knew the Proud Boys had weapons and that he wanted them to bring their assault rifles inside the US Capitol by shutting off the metal detectors: No longer. Join me in condemning Putin and his enablers, whomever they may be, American or otherwise. This isn’t another Hollywood access tape revelation. These people, and, according to Putin’s Boris Sudodari himself – that would include Trump (if Sudodari can be believed), are literally trying to murder me, your fellow American and USAF veteran, a father to three American children and a step-father to one girl who is a citizen of France, Australia, and America.

These Russian directed energy weapons are currently under the direct control of Putin’s self-described Rasputin Boris Sudodari, who is currently in the US and has physical possession of its remote control trigger, which they refer to simply as “The Button.” – TangoAlphaMike –

Russian Cyber-Attacks

Russian Cyber-Attacks Against RussiLeaks.com from Moscow Red Square

The Russians have also launched on-going cyber-attacks against Russi Leaks, attacking my cell phones, laptops, and against the Russi Leaks website and corporate IT systems. Some of these cyber-attacks aren’t subtle. They are emanating from Moscow from IP addresses that geolocate to the Kremlin complex (e.g.,

Russian Cyber-Attack Geolocates to Red Square in Moscow

Putin’s “Guccifer 2” GRU hacking unit, The same unit that hacked the US elections in 2016 and several US government networks in September of 2020 in what is referred to as the SolarWinds breach, is implicated by Putin’s own operatives, who literally ask “Guccifer” to attack my new cellphone just this week. Yes, we have that on tape too.

The Russian Bone-Jack Assassination: X-Ray Weapon Specifically Discussed, Magnetic Energy Weapon Fired & Energy Readings Recorded With EMF Detector

Putin’s operatives discuss an “X-ray” laser/phaser and man-portable X-ray device, and they talk specifically of targeting “John” and/or “Liccione’s” “bones”, presumably by destroying my bone marrow. Magnetic energy bursts up to 3.6 milli-Gauss (890 micro-Tesla) recorded in my DC apartment and up to 500 micro-Tesla were detected and recorded (300+ micro-Tesla) on Connecticut Ave NW in Dupont DC on June 24th. See video footage below. – SierraQuebecRomeo –

Magnetic Energy Bursts Detected With Handheld EMF Detector by John Liccione in Dupont on June 24, 2022 in Washington DC

Operatives discuss an “X-ray” laser or phaser and talk specifically of targeting my “bones,” “Liccione is dead”, “shoot his head,” and the like.” In September of 2013, Putin’s operatives referred to these attacks as a “bone-jack” and the nickname they give those Russian soldiers who fire The Tesser at live humans in the field are lauded as “Russian Tessenauts.” (Yes, we have this on tape: Stay tuned for footage.)

Thus, the mystery is now solved as to why it was I experienced inexplicable, extreme bone-foot paint (8 on a scale of 10), and skin discoloring on the tops of my feet in 2013 that was so bad that I was hospitalized and the doctors were clueless. The pain in the bones of both feet was so bad that I was unable to put weight on the front of me feet and had to walk around the hospital wing on my heels.

Boris Sudodari’s Reference to Calling Donald Trump

We will be uploading this particularly damaging and insightful audio footage of Boris Sudodari talking about how he is planning on calling Trump directly, while directed his team’s attacks on me, for public consideration shortly. This is a critical piece of evidence for all American citizens and for the January 6th Commission to hear for themselves. The audio footage has some background noise and requires amplification of the human dialog and some basic noise filtering. This is a scientific, repeatable process that will be subjected to expert peer review since it involves use of, in our case, use of commercial audio enhancement software. It does not involve dubbing of any kind. The footage is not a fake. We will be publishing the full, original audio recording in its entirety as well as the enhanced audio, and, the XML file containing the audio enhancement module execution operations so that others will be able to reproduce the exact same enhanced audio in the same way we have, using the same software product. I can only imagine what the NSA will be able to do with it given their budget and arsenal of voice processing tools

The Why Me Factor

It’s taken me 9 years to figure this out but the big question for me, and for you readers, is what made me Putin’s target way back in 2013? I was then a VP at Tenable in Columbia, Maryland, was running four departments including tech support, and I was the executive program manager running our DOD contract with DISA for the ACAS program. ACAS, the government’s Assured Compliance Assessment Solution, is Tenable’s cyber-security software Nessus and SecurtyCenter. It is the DOD standard software package used worldwide and in most federal agencies to scan for hacking vulnerabilities. In my roles, I had executive-level access to Tenable’s IT systems including our software build environment. If Putin could have compromised me and blackmailed me, I could have slipped Russia a Tenable digital certificate used to sign its software, and then slipped Russian malware signed with this authentic certificate back into Tenable’s build process where it would have made its way into every deployed version of ACAS worldwide. The DOD could have had Russian malware implanted inside Tenable software updates just like Russia succeeded in doing in their Solar Winds breach. This is called a software supply chain cyberattack where the attacker moves upstream to the government software supplier and attacks the software build process. A Tenable breach would have been a nightmare for the US Military and Federal Government, who depend on Tenable’s software as their primary defense against known and unknown hacking vulnerabilites. And I’m literally talking about US Navy ships too, not just ground-based military installations. Can you imagine if Russia was able to slip malware into a Patriot missile battery or an Aegis Missile Cruiser? How about NORAD? I know now that the Russians hacked my cellphone and my Tenable laptop back in 2013, with which connected to Tenable IT systems, and again in 2016 at another defense contractor. I have no evidence however, that Tenable’s software was ever compromised. I’m under NDA with the other company so sorry – can’t talk about that.

X-Ray Beam Evidence

Since we’re not yet in possession of X-ray detection and measurement equipment (coming soon), I have no scientific data on the X-ray radiation energy levels yet. The evidence collected so far is based on the operatives’ own intercepted and recorded words – what they are saying they are doing and with what weapon – their statements about targeting of my bones specifically, by first and last name, and the medical and visible evidence bone marrow damage I suffered in October of 2013, which are part of my medical records from Anne Arundel Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital, and my orthopedist. We will be publishing for download the audio footage along with the video footage of the EMF Detector readings from 2021 and this week, some of which include footage in DC from today. Stay tuned. We will also be published a redacted version of my orthopedist and hospital records detailing the damage and reported pain in foot bones.

A Healthy Skepticism and Prayers

As I try to MacGyver my way through this personal and professional crisis, my only ask of you, our readers, is to maintain an open mind and a healthy skepticism. Inspect our evidence as we have the time to publish it. Don’t rush to judgement. And finally, I ask that you pray for my family’s safety and my own,

God bless America.

Stay tuned for updates and new footage postings.